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Found 25 results

  1. Hello Buddies! Welcome to! I guess it would be a great start sharing our memories together here by introducing ourselves first before we start something else ^^ I hope Buddies will enjoy this place that is only made for GFRIEND and Buddies Let's be together for a long time Buddies! Enjoy your staying and have a great day ahead 안녕 버디들! 에 오신걸 환영합니다! 다른것들 하기전에 먼저 자기 소개를 하고 나서 다른 이야기들을 하면 어떨까요? 영어로 쓰면 젤 좋겠지만 한국말도 환영입니다~! Team You can start introducing your self by using this format ^^ Username: Location: Message to all the Buddies here: 밑에처럼 자기소개 부탁드릴께요^^ 닉네임: 장소: 모든 버디들에게 하고싶은 말:
  2. Source Music just announced on GFRIEND's Fancafe the recruitment for GFRIEND's First Official Fanclub for Buddies! Here are the details from Yes24!
  3. Wanna chit-chat outside NEVERLAND? Looking for SNS (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.) Buddies? Well, you're on the right section my Buddy ^^ Here is the place where you can share your SNS accounts and get some mutual Buddies then in the end you'll call each other "My Buddy! " lol too much cheese Hoping that this section will help Buddies unite ^^ -GFSquad Team You can share your SNS accounts using this format.. Username: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tumblr: Kakaotalk: Line: Wechat:
  4. Hello! Since there's a monthly Buddy Selca Day. I think it's possible to apply it here. It will be fun and great to see buddies' Selca
  5. 160904 #GFRIENDinManila D-Day (Second Half) During Rough I didn't get to perfect the fanchant I were like: Kim Yewon! Jung Eunbi! Jung Yerin!....... YEO.JA.CHIN.GU!! I was so hyper that time that I forgot the fanchant I was so disappointed after that because Rough was one of my favorite song but then when they performed Me gustas tu I can proudly say that I perfect the fanchant and sang the whole song and I even hit Yuju's high note lol then I'am the only one who did the YEO.JA.CHIN.GU SA.RANG.HAE.YO fanchant during Gone with the wind (lol) in our side I was a bit embarrassed because of that co's I thought everyone will do that fanchant and after that they perform many of their side tracks and ask us to sing it with them and we did. Then after all of the performances (aside from encore i think? not 100% sure if it was before the encore or after co's gfriend are saying goodbye to us even if we know that they still have encore.) GFRIEND made us promised that we should come again when they come back and we did lol they we're so cute when they did that because they were raising hand for a pinky promise and I did the same lol. Then after performing some of their side tracks and title tracks GFRIEND said goodbye to us and we shouted ENCORE! ENCORE! ENCORE! then they came back to stage with a basket with candies and chocolate. And they started singing their encore song Sunshine, and we did our fan project we raised our banners from GFRIENDPH that has a 여자친구 영원히 함께하자 (Let’s be together Forever, GFRIEND) then while singing they were giving and throwing candies to fans. Some fans went in front during that time but because I was sitting in the middle of our row I can't get out of it so I stayed in my sit but when they started standing I also stand but I stand rooted in front of my seat. And also some buddies gave their banner to GFRIEND members. GFRIEND looks so happy tho kekeke. During the time they were giving and throwing chocolates I am trying my best to catch some chocolate (I even told myself that I would cry if I didn't get any lol.) I nearly gave up on having chocolates from them because the chocolates they throw doesn't reach our row(I am from Row F and the only row that reaches their chocolates are from Row A-E T^T). And there is one time that I nearly caught the twix Yuju throw at our side but it was too low and bounce on the seat in front of me but the fans who were seating in Row E didn't saw it fall on the carpet. ( I plan on getting it but i was trap on my seat because I am seating in the middle of our row (as what I have mention above) so i plan on picking it when i have time after the show but some fans noticed it and pick it.) My expression was from this to this after that. I already lost every hope I have on having those chocolates from them because Yuju's basket was already empty and she was the only member that keeps on throwing chocolate on our side.(You can also see it yourself that Yuju was so loyal on our side that she never change location on throwing her chocolates on their vlive 'Live in Manila' video) But then there's Him Yerin(Strong Yerin) came running to our side to throw her last candies she have on her basket luckily I was able to catch it directly from her. Chocolate from Him Yerin: I'll post my Hi Touch with the members and reviews regarding the L.O.L showcase in Manila here.
  6. Wonder if there are any Mexican Buddies? Hope we can play around and speak Spanish here!
  7. E como se diz, não importa em que buraco do mundo você enteja, vai ter sempre um brasileiro enfiado por aí!!!! Vamos todos amar gfriend juntos mesmo de tão longe, para nos conhecermos melhor podemos começar por respondendo algumas coisas iniciais: Nome: Região (não é necessário compartilhar cidade se não quiser): Bias: Twitter (ou outra rede social que você quiser compartilhar): Isso será uma ótima oportunidade de conhecermos uns aos outros já que a fandom no Brasil não é tão grande, mas como sempre brasileiros têm um ótimo radar para talentos e memes ao redor do mundo (o que define gfriend). #GfriendComeToBrazil no meu caso: Nome: Sarah Região: Paraíba Bias: Minha linda Jung Yerin Twitter: @tinkeryerin VAMOS VIRAR AMIGOS
  8. Just curious about Buddies since gfsquad is an international fansite and forum. Go vote Buddies!
  9. You can post any dream here of yours that you would like to share.Literally the dreams in your sleep.'kay?
  10. MOST GFRIEND MEMBER CHALLANGE Day 1 Tell us the order from the most shy member until the most convident one *Dont forget to quote the question and is based on your opinion
  11. Hi, buddies! I recently just made an account called on Instagram. It would be nice if you guys would follow it and tell your fellow friends who are buddies as well! Thank you so much! I post every day about Sowon and Gfriend in the Instagram
  12. I thought that it would be good to create a room where buddies can share their thoughts , opinions and questions . It's like a way of getting to know each other and creating opportunities to become friends . In this chat room we can talk about anything , your life style , of course gfriend , problems that you may face , maybe you just want a chat or so on but it's just a way of getting to know each other " When you’re struggling and tired at times " " Just softly lean on me " "There are still so many days remaining for us" "I’ll be your BUDDY " Let's become friends and forever cheer on Gfriend " Let's walk together to the end of time ...."
  13. hello... i am wondering if anyone from medan city indonesia?? any buddies from medan?
  14. Hello Buddies! Did any of you watched our girl's performance at gayo daejun yesterday? especially rough/ navillera stage. sbs is messing with us and damn gurl I feel soo bad for Eunha. Her face looks sooo sad during the performance. She doesn't deserve this tho Now antis are using this issue to bring them down and keep saying that they lipsync during the performance and i'm soooo *sigh* annoyed BUT............... After what happened and seeing how matured my fandom handle this situation is making super proudddddd of buddiesssssss 👏 Lets just ignore them and keep supporting our gfriend with positive vibes ❤✨ AND YEAAAAAA THEIR COLLABORATION STAGE WITH TWICE/GOT7/SVT OMG I'M SHOOOOOKKKKKKKK 😱😱😱 (I've got culture shock tho ㅋㅋㅋ) 😂😂I believe they will keep slayin' in the future ❤ #ProudToBeABuddy 🌸
  15. Hello buddies ! Need some favor from all buddies in GFS ! Please do Private message me for more details ! . Hopefully all buddies can participate this ! Thanks in Advance ! Event starts now untill saturday(05/11/16) 6.30 pm (kst)
  16. haha love this, totally feels like something gfriend would do, good job buddies
  17. Saw this on twitter I just want to help spread and remind every Buddy regarding this.
  18. [Umji] That Heart That Was Shocked by the News, Let it Not be Shocked by this Letter Our Buddies~~ You were quite shocked, weren't you? T_T I feel like you're overly worrying about me, so I'm here to leave a letter! I wanted to make the fans feel at least a little bit better, so I put a witty? title*... but if it wasn't funny, I'm sorry hehe.. As mentioned in the announcement and the news reports, I decided to take a temporary break, while receiving medical care. So because I'll be unable to participate in festivals or other schedules for a while, I'm sorry for the members and the fans But I think that gives me even more, more, and more motivation to maturely handle the receiving of medical care and to quickly recover, so I can return to being bright. Thinking about the fans that must have been shocked after reading the news, I didn't feel good about it either T_T But although everyone is sad and upset, they all told me that the first priority is to recover and regain health, and also they all offered me really nice words, so I was really energized by everyone!! Oh, by the way The thing is...... I have this filtering device in my eyes that filters in only Buddies' cheers heh So if there are any fans that are concerned with such things, don't worry! Okieee?? Thank you our Buddies for always providing energy~~ You Buddies, too, know that health always comes first, right? Love you * Translator's Note: I'm not sure what '프롬' from the original title was referring to, so I couldn't translate it, sorry! Edit: '프롬' likely refers to the fan message she writes on the fan cafe.
  19. Welcome to the Official International GFRIEND Discord! We are quick to update you on the latest GFRIEND news! All sorts of media are posted here. Connect with other international Buddies! Invite link:
  20. Hi Buddies! Do you guys think we should gather together on Oct. 9 in Hard Rock Cafe to get to know each other and to make friends with fellow buddies community and other buddies there?
  21. Are you addicted to lip-makeup products? I can't live without lip balm or lip-gloss
  22. Is there any PH buddy here who plan to go to GFRIEND's first showcase in PH?
  23. Hello buddies! I was wondering who is your bias in gfriend and why ? Let's share your story! 💕
  24. fans do Gfriend brasileros falem seu estado e como conheceram o Gfriend!!
  25. GFriend yerin and sinb exercise secrets