2018 GFRIEND 3rd Debut Anniversary Support Project

2018 GFRIEND 3rd Debut Anniversary Support Project Thread

2018 GFRIEND 1st Concert Coal Wreath Project

2018 GFRIEND 1st Concert Coal Wreath Project Thread

2018 GFRIEND 3rd Debut Anniversary Message Books (Deadline: December 26, 2017 at 11:59pm KST)

Birthday Messages: Fill out our Google Form for your messages. Fanarts/Doodles: Send your fanarts/doodles to .

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Found 25 results

  1. Hi im just curious, how many singapore buddies are out there? Leave a comment below ~ We can talk about random stuff too (related to gfriend of course).
  2. I wanted to create a thread in which indonesian buddies could update in their native language and just share here! There's no need to be shy! Ga usah malu-malu fren, gua cuma berharap thread ini lebih rame dari thread kaskus Gfriend.. Ramein yaaa
  3. ^^^ Or learned or is learning?
  4. Welcome American Buddies!!!! Don't forget to put the states or the territory that you're from. Dates to Remember KCon New Jersey - Prudential Center in Newark - June 23-24 (Friday - Saturday) GFriend will be performing (Date TBA) Ticket will be on sale : 05/12/2017 at 10:00 AM PST for combo tickets and 05/15/2017 at 10:00 AM PST for single tickets More information : http://www.kconusa.com/kcon-ny-tickets/ KCon Los Angeles - LA Convention center - August 18-20 (Friday- Sunday) No artists have been announced yet
  5. Hello everyone ! I have been scrolling through the internet looking for a good GFriend desktop wallpaper but to no avail , hopefully some buddies here can help me out! :3 Group wallpaper would be nice but if theres one yal feel its worth sharing please go ahead! Hopefully i can fish out some good wallpapers from your suggestions ! Thanks
  6. Hello OPs of Country Threads on World Peace! Sorry for editing your thread titles without any notice.. feel free to change it guys but don't remove the official one since your threads already represent your country's thread that will allow you guys to communicate with your countrymen Buddies ^^ I also pinned your threads so that you guys can communicate easily and no need to search it.. for those who want to make a thread for your country feel free to make a thread but don't forget to inform me or any other staffs so that we can pin it ^^ thank you so much and have a great day ahead Buddies ^^ - GFSquad.com Team
  7. Hello to all the Buddies! Let's make their MVs achieve more than 40 million views per music videos. Since Rough gained more than 40m views already let's all focus o their Me Gustas Tu first, then, Navillera, Glass Bead and lastly FINGERTIP.. Let's all help each other to achieve this before their next comeback...
  8. Guys, let's just love GFriend. What I mean is that, let's not bash or hate other groups. If we really don't like them, then, let's just keep it in ourselves. We all don't want others to hate GFriend more. Come on, let's just spend our time in supporting them and making them feel loved. When there is some hate comments, instead of fighting with the Enemies (their bashers),then, let's just fill the comment box it with more praises. If you want, you can even comment more than 10x in that video. But then if we really can't just ignore it, then just protect our girls without mentioning other groups' name. I'm also thinking about, what if let's make a rules for all the Buddies around the world? So that, GFriend will be so proud that they have a great fandom despite of it being small. What do you think? By the way, thank you for taking your time to read this . Love you guys!!!!
  9. Wonder if there are any Mexican Buddies? Hope we can play around and speak Spanish here!
  10. Just curious about Buddies since gfsquad is an international fansite and forum. Go vote Buddies!
  11. first trial of fingertip https://soundcloud.com/user-884331462/gfriend-gfriend-fingertip-cover
  12. official

    So I'm thinking that there are probably a lot of gamer buddies on here. Whether it be Mobas, RTS, FPS, CCGs, TCGs, platformers you name it. Spread your love for your own game, maybe find some buddies who play the same game. Post your tips, guidelines whatever you want about your game. I'll start off by introducing what games I enjoy playing and hopefully some buddies here play it or are willing to give it a shot. The games I currently play are Dota 2, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Duelyst, Street Fighter V, Terraria (am a complete noob lol) and a few console games that aren't exactly multiplayer. I'm on NA servers for all the blizzard games (as I have to go there before it redirects me to Australian servers) and Aussie servers for the rest. If you play any of these games feel free to add me. I'm ASquirtle on everything and ASquirtle#6407 on blizzard games.
  13. So, thought about doing a daily challenge , aka every day will be a new question and buddies must answer (or i will get a petition for you all to get kicked from here) Questions Index: Day 1 :: here Day 2 :: here Day 3 :: here Day 4 :: here Day 5 :: here Day 6 :: here Day 7 :: here Day 8 :: here Day 9 :: here Day 10 :: here Day 11 :: here Day 12 :: here IMPORTANT NOTE: Don't forget to copy and paste the question on your post or simply quote my post to reply :3 Have Fun Buddy
  14. Today, Sowon asked a photographer to remove all photos from this morning 2016 KBS Gayo Daechukje rehearsal, does anyone know what happen? Why did sowon ask them to remove it?
  15. hello... i am wondering if anyone from medan city indonesia?? any buddies from medan?
  16. Hi, can anyone please help me to sub this Video (Vapp). http://www.vlive.tv/video/17164/막내들을-위한-수능-응원-방송-chapter1 http://www.vlive.tv/video/17168/막내들을-위한-수능-응원-방송-chapter2-요리하기 http://www.vlive.tv/video/17169/막내들을-위한-수능-응원-방송-chapter2-요리하기-다시 I really want to know what they are saying. Thanks
  17. I heard that Sinb had collapsed/fainted on stage during performance today at an event. And I want to understand what happen, does anyone know and explain to me?
  18. http://mama.mwave.me/event/cheerBattle Buddies, Pls use the stars to support gfriend, we r getting closer to twice
  19. haha love this, totally feels like something gfriend would do, good job buddies
  20. Gfriend slaying live as always. I love to see their first concert <3
  21. Looking for any Australian buddies, surely there's more than one? Also which state are you all in?
  22. Treiben sich hier auch ein paar deutsche rum? Wäre mal interessant zu wissen
  23. ME? My favorite is GLASSBEADwhiteROUGHmegustastuLUVSTARnavilleraONEundertheskySAYMYNAMEmermaidNEVERLAND that's all THAMK YOu #LOL
  24. Jingle Bell , Jingle Bell Haters Go Away Gfriend slay haters Not GFRIEND ALL THE WAY HEY! my own version haha
  25. im curious because to me, they havent changed at all since the beginning which is a good thing because they started off with so much charisma and talent and theyve managed to maintain it through every comeback