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Found 4 results

  1. As GFRIEND is nominated in various awards, we always have to be there and support them! This thread was established to contain on-going and upcoming voting activities where GFRIEND is nominated so that Buddies are kept updated. (Please include other nominations which I haven't included in the thread) [ON-GOING] LOVE WHISPER, PARALLEL COMEBACK ON MUSIC SHOWS! Visit this thread for more details: BILLBOARD FAN ARMY FACE-OFF RD32 Voting link: Voting Deadline: August 2, 2017 2017 SORIBADA MUSIC AWARDS Thread and complete Voting Procedure: Voting Deadline: August 31, 2017 Voting link: GFRIEND's Achievements, Awards and Distinctions can be found here: If there would be corrections in the voting procedures, some tips on voting, etc, tell us!
  2. Will be streamed live. Time: 6:30 PM KST Location: Jamsil Student Gymnasium Streaming Links: (Online Fanmeeting Zone 1) (4:00 PM KST) (Online Fanmeeting Zone 2) (4:00 PM KST) (Red carpet) (5:00 PM KST) (Interview) (6:00 PM KST) (Actual Show) (6:30 PM KST)
  3. GFriend has been nominated for 7 Awards for the 2016 Soompi Awards!! Let's help the girls win another award!! The categories they are nominated for are: Best Female Group Breakout Artist Best Collaboration (Inferiority Complex with Park Kyung) Best Choreography (Rough) Song of the Year (Navillera) Album of the Year (LOL) Artist of the Year Click the links above to go to the respective awards. You need to have a Soompi account to vote so register if you haven't already. We can do this Buddies!
  4. Buddy lets vote for Gfriend for Asia Artist Awards (AAA) Details about the awards ⤵hope buddy who can read hangul will help us translate about the detail. How to vote? Just login with your Facebook account. Click setting➡ click Vote➡ scroll down to find Gfriend 1st preliminary 50 candidates (start 22Oct - 23oct) Top10 (start 24Oct - 2Nov) Final (start 3Nov - 12Nov)