GFSquad Project - GFRIEND 2nd Anniversary Coal Wreath!

Thanks to your kindness and generosity, we've surpassed our goal! Congratulations, Buddies!

We'll continue to accept donations until Jan. 5, 2017. More donations equal more people helped. Lots of Love Buddies!

2016 GFRIEND 2nd Anniversary

GFRIEND 2nd Anniversary Coal Wreath by GFSquad

GFS is excited to announce the details of our first official project as a fansite. 

As winter is quickly approaching, we will be raising money for a coal wreath that we will deliver to GFRIEND. 

For those of you who don't know, coal briquettes are used in Korea to keep houses warm and for cooking. Many elderly or rural people rely on these for a source of warmth during the cold months. By contributing to our project, you will be making sure people who cannot always afford coal will stay warm this winter! 

Since this is our first project and we are unsure of how much we can raise as a group, we will start modest. We're planning to purchase a coal wreath from, a site that sends support rice wreaths, coal wreaths, and many other things in the name of idols, actors/actresses, and other celebrity icons in Korea. 


Our initial donation goal will be $250.00USD.

For more details on how to donate, please see the announcement! Thank you Buddies!


$1,136.00 of $250.00 goal reached.
Donate Now

See the announcement for details. Must be signed in to donate. Thank you Buddies!

See the announcement for details. Donations have ended. Thank you to all the Buddies who have donated!

DCINSIDE GFRIEND GALLERY - 2nd Anniversary Support Project

"You haven’t seen half of half of half of an amazing world, GFRIEND will show you"

We'll accept donations until Jan. 7, 2017.

GFRIEND DC GALLERY 2nd Anniversary Support Project


GFRIEND DC INSIDE GALLERY 2nd Anniversary Support Project
"You haven’t seen half of half of half of an amazing world, GFRIEND will show you"
(T/N: Translations of hangul phrase at the poster based from LOL lyrics)


Hello Buddies~! GFRIEND DC GALLERY is here to announce their wonderful project for GFRIEND's 2nd year debut anniversary.

For those who are not aware about DC GALLERY it's a Korean open community somewhat like reddit or OneHallyu. That community has a section for GFRIEND. They also lend some tutorials in English to support GFRIEND during their comeback and during MAMA 2016. 

Here is the link of their projects for GFRIEND since debut:

They are here to share their project to Buddies all over the world and I hope that we, I-Buddies can show lots of love and support for their project.



Their project will focus on:

1. A luxurious lunch pack for GFRIEND on January 16, 2017 for Idol Star Athletics Championship recording. 1 for each member. (Estimated price: $80 each)






2.  GFRIEND Clay figures with MAMA 2016 style.  They will use this style for the clay figures. 


Their 1st debut anniversary clay figure project below.  These are the same clay figures that GFRIEND hold during their 1st Anniversary Message broadcast on V App 

They will use an upgrade quality and version of that clay figure.





3. Message book for each member. They will provide message book to each member and all the names of the donors for these projects  will be included on the message book. Our @Buddies_art will also be a part of this project by providing fan arts for these message books


GFRIEND DC Inside Gallery's message book during Sowon and Umji's Birthdays.




Hoping for your love and support Buddies.. Thank you! ^^ A staff for this project which is @Elliote is here to respond on your questions and inquiries. Feel free to ask anything by posting a reply to this thread. K-Buddies and I-Buddies Fighting~!!! ^^


빛나는 저 별과 하늘에 약속해    I promise you with the twinkling stars and the sky
I’ll be your BUDDY                     I’ll be your BUDDY

$510.00 of $200.00 goal reached.
Donate Now

See the announcement for details. Must be signed in to donate. Thank you Buddies!

See the announcement for details. Donations have ended. Thank you to all the Buddies who have donated!

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Found 5 results

  1. Post your Gfriend collection here! Whether it's albums, merch, or whatever else you've collected I'll start obviously, under a spoiler bc big images:
  2. Selling my GFriend Merchandises

    HI BUDDIES! I am selling my GFriend Signed Albums. Photos, proofs and prices below. Signed Album Prices Proof of albums Proof of Yerin Photocards Proof of Mwave Polaroids Proof of Signed Seasons of Glass Album with Message Proof of Signed Flower Bud Album Signed LOL Album Inclusions PS: After posting this thread, Laughing Out Loud Version was already sold. You can reply/message me here or Message me on my social media accounts: Thanks!!!
  3. My album just arrived :D

    And let me tell you this: never again let the images judge a cover. I got the Lots of Love album and is so beautiful, delicate, romantic. From all photos , I think Eunha and Umji has the best photos. The only thing I have to point about the photos, is how warm the colors are, sometimes way too warm but thats ok. I got Yerin's photocard and a group photocard of Yerin, Yuju and Eunha with those flowers photo. As for the doll, I got Sowon Now, I was sad cause I love Eunha so much and I didn't get her card but then... the letter is from Eunha. Let me tell you, her hand writing is so pretty and thank god someone translated the letter. Eunha is such a baby doll, sweet and lovely. :')
  4. Gfriend LOL album review

    So as you know Gfriend is back after a long and "Rough" promotion period, with their first studio album titled L.O.L. So wanted to give a personal opinion on what i felt about the individual songs and the album as a whole. Im not gonna review the intro and instrumentals of course. This is my first written review of a album or music in my life hehe, but ill try to go as in depth as i can and as my knowlegde posesses, so bear with me cause this will be a long review. #LOL. I might do an review of the other albums later, maybe il even do a album review of an other artist/group in the "other topics" section of the forums for fun, we will see. 1. Fall in Love: (6.5/10) First i feel this song was probably not the best to start off the album with maybe it should be in the middle somewhere, as it may be abit slow to start off, but overall a decent song. Dont have alot to say about it as it wasnt alot of interesting things going on in the song itself it had the repeated line of "uri duri" but didnt find it very catchy like nav-nav-navillera. 2. Navillera (8/10) Now ive rated this one based on the choreo, music video and song itself so keep that in mind. First of all its a nice song with good vocals and has catchiness to it. Some standard Gfriend elements thrown into it soundwise with a retro synth to keep it fresh and true to the concept. It does sound abit like an upbeat version of Rough which i think was the intention of the composers Iggy and Seo, to maybe put the final touch of the era. Now the music video i found cute and they look pretty here, but it wasnt as asthetically pleasing as MGT and Rough for me, and maybe the biggest letdown was the lack of choreo/or brief scenes of dancing in the MV.. The dance break felt way to short and abit edited out or not focused on much which was a letdown. The choreography is still difficult but not as techinal or complex as previous ones. I did not find the point choreo (except the intro which was cool) as interesting as Rough which had the clock move, ballet spin, formations etc, and didnt felt as expressive as before though it tried. But atleast the dance fits the song and the x2 version was fire ;). 3. LOL (7.5/10) Except for the cool but short retro beat it felt abit like fall in love not very interesting, but liked it tiny bit better. Glad they are using the guitar riffs more in their b-songs, the lyrics was pretty nice too. 4. Distance (8.5/10) Definately an odd duck for Gfriend as they try the reggae genre for the first time. They did a good job with it overall and the song is one of the strongest entries on this album in my eyes. It has a pretty catchy beat with sweet singing and a harmonica which was a strong touch to a chill song, best to listen to for relaxation on a hot summer day, or maybe spring? 5. Water Flower (8.5/10) For me this song screams old school anime to me haha. I enjoyed the tempo and beat with rock elements and the Anime ost feel. This track just wants you to jam along with it and overall alot of fun to listen too. 6. Mermaid (7/10) Though it has some similar lyrics with Rough it has a different vibe. Not really a ballad kind of guy, but i liked the emotional tone and lyrics. 7. Sunshine(5.5/10) This time a R&B ballad. Again not fond of the genre so dont have much to say, it does sound abit generic and didnt really hit me emotionally 8. Compass (7.5/10) Now onto the now abit "controversial" track as some angry fx fans has gathered around and disliked the song on youtube and called it a plagiarism of the song Airplane on Fx album Pink Tape. First of all ive listened to it and it maybe has some feel of it since its both in the house genre but the beat and songs are different so i disagree on that part. Agree to disagree i guess. Ok the review of the song: After two emotional slow jams, this song brings back a dance worthy house genre style with a catchy beat but its not much more to it, outside of the beat the song is pretty standard layed out. but it was a good "wake up" song again after mermaid and sunshine. 9. Click (7/10) This song was strange for me. At first i liked the nostalgic feel back to the old 90s american pop music and it started kinda hype, but the verses more spesifically their voices was pretty offputting to me. I dont know if the composer/recorder of this song put a pitcher or some sort of autotone but their voices wierded me out abit. The song has some spice girls feel too it. Might edit the review of this track later as i havnt formed an absolute opinion yet. 10. Gone With The Wind (9.5/10) For me probably the best and most title track worthy song on the album, enjoyed this one alot. Loved the diversity and mixed genre styles all in one, Umji vocals really shines through in this song too and delivers the best singing lines in my opinion. After watching it live i have to give a big + to the choreo as it was excellent. It start with a intro similar to SNSD Gee, into a more Gfriend style sound verse, into a anime-like and catchy chorus before it transitions into a dance break changing style to EDM with abit of dubstep sound which is a cool touch and adds flavor to the song, then it goes back to the catchy anime-like sound again until Yuju pleasantly belt outs high note after high note before the song ends off with some smooth guitar stuff and wraps up the album nicely like a gift. Definately a strong finish to a solid album. Overall Verdict 8/10 Final Thoughts: Overall this album has a more J-pop and anime feel to it than before while experimenting with new genres. Its good that the album has this certain feel since they are planning to make a debut in Japan later this year so giving this kinda vibe off will appeal well with the Japanese buddies and to new people unfamiliar with their past works and it will help smooth their transition over there, also with the addition with eng and Japanese subs on their main channel just proves Source Music yet again knows what theyre doing in terms of marketing the girls and appeal to a broader audience. Im glad they are experimenting with new genres and that leaves abit more to be desired in the future comebacks. As of the title track choice they played it pretty safe this time aswell giving a similar trademark style, if it were up to me i would put GWTW as the title for track just to show off the new genre experimenting theyve been trying out. I also think its a better song and choreo than navillera but Navillera is still a safe and good choice as people are familiar with it and it will do well on chart, music awards and with the Korean fans especially. So yeah this album is for sure a step in the right direction for Gfriend and its going to be exciting to see what they have to offer in the future aswell. So this review kinda run long so il cut it here for now i might edit some things later as i wrote this in one go and my opinions might change later, and please do shower me with feedback and criticism if you have, as i want to improve in future reviews. If its something you found unfair, off, wrong or grammatically wrong with this review please contact me and we can discuss, so thank you for reading and have a nice day!
  5. Hey Making this thread to resume sites where you can buy/pre-order the albums Remember: Only sites with Hanteo logo ( ) sells albums that will count on Hanteo. Kpoptown - Very known, has a nice package and the album is only $16.90 there. The shipping is a bit expensive and the shipping value is calculated by weight (the more you buy, the more it will cost). Pre-order/Buy here. Kpopmart - Probably the most used site. The package is very protected (they usually put a stick so the album will stay still and not bounce inside) , they also send you a photo of the package before sending (not sure if they always to it but I have seen people talking about it). The shipping is very expensive (starts from $10 and goes to $30 depending of the method and is per item) but is very trustworthy. The album is $17.90. Pre-order/Buy here. Yesasia - You have free shipping on orders over $39 BUT the albums there are expensive. The album is $33 (even tho it comes with 2 posters but isn't worth compared to other sites). Pre-order/Buy here. Ktown4u - Not so used but growing fast. They have a nice price/quality/shipping. The album is $20. The shipping starts on $6 and goes up to $18 (depending of the method and is per item, they also offer you many methods so you can get a shipping with tracking but taking 30 days to arrive and is very cheap). Pre-order/Buy here. GMarket - Some people buys from it because you have Synnara there. From youtube unboxing videos that I watched, it comes well sealed and protected. The album is $17.33. The shipping will depend of your country (I'm from somewhere in Europe and the shipping was $40 and would take up to 30 days). Pre-order/buy here. Be aware that prices goes up and down every day, even almost in few hours a day. The prices I mention here were seen when the pre-order option started.