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Found 147 results

  1. Yuju getting ready to snatch Judging You Looking for stuff Join the party!
  2. official

    Picture Thread for our main vocal, Yuju! Rule: one picture per member per day Don't forget to like your favorite pic.
  3. official

    Spam pictures about Umji
  4. Picture thread for our loveable Yerin!! Post one picture per day per member here of Yerin! Don't forget to like the photos you like! Source
  5. official

    Instructions are easy, post a pic of Eunha, but you can only post one pic per person per day! I'll start PS. If you like the pic, give it a like
  6. Post your favorite picture of most beautiful Sowon Mine is this one, no this one,wait lets go with this one, I'll probably spam this topic a lot since I love every picture of Sowon.
  7. Hi to all ph buddies online rn. Post here your thoughts abt anything you want. Bakit ba ko nag-eenglish? Areng. Gora na chika na here. ✨💙 Lotsoflove
  8. I wanted to create a thread in which indonesian buddies could update in their native language and just share here! There's no need to be shy! Ga usah malu-malu fren, gua cuma berharap thread ini lebih rame dari thread kaskus Gfriend.. Ramein yaaa
  9. Schedule subject to change***Dates and Time are in KST** 01/03: [BROADCAST] CUBE TV The Friends in Adriatic Sea Ep 5 Time: 9:00 PM KST 01/06: GFRIEND's First Concert <Season of GFRIEND> Day 1 Time: 6:00 PM KST 01/07: GFRIEND's First Concert <Season of GFRIEND> Day 2 Time: 5:00 PM KST 01/10: [EVENT] JTBC 2018 32nd Golden Disk Awards Time: 5:00 PM KST 01/13: [BROADCAST] SinB Vlive CH+ Show "SinB's Magical Game Box" Episode 7 Time: 6:00 PM KST 01/15: [RECORDING] 2018 Idol Star Athletics Championships Time: N/A 01/16: [ANNIVERSARY] GFRIEND's 3rd Debut Anniversary 01/27: [EVENT] Star Pack Concert - Opening Celebratory Performance Time: 7:00 PM KST Location: Korea International Exhibition Center, Exhibition 1 Hall 3
  10. Let's use this space to talk about the new KPOP releases of the day. Not just Gfriend, but all the latest KPOP groups, songs, and MVs we love. I'm DJ Anna starting us off with the new Seventeen MV, "Very Nice" I'm not a huge boy group fan but this MV is really superb. I love the way the build up to the chorus gets progressively more extreme throughout the song. I also enjoy the playfulness of the choreo, especially the part where they form 2 lines and weave back and forth in a "london-bridge" style. Next, we've got "Why So Lonely" by Wonder Girls I'm really excited that the Wonder Girls are back and that they are sticking with their dark!retro / girl band / addicted to love style that they pulled off so well in Reboot and the I Feel You MV. That being said, while this song hits the mark, the reggae influence takes away some of the song's punch. I also feel like the "beating up the male mannequin" thing falls a little flat after seeing the same storyline and some of the same visuals in Younha's Get It just a few weeks ago. But even given those caveats, this is definitely a solid summer jam. It doesn't top I Feel You, but it comes close. Last but not least: The dance version of Why, by Taeyeon This has just about everything I love about Kpop packed into one video. Absolutely incredible use of color and space, striking choreography, trend-setting musical production, a stunning yet unassuming star... you just don't see this every day. As much as I enjoyed the original story MV, this is the way this song was meant to be experienced. (bonus: no innocent hot dog sellers are squirted with mustard for no reason.) That's it for tonight. What do you guys think of these videos? Any other recent releases you are enjoying?
  11. Hello Buddies, as you know there's lots of picture of GFriend as a group or individual took a picture with other artist. So this thread make for that purpose. To put picture of Gfriend (as a group or individual) with other artist. (Hope i don't put this thread on a wrong place) I will start first With Shinhwa the legends With SNSD With Kan Mi Youn (Baby VOX) Half of what I say is meaningless
  12. Hi im just curious, how many singapore buddies are out there? Leave a comment below ~ We can talk about random stuff too (related to gfriend of course).
  13. Spazz all day long w/ Sowon stans!
  14. GFRIEND’s 1st Concert, Season of GFRIEND will be held early next year! Date: 2018.01.06 ~ 2018.01.07 Venue: Olympic Park, Olympic Hall Time: TBA Please follow this thread for upcoming updates!
  15. Spazz all day long w/ Yuju stans!
  16. Spazz all day long w/ Eunha stans!
  17. Hi fellow buddies! Anyone here watches Korean dramas or variety shows? Currently I am watching 2 dramas: Doctors and 38 Squad. As for variety shows, I am watching Running Man, Infinity Challenge, Happy Together and We Got Married. Hope to hear from buddies what you all are watching!!!
  18. Here are the images of the Season's Greetings for next year from dcgall! Bonus Eunha poloroid pulled from a lucky Buddy's Season's Greetings
  19. official

    As we all already know by now, GFRIEND is probably the gayest girl group to be ever created up till now, and Jung Yerin being the gayest member of them all. So on here, do share your favourite moments of Yerin being gay af! ^ Still my favourite gay picture!