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Found 14 results

  1. Naver X Dispatch has just released 36 new photos of Eunha, SinB, and Umji at their Summer Rain MV Photoshoot for their 5th Mini Album Repackage Rainbow! Expect more to updated with photos of Sowon, Yerin and Yuju soon! Photos were taken on August 15th, 2017. Source
  2. Naver X Dispatch has just released 33 new photos of Yerin, Yuju and Umji at their Jacket Photoshoot for their 5th Mini Album Parallel! Expect more to updated with photos of Sowon, Eunha and SinB soon! Photos were taken on June 20th, 2017. Source
  3. Naver X Dispatch has just released 27 new photos of Yerin, Yuju and Umji at their Love Whisper Photoshoot for their 5th Mini Album Parallel! Expect more to updated with photos of Sowon, Eunha and SinB soon! Photos were taken on June 14th, 2017. Source
  4. Naver X Dispatch has just released 30 new photos of Sowon, Eunha and SinB at their Jacket Photoshoot for their 5th Mini Album Parallel! Photos were taken on June 20th, 2017. \ Source (1)
  5. New HD photos released of GFRIEND in Shinjuku in Tokyo, Japan by Naver X Dispatch! Source
  6. Naver x Dispatch HD Photos Upload of Sowon and Yerin at Lipstick Prince 2! Broadcast on 13th April, 9:40 PM KST! Source (1)
  7. This kind of perfect performance An exciting fan service What could be behind all these? There was the passion and sweat of GFRIEND. GFRIEND has successfully ended their first fan meeting event. “The First Fan Meeting Dear: BUDDY” was held at Olympic Hall, Olympic Park at 6p.m, March 2. The whole 100 minutes were all for BUDDY. The concert was full of passion. Their fan service was meaningful. They communicated with the fans and created touching moments. To the fans who experienced a “sold out” during ticketing, are you sad? Are you searching for keywords like “GFRIEND fan meeting”, “review on GFRIEND” and “GFRIEND in person”? Don’t be disappointed. GFRIEND is revealing special behind-the-scenes during their fan meeting. This is how their fan meeting was formed. ↓↓↓ Let’s go back to Feb 22. GFRIEND gathered up at a practice room of one agency late night. They held a meeting to share ideas. "We’re planning to show 3 kinds of outfits at fan meeting. But the outfits are not yet confirmed. We held this meeting to share our ideas.” (Sowon) Everyone held the fan meeting schedule. They’re all ready with the whiteboard and marker! Each one of them drew the outfit they wanted to wear. The team leader of this day was the leader, Sowon. First one to go out was Eunha. How about a dress at the opening part? This girlish outfit is great. See-through style for the sleeves, jewels and glitters for neck part!” (Eunha) Umji came out as well "I also like dress. Some frills at neck and wide sleeves. It isn’t a worse fashion, is it…?” (Umji) Yuju stood out to help her. "Umji didn’t draw the shoes. It would be better if I draw some knee socks or boots here.” (Yuju) It’s SinB’s turn. "The previous styles seem to be so girlish. How about a denim jacket, white T-shirt, and high-waist short pants? It would look sweet and fresh.” (SinB) Yerin Foucuses on Details "It’s so exciting to draw the outfits together! It’s BUDDY’s stile and GFRIEND’s style! Please-! Hope you’d make these outfits!” (Yerin) "This is the final sketch” They personally choose the set lists. They are eager to plan the songs that fans really wanted to hear, and the performance that fans really wanted to see When it’s hard to look for an answer, they should start moving their body. They’re good with no background music. They start performing the songs they want to perform at the fan meeting. "Tang Tang Tang, Fingertip!?” "Glass bead, after a long time?” (Umji) "Rough?" "Missed the ballet performance?” (Yuju) "Sweet ‘WHITE’?” "We like BUDDY ♬" (Yerin) If you still can’t decide, ※GFRIEND’s On-the-spot event※ Leader Sowon accessed their official fan café and created a group chat. According to the staff of this café, it’s GFRIEND’s first time to be in a group chat with the fans. They asked for their outfits and the tracks. That’s how GFRIEND held the meeting seriously and excitedly and it ended well. Thanks to them. the fan meeting was so perfect. Wait! You wanna see the fan meeting site in high-quality photos just like this? "On April 8” "the high-quality photos” "will be released” "Tang Tang Tang” source cr@starcast
  8. HD Photos of GFRIEND at Arirang Simply K-Pop on March 13th, 2017! Source
  9. HD Photos of GFRIEND at the Gyeonggi-do Namyangju music video set released on March 2nd! Photos were taken on February 16, 2017 Source
  10. 51 HD Photos of Gfriend for Dispatch.
  11. To all Buddies,lurkers,Kpop stans who love and support Gfriend's choreography attention please!!!Lend me some of your time by reading this !!! We know that MAMA's award system is so complicated and I wouldn't really care if our girls would NEVER EVER attend there but once again I'm gonna remind u about how they wished they could win something at MAMA when they were holding their rough showcase. You know rough has WAY more chance than Navillera to get nominated for MAMA's Song of the Year and Best female dance performance,about the Song of the Year we have to lower our expects but about the Dance performance award I believe we have a huge chance,please don't ever listen to naggers who keep saying our fandom is weak and it's impossible .just ignore the haters as tho they are not exists 1-Before the voting starts,we have a really short time for increasing rough's digital points,besides me gustas tu leaving top 100,Rough is also in a dangerous situation since it even dropped to #97 yesterday,PLease STREAM ROUGH ON MELON LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW,I heard that gaon can also affect our points,so stream if u have an account there too. Remember rough is already counted as a legend song on charts,and digital points are one of the most important factors,so don't break down since we have best chance. (This streaming thing helps us for both SONG OF THE YEAR and DANCE PERFORMANCE award) 2-Search Gfriend and rough in Korean alphabets on Naver,Daum,Nate and Mnet.Remember to clear the history or do it on incognito. Gfriend : 여자친구 Rough: 시간을 달려서 Below are the direct links to the song (Rough in this case as we will to focus on Rough) but people still need to make accounts to stream the songs. Free streaming is not count. Naver: http://music.naver.c...trackId=5945464 Mnet: Search for "여자친구" in Naver, Daum, and Nate. You can paste "여자친구" (Gfriend) in the search boxes below: Naver: Daum: Nate: Just search for the word "여자친구" several times per day. Here are some tutorials on making an naver account For Gaon id: STEP 1 Go to the site for sign up STEP 2 Agree on terms and conditions STEP 3 Provide your information STEP 4 SUCCESS! STEEP 5 Got to your e-mail address and verify And your done !!! Here for making an Daum Account: How to make a DAUM account If you’re familiar with fancafe, you’ll be familiar with DAUM. Daum is one of the top 3 Korean websites in Korea. Daum is like Yahoo. You have mail, groups, news, etc. but everything is in Korean. You don’t need to be a Korean citizen to register in Daum. Here are the 10 explained steps on how to make an account in STEP 1: Go to and at the right side, click on the bolded words 회원가입(the one that’s encircled below) STEP 2: You will be redirected to this page, asking you to type in your email for your registration (e.g your hotmail / gmail email adress). Tick the boxes for terms and conditions too! STEP 3: Fill in your personal details for your Daum account. Please take into account that the Daum ID you choose here will be your login ID! If the bottom text under your ID says ’사용하실 수 없는 아이디입니다.’, this means that your ID is not available. STEP 4: You will next be redirected to this page, asking you to check your email in the next 12 hours to confirm your account. Click on the blue button to finish your registration. STEP 5: Your email will have a message from Daum which looks like the one below. Click on the link provided and it will redirect you to Daum. STEP 6: Now you are free to log in and out of Daum! Steps on making an nate account: Make an account in Nate / CyWorld 1. Go to 2. Click on the box, just like it says in the picture 3. Click on the first box. 4. Select the boxes as shown in the picture. It will automatically mark the rest. and following to accept … 5. Fill out all fields as shown below. 6. The following screen is to confirm your account. You can do it using mobile to which they will send you a code or by email. For me … the fastest way. For email, click on the following blue tab next to mobile phone tab. (I’m sorry. Not scan :S) Go to your email and confirm the email that they have sent you.and your done and ready! I suggest buddies to use Google Chrome while making this id as google chrome can translate the website into English which really help a lot. Please be patient and spend a little time to make all this account !! It only took me less than 2 hour i guessed with pure dedication.If you have any more better tutorial please do share here ,it will really help other buddies !!! 3-If your still streaming Navillera on melOn,better focus on rough for a short time starting from on now,also spend more time streaming Gfriend's songs on Korean charts instead of Youtube for a short while,since Youtube views are not counted as factors.About the physical thing,I don't think International-fans can do much,anyways snowflake already sold enough,plus the physical factor doesn't affect as much as digital does. 4-Follow Gfriend on every social media,fan site,official site,fan cafe,anything that we can find about gfriend (I guess you already did but please do if u didn't) you have and do ur best. Be ready as soon as the voting starts. Don't worry since that affect us only about 10%,on the other hand,WE AREN'T WEAK AT VOTING EITHER, remember last year?We only had about 2% difference with Tw*ce. Our fandom also grew a lot bigger since last year.There are nothing to lose and we will not stop trying !!!! Again I'm gonna remember you we have best chance of winning that award so don't feel weak or something,we are Gfriend's fans and we have to give them what they asked us for. Please buddies !!! We can play our role as a buddies and make our lovely girls happy at this end of this year (2016). I Beg you Buddies !!!! Even if we don't succeed,I believe our girls will appreciate our hard work.AGAIN,DO UR BEST!!!GOODLUCK!! Please share the steps to all buddies and Kpop stans who like Gfriend's choreos through your social media. Fighting buddies!!! We can do this !!! Yeoja Chingu Fighting !!!! feel free to give your opinion here.
  12. [Naver] GFriend Fanmeet in Singapore and Philippines Source: GFriend Trans Hello to all the family members of Starcast! It's been a long time, we've come to give you more news about GFriend~ Recently GFriend finished their fan-meeting with Singaporean and Filipino Buddies! GFriend starts their march around the word with these on-the-spot scenes on their fan-meeting~ Let's have a more vivid look at them right now! We'll be starting in three, two, one, go, go, go~! Let's start with Singapore Fanmeet! Brightly shining Yerin is now performing their debut song Glass Bead! We are looking at SinB from the side. No word is needed for this one~ SinB cheerfully meets with Singaporean Buddies~ Doesn't she looks very happy? Sowon that radiates a leader-like composure~ Of course we won't miss out the always professional Yuju~ She looks so pretty to sing passionately for the fan-meeting! Umji who looks so moved by the amount of Buddies who came~ Buddies! Receive all of Sowon's hearts ppyong ppyong~! Yerin and Eunha both looking at fans together The song is about to start and she closed her eyes to calm herself down. But look she looks like an angel, an angel T_T These days, Eunha looks excessively cute and sexy at the same time GFriend's in-charge of girl crush SinB! She's overflowing with chic energy! She looks so cool here Goddess Sowon~ More Goddess Sowon shot Umji is about to send cute flying kisses. I want to get one too... SinB is still so good-looking even while she's working so hard on the performance Buddies~ Annyeooong~? Umji looks so cute while carrying that basket of sweets right? We will always be your Buddy~ We will always be by your side! I love you all every-Buddies!! We also have photos from the fan-meeting in the Philippines~ I can't wait to hear Yuju's beautiful voice! Eunha who looks so resolutely determined on this fan-meeting Yerin's duck lips[1] chuuu~ The Diva who received the divine light from heaven! Goddess Yuju![2] Let's always be together Buddies! Dreaming while praying, starting from today, we~[3] We are not ending yet~ Here are some of the bonus photo you've been waiting for! Aren't you curious about how they look at the back stage? Well let's see more of them starting right now! Umji, do you want to try choppy bangs too? I want to have a baby sister like her. Hair and make-up start~ Apeurodo jal butakhae~! It's so refreshing to see excited Yerin inside the waiting room Sneaking off on the cookies The camera keeps on focusing on baby Umji. Anyways we still included Yuju at the back *click~* Yuju retouching her make-up~ I had a good meal, time to practice singing~ Oh she saw us And then she winked at us~♥ How are you now that you saw these lovely ladies that are full of life? From now on we will be there wherever GFriend go. Please expect more vibrant and beautiful GFriend in the future~ With this we say good bye and see you all next time on Star Cast!!! Contents/Photos from Source Music ※ The contents above were provided by the agency Source: Naver Comments [428]: [+692, -73] The shape of Eunha's hair was really good. The volume, wave, and adding a touch of charming hairstyle looks so good on her. Her hair was pretty well made for her. [+583, -88] I love GFriend so much .. let's continue doing well~ [+525, -73] GFriend's company really did wise moves .. while they are not promoting they are thoroughly widening their marketability by getting them on activities abroad while other girl groups are busy attending variety .. they really are doing well these days [+473, -61] Step by step GFriend is growing steadily .. GFriend is really a group that suits to my preference [+462, -69] Pretty GFriend members Fighting also on your activities abroad!! [+406, -53] I love how GFriend members are so positively hard-working even on international activities. Leader Sowon is so beautiful and I'm such a huge fan of the great singer Yuju. All GFriend members Fighting!!! [+344, -45] They are so cute. GFriend I love you~ [+387, -66] The more I see them and the more they go on they just keep on getting prettier [+292, -38] Pretty GFriend! You've worked so hard!! Please don't get sick!! Fighting!! [+272, -34] Yerin looks so refreshing on her abundant cute facial expressions Translator's Notes: [1] The exact word is 참새 입 (cham-sae ip/sparrow beak) since it would sound weird in English I just changed it to "duck lips" instead since we are already familiar with "duck face". [2] Actually the phrase use here is "Yuju getting the spotlight (literal spotlight)" but since it looks like a "light from heaven" I just made it that way for aesthetic purposes only.
  13. Gfriend tied with Lee Kyung Kyu in 20th place. A rough translation of GFriend's part in the article: GFriend, the girl group that won 29 music shows tied at no. 20. They show the miracle of small agency." source: