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Found 15 results

  1. (OFFICIAL) GFriend Sales and Achievements Thread Data updated until: 18th January 2016 Summary (Physical and Digital - graphic update until 18th January 2016) Season of Glass (Glass Bead) Flower Bud (Me Gustas Tu) Snowflake (Rough) LOL (Navillera) Other B-side songs
  2. Guys, why the initials albums of gfriend aren't for sell? Have been (i think) three months that I don't see Snowflake and Flower Bud to sell. Initially, i didn't see the Glass Bead too, but now I see ONE seller on ebay. In other shops, i can't found it! Please, if someone know where, tell me. (PS. I searched on ktown4u, koreanmall, kpoptown, ebay and another little sites)
  3. This is a quite a significant achievement for Gfriend, as girl groups don't usually sell as much as boy groups in physicals + the fact they they are from the new generation coming from a small company. To put this more into context, Season of Glass sold 15k and LOL sold 60k. So proud of them
  4. Navillera has now 1,106,873+ downloads while glass bead has 1,025,731+ downloads
  5. [sales]

    Here are the numbers Glass bead - 1,025,731+ Me gustas tu - 2,047,721+ Rough - 1,763,891+ Navillera - 1,042,748+
  6. Here are places where Buddies can purchase GFriend's 2017 Seasons Greetings! I will update this thread as more places pop up. Feel free to post in here if you find where else you can purchase the Seasons Greetings! Korea: Yes24 MusicKorea Synnara Aladin Gmarket International: Kpopmart YesAsia Gmarket Kpoptown
  7. G-FRIEND "LOL" album broke 40k sales on Hanteo. Laughing Out Loud and Lots of Love are almost equally sold. Total sales :40,023 Congratulations GFRIEND!! Looking forward for 여자 친구 comeback soon . Credit Source
  8. Gfriend's Where Are You Going?! DVD was #2 in real-time chart (source) And currently is #5 on Top 7 daily sales. Good news to our girls. Hopefully it will stay on top for few days or rise a bit. Fighting, Chingus
  9. All the details are there but it's not translated You can order from that site though.
  10. Hanteo as 23: 30 KST : 4, 682 units sold Lots of love- 2, 538 Laughing out loud- 2, 144
  11. YAy we reach 40k for July. Since LOl was released July 11, I think it means they sold it in 3 weeks. Though I still wish them to have one more round of fansigns, maybe next weekend?? Season of glass, flowerbud and snowflake sales also increased by 1-2k, so gfriend are gaining new core fans for this round of promos.
  12. 30,176 albums sold! I hope it keeps increasing well!!!
  13. Are the amount of sales and high ranking on charts important? Yes. Not being #1 or lots of sales, means they are flopping? No. Like you can see, Navillera is #4, right now. Does it mean it flopped? No. Actually, the fact they are #4 is already good. They are going against SM, Wonder Girls and Beast. The fact they debuted #2 and reached #1 during night, is already a big thing. Even Rough took 1-2 weeks to reach the peak and is by many the best song of 2016. But the pre-orders were 60k and only sold 4.6k in the first day? Yeah BUT the pre-orders are from Gaon and not Hanteo. Also, Snowflake only sold 740 in the first day. Today, they sold 4.6k, the best they had since debut (Snowflake best day was 2k). It's not bad, it's actually good. Tomorrow we will probably hit the sales they got during 1st week of Snowflake. Also, you cannot compare Gfriend to other groups that are coming from big companies. For Gfriend, selling 4.6k in 1 day was already a good mark. Even tho they are popular, they are still small compared to other companies. Also, you all seem so stressed because it seems a "flop". Flop? They didn't even performed on shows or did fansigns. It will boost MV views, sales and chart. Don't let yourself be influenced by haters and trolls. Right now, we should focus on them keeping on Top 10. The rest may come with time. Many of you seems to forget being Top 10 on a chart of 100, is one of the best things, not a flop or bad. Remember on top 20 we have: SM, Wonder Girls, Sistar, Taeyeon, Unnies, Exo, Beast. How can it be a flop being part of Top 5 when so many popular groups/singers are part of it and has huge fandoms supporting them?? Hope you all now can chill and stream Navillera
  14. 여자친구, 첫 정규앨범 'LOL' 선주문 6만장 돌파 Source/Related Articles: XPortsNews,com EDIT: I can't confirm if the 60k are from FANS PRE-ORDERS alone or SHOP ORDERS alone. But one thing's for sure and as it may be a combination of both, the demand for the first album is really high
  15. GFRIEND is already enjoying a hot response for their first studio album “LOL.” On July 7, it was revealed that the album already has 60,000 pre-orders reflecting the girl group’s rising popularity. Having such a high number of pre-orders for a girl group that debuted approximately a year and six months ago is unprecedented. After having achieved great success with their last release “Rough” in January, many are curious as to how GFRIEND will perform on music charts in July. The six-member group is coming out with two versions of their “LOL” album. One version is titled “Laughing out Loud” and the other version is titled “Lots of Love.” Their albums feature 12 tracks including their title song “Navillera.” “Navillera” is the work of the same producing team behind the group’s other hit songs “Glass Bead,” “Me Gustas Tu,” and “Rough.” GFRIEND’s album will be available on and offline on July 11. Sorce: Soompi