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Found 22 results

  1. GFRIEND Eunha's cute sleeping habit was revealed. On 9th last week Umji posted shots of Eunha in her sleep on GFRIEND's official Instagram. The two are using a double deck bed. Umji takes the 1st floor while Eunha is on the 2nd. Eunha was in her sleep with her arm stretched out. Umji thought this was so cute. She wrote "Today morning, her hand in her sleep. Eunha unnie, Umji will hold your hand in this cruel world. Communicating now." Meanwhile GFRIEND recently set out for variety show. On 9th last week "Insolent Housemates" was on MBC-TV where the girls showed off their variety skills. <Photo Origin = GFRIEND Instagram> Source (1) Translated by @Elliote(소원의정다움²)
  2. [Kim Chi-Yun Reporter] The April 14th rehearsal for KBS 'Music Bank' was held at Seoul, Yeongdeungpo District, Yeouido-dong, inside of KBS New Open Hall. GFRIEND is finishing up their 'FINGERTIP' promotions this week. So today's commute to 'Music Bank' will be their last broadcast. Maybe that was why? Maknae SinB seemed to be noticeably drenched in sentiments. Even her outfit was a beige trench coat and a striped man-to-man top. Along with her long brown hair, SinB's mood was 'Spring' itself. GFRIEND SinB 'The sunlight seems to be especially good for our last broadcast' GFRIEND SinB 'Although chilling winds may blow, the spring scent does not fade away' SinB leaves for the rehearsal after the photos and after giving her 'Last Broadcast' greetings. SinB seems to be fully enjoying the Spring, when an envelope is spotted in her hands. Medicine bag? Did she perhaps catch a cold? Ah, it was a letter from a fan. Where did the fan even buy one of those from? They say fans mirror their stars, looks like that fan is also drenched in the Spring sentiments. Source: bntNews Korea Translated by Albatro
  3. [STARCAST] BUDDY! Shall We Study?... GFRIEND... Today is GodGirl Day 2017.03.06 Source: When eyes are closed The imagination of a girl begins. First, you aim at the heart Tang! Even I do not know ♬ Tang Tang Tang What if I follow? You, 'BUDDY'. Still 'Tang Tang Tang' What if I don't know? Focus starting from now! 'GFRIEND is back. The title song is 'FINGERTIP' with funky disco genre The 5th consecutive hit has begun ▼The First Killing Part▼ ♬Tang Tang Tang FINGERTIP I'll aim your heart" ♬Tang Tang Tang FINGERTIP So that your heart stops" Are you already addicted? ▼Visual Check▼ I'm turning 20 years old I think I'm getting a more mature. How's my long hair? (SinB) Wink, Heart Attack "This is the first time I dyed my hair brightly since debut. I've lost a lot of weight" (Umji) Visual Thumb's Up "Yuju's black hair transformation. The shape of my hair is interesting right? I've pierced my ears for the first time!" (Yuju) Yuju marry me? "Is it my first time having a red hair? I dyed my hair daringly. Please anticipate our 'FINGERTIP' performance!" (Sowon) BUDDY's wish is Sowon "I did a thin bridge dyeing. The fans like my short hair, I kept my hair length." (Eunha) The Goddess of Short hair Because of having a blonde hair I got a nickname which is 'BlondeRin'. I feel so awkward every time I look at the mirror." (Yerin) BlondeRin is ♡ Bullet Dance (Sowon) Sallang Dance (Eunha) V Dance (Yerin) Wa~ve (SinB) Running Dance (Umji) Fingertips Dance (Yuju) "This should be in nano units." Follow along FINGERTIP Dance Men, women and children Possible to absorb That's why G.o.d.F.R.I.E.N.D Starting from now ▼Time for BUDDY▼ "Buddies who supported our growth! I won't lose my gratitude." (Yuju) "Our album was released after 8 months. Thank you for waiting. I love you" (Eunha) "Expect a brighter and healthier looks. To GFRIEND, BUDDY is amazing!" (Sowon) "Start of spring with GFRIEND~ Our BUDDY! I miss you so much." (SinB) "The preparation is done! Please love 'FINGERTIP'" (Yerin) "Let's make a good activities together! Always a strong defender, Thank you!" (Umji) Translations: Haechi (@express999x) GFSquadSubs Crew
  4. GFRIEND, Warrior Transformation.. Comeback Trailer·Concept Photo Revealed 2017.02.27 Source: EDAILY via NAVER [EDAILY STARin Kim Eun Goo reporter] Girl group GFRIEND revealed their concept for their new album 'The Awakening'. On 27th GFRIEND revealed to their official SNS their new mini album's title song 'FINGERTIP' trailer and concept photos that went into a full blown comeback countdown. While revealing their trailer, GFRIEND appeared to be dressed in black costume. With inexpressive face, GFRIEND showed a charm of a charismatic warrior while holding guns.In particular, electronic guitar sound captures the ears and heightens the tension of the atmosphere. on their concept photos, GFRIEND took off their uniforms and gave off a chic charm.Successfully transformed into a stylish image with trendy hair color dyeing that seems to match for the upcoming spring. The new album will showcase a broader musical spectrum with a bold attempt and the charm of a girl evolving one step further. said by Source Music about GFRIEND that will comeback after 8 months. GFRIEND (Photo=Source Music) GFRIEND's debut song 'Glass Bead' including 'Me Gustas Tu', 'Rough' up to 'Navillera' made a hit with each songs adding this new single 'FINGERTIP' it is noteworthy whether the success of the fifth consecutive season will be successful. Source Music said, "GFRIEND grew as a fresh and bubbly girls and will step forward and make a progress to be brilliant girls. Just as there are girls with different colors, GFRIEND are going show another vibe." and "GFRIEND's emotions began to change in a variety of ways. Please expect a lot on it". GFRIEND is scheduled to start full-fledged activity after announcing their new mini album 'THE AWAKENING', which includes the title song 'FINGER' on March 6th. Kim Eun Gu ( Translations: Haechi (@express999x) GFSquadSubs Crew
  5. GFRIEND Tracklist Revealed, School Trilogy → Love Story 2017.02.27 Source: My Daily via Naver [MY DAILY =Choi Ji Ye reporter] Girl group GFRIEND's new mini album 'The Awakening' tracklist is now revealed to the public. GFRIEND revealed the tracklist of their 4th Mini Album 'The Awakening' through their official SNS to the public and it increased the anticipation for their comeback. With the release of their new album 'The Awakening' the tracklist was filled with colorful genres of songs including their title song "FINGERTIP" showing GFRIEND's color. Their title song FINGERTIP is produced by IGGY, Youngbae, expressing the love for the endearing and compassionate girls. In addition, 'Hear The Wind Sing' likened to be the sound of the wind blowing to the song, 'Contrail', which likened love in the heart to the clouds that follow the plane in the sky, impressive melody and members' dim tone features on 'Save My Earth', a light piano rip expressed by the feeling of spring rain and an amazing beautiful melody on 'Rain in The Spring Time'. the powerful identity of GFRIEND stands out on 'Crush' and is based on the NewJack Swing. It consists of a total of 6 tracks to meet the growth of GFRIEND. Their songs was produced by Iggy Youngbae for 4 consecutive times starting from their debut song 'Glass Bead' 'Me Gustas Tu' 'Rough', up to 'Navillera' and start working again with them. The album 'The AWAKENING' has the implication meaning 'awake in love', which means self-awareness and awakening the senses in love. After GFRIEND's 'School Trilogy' GFRIEND will meet the public with the love story of the girls who have grown up. It will be revealed on March 6. [Photo=Source Music] (Choi Ji Ye Reporter Translations: Haechi (@express999x) GFSquadSubs Crew
  6. [Official Statement] GFRIEND's "March Comeback? We are preparing but nothing is confirmed" 2017.02.07 Source: OSEN via NAVER [OSEN = Son Mi Kyung Reporter] Girl group GFRIEND said about their March comeback "Nothing is confirmed". An official said on 7th at Osen about the announcement of a new album in March, "We are preparing but nothing is confirmed". It is reported that no specific schedule has been set yet. GFRIEND who made their debut last 2015, a team who made a continuous release every 6 months until last year. Having 4 consecutive hits starting from their debut song up to their full album. At the same time as the debut, the group is rising to be a national girl group. As many groups are coming back from last month to February, interests are rising if what kind of song will GFRIEND have on their comeback. / [Photo]OSEN DB Translations: Haechi (@express999x)
  7. [Star News Kim Mi-Hwa Reporter] /Photo credits = Source Music Girlgroup GFRIEND has surpassed yet another milestone. According to Source Music on February 3rd, 'Rough', released in January 2016 as the title song of GFRIEND's 3rd Mini Album, surpassed 100 million streaming counts as of the 4th week of January, according to Gaon charts. This is even more impressive considering that only a year has passed since the album's release. Previously in August 2016, GFRIEND had surpassed 100 million streaming counts with 'Me Gustas Tu'. They further polished their incredible résumé with yet another 100 million streaming counts with 'Rough' this year. With this feat, GFRIEND achieved 'Double 100 Million Streaming' with 'Me Gustas Tu' and 'Rough', proving themselves as the undisputed top girlgroup. GFRIEND also own a grand accomplishment in that they were able to popularize 4 of their songs, starting from their debut song 'Glass Bead'. They have continued to show unrivaled strengths in the music charts, spreading their name as the 'Charts Homeowners'. At the time of release, 'Rough' set impressive records such as: music charts 'Perfect All Kill', maintaining 1st place on Korea's biggest music chart Melon for 416 hours, and 15 music show trophies. In response to these achievements, 'Rough' even got a nickname called 'Run Through Charts', further manifesting the popularity of the song. As shown above, GFRIEND is monopolizing keywords such as 'The First' and 'The Most' in the music industry, rewriting the history of girlgroups. We now anticipate for the records to be set by GFRIEND in the future. Source: Naver TVEntertainment News Article Comments: +652, -24 'Me Gustas Tu' and 'Rough', looks like those two songs have surpassed 100 million streaming counts.. That's really impressive +504, -17 GFRIEND♡♡♡ Amazing work♡♡♡ Congrats on 100 million streaming and let's walk only on flowery roads in 2017 as well +469, -19 Congratulations GFRIEND❤❤ +442, -18 As a Buddy, I'm so happy that GodFRIEND accomplished 100 million streams~~♡♡ Yeochinnies, I'll be looking forward to your upcoming comeback promotions as well~~♡♡ +411, -15 Hope that they can be loved for a long long time in the future with great songs~ +228, -7 Listening to the song again, it's still a masterpiece with that fading, vague memories vibe to it +217, -7 'Rough' is a good song, mhm +211, -5 I'm so excited for the next album !!! +205, -7 GFRIEND, congrats, love you, wuv u +188, -5 Yeochinnies, let's keep walking only on flowery roads ^^ Translated by Albatro
  8. [ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY] Shim Hyeong-Tak, In Front Of Yerin "I Prefer Choi Yoo Jung" 2017.01.21 Source: TV REPORT via NAVER [TV REPORT = Lee Ha Ni Reporter] "Entertainment Weekly' 4-Dimensional Shim Hyeong-Tak, So mean! So Mean! Kim Saeng Min met GFRIEND's Yerin with Shim Hyeong-Tak at Entertainment Weekly's broadcast last 21st. Shim Hyeong-Tak said without any fuss "I made a sin" causing a big laugh. His strange remarks didn't end here. Kim Saeng Min making a chat saying 'You come as you promised at today's recording and show more interest to the Profiler (Yerin)' Hearing Shim Hyeong-Tak saying " I prefer I.O.I Choi Yoo Jung" made Yerin puzzled. Meanwhile Shim Hyeong-Tak said, "I have seen the Talent (Tv Actor) Test since 1996." Yerin answered, " It was when I was born in 1996." making a sea of laughter. Oh Ha Ni Reporter /Photo= KBS2 'Entertainment Weekly' Broadcast Screen Capture COMMENTS: (+3,216) (-47) ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (TN: literaly laughing) (+3,033) (-64) Yerin's facial expression ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (+2,508) (-92) I fell on Yoojung's charm at Golden Tambourine ㅎㅎ (+1,545) (-158) I know that Yerin and Yoojung are intimately close?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (+911) (-37) Saw the talent exam on 1996 and Yerin is a 96er ㅋㅋㅋReally ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (+212) (-9) Same taste a small cute Doraemon style!!! (+212) (-20) What's with Yerin's facial expression at the last photoㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ So cute (+191) (-15) Yoojung and Yerin are really close ㅋㅋ (+152) (-6) I want them to go in a same program ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Yoojung so reliableㅋㅋ (+186) (-21) I know that Yoojung and Yerin are close?? ㅋㅋㅋ (+128) (-15) Yerin and Yoojung, the two of them are friends ㅋ Yerin so cute (+119) (-15) Yerin's reaction is the best ㅋㅋㅋㅋ (+114) (-14) Yerinieㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (+90) (-7) I remember a concert where Yerin and Yoojung hugged each other ㅎ (+113) (-15) Look at Yerin's facial expression acting ㅋㅋㅋㅋ (+117) (-17) Yerin's facial expression so cuteㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (+137) (-24) Yerin-ah Buddies like you more... (+114) (-18) It could be ㅎ I like Yerin ㅎㅎㅎ (+99) (-13) Yerin so cute ❤❤❤ (+113) (-25) Yenni ㅋㅋㅋ Yenni is being liked by many Buddies
  9. [10 FOCUS] '2nd Anniversary' GFRIEND, Every Moment Is Brilliant 'GodFRIEND' 2017.01.16 Source: 10 ASIA via NAVER [10 Asia = Yoon Joon Pil Reporter] Girl group GFRIEND attended the opening red carpet ceremony of 'The 31st Golden Disk Awards' last January 13th afternoon at Ilsan Kintex and got a photo time. / photo = Lee Seung Hyeon lsh7@ Girl group GFRIEND became close friend with the public in the past 2 years. Debuted on 2015 and became the best rookie of the year, it turns out to be a big challenge last year, they are recognized as a trendy girl group in the world of singers and becoming the best girl group that everyone expect. 2016 was GFRIEND's year. GFRIEND's 'ROUGH' was released in January last year and took control the 2016 music charts.Ranking 1st at download chart, 3rd at streaming chart, 3rd at digital chart in Gaon Chart's yearly basis. Ranking 2nd at the annual chart in a biggest music site in Korea which is Melon. GFRIEND's dignity was also showed in music broadcasts. GFRIEND's 'ROUGH' which was released in January last year got 15 crowns, 'NAVILLERA' in July got 14 crowns and has swept 29 trophies throughout the year. It is the record that follows EXO which accomplished 32 total in four songs which are December, Call Me Maybe, Love Me Right, Sing For You in 2015.It is also the first time a girl group has achieved more than 10 crowns in two songs in a year. GFRIEND is called by the public 'GodFRIEND' and the reason for this is because it combines good music and professionalism. A 'Slippery Stage Video' as a good example made GFRIEND known to the whole world by falling 9 times, getting up again and continue the performance'. GFRIEND played fast and powerful dance routines, showing their outstanding singing ability and captivates the hearts of viewers. GFRIEND promised to be active in 2017. GFRIEND last 15th said "We still remember our first debut stage. The memories of the day we had was as vivid as yesterday, but we do not realize it's already our second anniversary" and "We have a sense of responsibility to show a better appearance in the future. For the fans who love us for 2 years thank you so much, We hope that you will look forward to our upcoming album and love it." conveying their wish. Comments: (+108) (-1) GFRIEND Let's stay forever♡ (+93) (-1) Let it be GFRIEND's year in 2017 too (+97) (-1) So happy to be a BUDDY looking forward♥ (+87) (-1) Good day... Bad day... Appropriate day... So happy to be a BUDDY....Now only happiness remains. (+82) (-1) Congratulations on your 2nd Anniversary GFRIEND (+38) (0) hoping that this year will be great congratulations on your 2nd anniversary (+38) (0) Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary let's run this year too! (+35) (0) Take care on 2017! (+35) (0) In the future Buddies will cheer you every moment Don't get hurt today fighting!! (+34) (0) Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary~ don't get hurt let's go forever (+29) (0) See you for a long time GFRIEND fighting (+27) (0) QueenFRIEND Congrats on your 2nd Anniversary (+27) (0) Only GodFRIEND (+26) (0) Congratulations on your 2nd Anniversary ♡ Walk on a flowery path GFRIEND fighting!! (+25) (0) GFRIEND congratulations on your 2nd anniversary I'm looking forward (+24) (0) GFRIEND saranghae I'll be your BUDDY forever
  10. [MBC GAYO DAEJEJUN] GFRIEND, GOT POWERFUL INNOCENCE + PURENESS xportsnews via Starcast 2016.12.31 [xportsnews Na Geum Ju Reporter] '2016 MBC Gayo Daejejun' Girl group GFRIEND showed a powerful innocent performance. On the 31st MBC Gayo Daejejun's 1st part live broadcast was decorated with Twice, Apink and GFRIEND's performance. Today with the innocent voices of children, GFRIEND's 'Rough' performance started. Followed by GFRIEND captivating everyone with their charm. Also GFRIEND's 'NAVILLERA' giving off another charm. A powerful innocent performance ended. Lastly, a children's choir appeared and sing 'NAVILLERA' and made a touching scene. Today's 2016 MBC Gayo Daejejun stage was opened by MC Kim Seong Ju, SNSD's YoonA's clean progress and MAMAMOO, GFRIEND, TWICE, Monsta X, Han Dong Geun, etc. / photo = MBC Broadcasting Screen COMMENTS: (+88) (-8) it was a good live and they got pretty appearance (+79) (-8) Powerful Innocent GFRIEND you did well on today's live performance. I'm anticipating on your comeback next year^^ (+81) (-10) These days, GFRIEND's appearance is rising (+45) (0) GFRIEND! You guys are so pretty today. A stage with children's choir as well as the singing power is so so pretty I really really like it~!!! Pure! It's really a great collab~ㅎㅎ (+38) (0) It's a healing performance. Children together with Kim Sojung Jung Yerin Jung Eunbi Choi Yuna Hwang Eunbi Kim Yewon In 2017 too please take care (+39) (-1) I'm a twice fan but GFRIEND is pretty today ㅋㅋThey also sing well Hwaiting! (+41) (2) GFRIEND so cool and also pretty (+52) (-6) GFRIEND is very pretty today! in 2017 GFRIEND ♡ (+37) (-1) GFRIEND so pretty (+34) (0) Today's stage is so fresh. Well done this year in next year too let's Hwaiting! ♡♡ (+33) (0) So pretty (+35) (-1) Today's stage is so cool! All of them so pretty! (+31) (0) Indeed today GFRIEND so pretty (+31) (-1) Ah so pretty ...❤ ㅠㅠ (+31) (-1) GFRIEND so pretty today and those children are so cuteㅎ ♥♥ Take care on next year ♥♥ (+26) (0) I never imagined GFRIEND on part 1... I thought they will be on part 2
  11. They ran for too long. Without even having the time to peek elsewhere, they only looked afar. As a result, they began to get injured and riddled by sicknesses one by one. Their souls are tired with the exhausted stamina. Sufficient break is absolutely necessary at this point. Girlgroup GFRIEND (Sowon Yerin Eunha Yuju SinB Umji) whom have been following a busy schedule, ended their official promotions last August with 'NAVILLERA', entering a break period till the year end. On the 4th, their agency announced: "There is no plan for a new album, and we're just taking care of the schedules that were previously planned, enabling the members to get as much rest as possible." They then added: "While she was taking part in a performance schedule, SinB was moved to the hospital after collapsing on the stage with sudden dizziness. But fortunately no significant conditions were discovered and she recovered to normal health." Umji And another member Umji had to stop her activities after being diagnosed the Sartorius Strain in the beginning of the previous month. With GFRIEND's busy schedule, more and more fans are getting concerned for GFRIEND's health. Despite this, GFRIEND kept on moving as a group of 5, carrying out foreign recordings as well as event appearances, to follow their schedule. GFRIEND made their debut last January with 'Glass Bead', then released their 3 'School Trilogy' tracks within a year starting at July of last year, establishing themselves as the top girlgroup in Korea. Characterized by their 'Power Innocence', GFRIEND powered through all of the music shows with 'Me Gustas Tu', followed by 'Rough' and 'NAVILLERA', and ended up setting a grand feat of '29 Trophies'. The 'falling' incident that happened on one of the broadcasting station's stages at Gangwon-do last September became viral throughout the world at the time, making it a thankful memory that created GFRIEND as we know now. SinB The agency announced: "We worked really hard till now, such as by preparing for succeeding albums as we carried out our TV appearances. I often hear that the fans who love GFRIEND have lots of concerns for them, and we plan on letting them take a sufficient break, then take part in year-end awards ceremonies, and we think we'll officially meet the fans again with a new album early next year." Source: Naver TVEntertainment News Article Comments: + 45, - 0 That's good to hear, take a good break and hope to see them again rested and well haha + 38, - 0 Take a good break, I'll be looking forward to a good album hah + 38, - 0 Rest up~! I'll be anticipating for a beautiful stage at the awards! + 31, - 0 Let's go far Yeochinnies ❤️❤️❤️ + 30, - 0 Eat lots of delicious food, and I hope everyone comes back healthy!! + 15, - 0 To present quality performances and quality music, a break was desperately needed, and thankfully they are taking a break now. Looking forward to the new album next year. + 14, - 0 Noonas, take care of yourselves and see you during next comeback! Love yaa + 14, - 0 Health is the most important. GFRIEND fighting!^^ + 13, - 0 GFRIEND fighting! Let's not get hurt any more T_T + 13, - 0 T_T T_T Just don't get hurt please. And let's meet again next year in good shape T_T Sauce don't overwork the girls too much T_T
  12. (Video) GFRIEND shows off art skills; Yerin transform into Picasso, Umji elected* as Little Painter South Korean girl group GFRIEND arrived in Taiwan for the first time to meet fans, and earlier today morning they're interviewed in the hotel they're staying before they're departing from Taiwan. Talking about the surprise video which Taiwan fans prepared that was shown last night, the 6 members all said "It's really touching!". The youngest Umji revealed, looking at the members feeding each other made her burst into tears, and Yuju said after watching SinB dancing in the past "Thinking about the memories of us practising in the past.", while the one sentence from the fans "Thank you for debuting" had made Sowon nearly tearing up, and as she turned back looking at the word setting that the fans prepared, it left a very deep impression for her. Besides, GFRIEND had shown their drawing skills through picking lots and drawing each other. The youngest Umji gets half the group's approval, with 3 votes and being elected as the "Little Painter", and Yerin with the feels of "Picasso" has shouted "I don't know how to draw", making everyone laugh. After drawing she even received SinB's diss as the worst in drawing. However, eventually the lousiest drawer elected by the members is "The one who draws well but with no characteristics drawn" Yuju, with a lot of laughter during the process of drawing. Regarding the secrets in the members' drawings and the real identities of the drawings, will subsequently be revealed through Liberty Times Net. GFRIEND will also give out 6 signed drawings. For more details, stay tuned to Liberty Times Net. TRANS NOTE: The Chinese characters (冻蒜) is in Taiwanese, meaning elected.
  13. [Naver] GFriend Fanmeet in Singapore and Philippines Source: GFriend Trans Hello to all the family members of Starcast! It's been a long time, we've come to give you more news about GFriend~ Recently GFriend finished their fan-meeting with Singaporean and Filipino Buddies! GFriend starts their march around the word with these on-the-spot scenes on their fan-meeting~ Let's have a more vivid look at them right now! We'll be starting in three, two, one, go, go, go~! Let's start with Singapore Fanmeet! Brightly shining Yerin is now performing their debut song Glass Bead! We are looking at SinB from the side. No word is needed for this one~ SinB cheerfully meets with Singaporean Buddies~ Doesn't she looks very happy? Sowon that radiates a leader-like composure~ Of course we won't miss out the always professional Yuju~ She looks so pretty to sing passionately for the fan-meeting! Umji who looks so moved by the amount of Buddies who came~ Buddies! Receive all of Sowon's hearts ppyong ppyong~! Yerin and Eunha both looking at fans together The song is about to start and she closed her eyes to calm herself down. But look she looks like an angel, an angel T_T These days, Eunha looks excessively cute and sexy at the same time GFriend's in-charge of girl crush SinB! She's overflowing with chic energy! She looks so cool here Goddess Sowon~ More Goddess Sowon shot Umji is about to send cute flying kisses. I want to get one too... SinB is still so good-looking even while she's working so hard on the performance Buddies~ Annyeooong~? Umji looks so cute while carrying that basket of sweets right? We will always be your Buddy~ We will always be by your side! I love you all every-Buddies!! We also have photos from the fan-meeting in the Philippines~ I can't wait to hear Yuju's beautiful voice! Eunha who looks so resolutely determined on this fan-meeting Yerin's duck lips[1] chuuu~ The Diva who received the divine light from heaven! Goddess Yuju![2] Let's always be together Buddies! Dreaming while praying, starting from today, we~[3] We are not ending yet~ Here are some of the bonus photo you've been waiting for! Aren't you curious about how they look at the back stage? Well let's see more of them starting right now! Umji, do you want to try choppy bangs too? I want to have a baby sister like her. Hair and make-up start~ Apeurodo jal butakhae~! It's so refreshing to see excited Yerin inside the waiting room Sneaking off on the cookies The camera keeps on focusing on baby Umji. Anyways we still included Yuju at the back *click~* Yuju retouching her make-up~ I had a good meal, time to practice singing~ Oh she saw us And then she winked at us~♥ How are you now that you saw these lovely ladies that are full of life? From now on we will be there wherever GFriend go. Please expect more vibrant and beautiful GFriend in the future~ With this we say good bye and see you all next time on Star Cast!!! Contents/Photos from Source Music ※ The contents above were provided by the agency Source: Naver Comments [428]: [+692, -73] The shape of Eunha's hair was really good. The volume, wave, and adding a touch of charming hairstyle looks so good on her. Her hair was pretty well made for her. [+583, -88] I love GFriend so much .. let's continue doing well~ [+525, -73] GFriend's company really did wise moves .. while they are not promoting they are thoroughly widening their marketability by getting them on activities abroad while other girl groups are busy attending variety .. they really are doing well these days [+473, -61] Step by step GFriend is growing steadily .. GFriend is really a group that suits to my preference [+462, -69] Pretty GFriend members Fighting also on your activities abroad!! [+406, -53] I love how GFriend members are so positively hard-working even on international activities. Leader Sowon is so beautiful and I'm such a huge fan of the great singer Yuju. All GFriend members Fighting!!! [+344, -45] They are so cute. GFriend I love you~ [+387, -66] The more I see them and the more they go on they just keep on getting prettier [+292, -38] Pretty GFriend! You've worked so hard!! Please don't get sick!! Fighting!! [+272, -34] Yerin looks so refreshing on her abundant cute facial expressions Translator's Notes: [1] The exact word is 참새 입 (cham-sae ip/sparrow beak) since it would sound weird in English I just changed it to "duck lips" instead since we are already familiar with "duck face". [2] Actually the phrase use here is "Yuju getting the spotlight (literal spotlight)" but since it looks like a "light from heaven" I just made it that way for aesthetic purposes only.
  14. Source: Umji Finds "The Way" To Our Hearts With "Shopping King Louie" OST Umji surprised us with an OST release for MBC Mini Series Shopping King Louie. (T/N: Some translations say it's Louis some say it's Louie, but I will use Louie so that readers will have the idea how his name is pronounced) If you want to hear at least a part of the song you can go to this tweet by BehindThePlace (Click). I just feel bad that there are not much comments about Umji's singing in the TV Cast upload but I'm lucky enough to see these precious comments from KNetizens. NAVER TV Cast Comments About Umji's singing [+70 -3] The OST was sung by Umji ... the song and her tone color/timbre is so wow [+19 -0] Most people know Umji only by her cute looks but they don't realize she sings well too. And her timbre is so amazing. [+17 -0] Eh? GFriend's Umji???!!! I like her so much *cries* her voice is as sweet as honey [+22 -0] Who sang the OST? Her timbre is amazing [+3 -0] GFriend's Umji [+3 -0] Oh my gosh .... Umji really sings well [+1 -0] Heol~ I never really watched (the drama but I get to watch it because) I like how Umji sang the song. I totally like her tone color. Source: [NAVER TV Cast] These Girl Group Members Can Speak Alien Language On the August 20 Episode of 'Knowing Brothers' Umji revealed that she can speak a different language aside from Korean and English. However it is not something that what we can usually here even from other countries. They call it "Alien Language (외계어 | we-kye-eo)". It can be done by simply attaching another syllable for every syllable present in the word. For example "an-nyong ha-se-yo". (Each syllable were separated by a dash (-).) >You can form it usig any syllable, let's say "b", like what Umji usually use. >From "an-nyong ha-se-yo" it becomes "a-ban-nyo-byong ha-ba-se-be-yo-bong". >You will notice that the ending letters from the original syllable will be transferred to added syllable. >Also you should take note that the vowel used must match the vowel sound of the preceeding syllable. It didn't end with 'Knowing Brothers' but was brought up again in the September 18th broadcast of KBS 2TV Chuseok Special Variety Program 'Hello Friends'. Participated by girlgroups GFriend members Yuju, Yerin, Umji and Eunha, I.O.I. members Jeon Somi, Choi Yoojung, Kim Sohye and Kim Jungha, Apink members, Yoon Bomi, Kim Namjoo and Jung Eunji, Cosmic Girls members Dayoung, Subin, and Eunseo, DIA members, Chaeyeon and Heehyun, Laboum member Solbin as well as boy group members Seo Eunkwang and Jung Ilhoon of BTOB and Kangnam. Among them, four participants made a huge impact in the show as they confessed that they know the so-called 'Alien Language'. They are GFriend members Umji and Yuju, APink member Yoon Bomi and I.O.I. member Kim Sohye. Now let's see what the Koreans say about the them being able to speak in this weird yet funny language. Naver TV Cast Comments: [+857 -36] Yoon Bomi *lmao* [+716 -25] Wah Umji and Bomi talked with each other *lol* so amazing [+579 -29] Bomi and Umji are so cute *lol* [+456 -29] I also do that a lot during my elementary days *lol* they did well [+348 -57] Ubumjibi igis sogo cugute (T/N: "Umji is so cute" I used "b" in Korean terms while "g" for English) [+340 -22] So cute~~♥♥♥♥♥♥ [+334 -72] Umji-yah *lol* so cute♥ [+250 -19] Wow amazing *lol* [+211 -21] Oh so Bbomi unni used 's'??? while I use 'b'. I must use 's' later when I get to talk with Bbomi unni. [+161 -33] *lol* Umji so cute♥ [+129 -12] Oh even Sohye can do it fluently *cry* too bad she's too far away to talk with them but Bomi and Umji looks so cute *lol* [+101 -14] Uburi obommaba tobomabatobo >[+5 -2] Uri omma babo babo? ("Our mother is stupid?") >[+0 -0] what the........ >[+6 -0] Uri omma tomato ("our mother is a tomato") Translator's Message: As you can notice I used the so-called "Alien Language" in English too. In the Philippines, they have their own version which was called "G-words" because they use 'G' as the additional syllable. How about your country? Do you have your own version of this "Alien Language"?
  15. The members got hungry so they cooked scrambled egg. On the other side Yerin was so tired that she end up not eating with them. However while the members were playing TV games Yerin woke up and ate by herself. After eating she quietly washed the dishes she used. They are watching TV altogether then they received a mission to go on a summer travel. While the other members excitedly exit the living room, alone,Yerin remained fixing the chairs that they used while watching TV. Sowon sneezed, Yerin noticed this and threw the blanket over Sowon's legs to warm her up. We all know that the carrier's weight is no joke (especially when we put our belongings inside). However, Yerin pulled and carried it (the carrier) for two hours walk from their dorm to Gapyeong until they got a bus ride. SinB promised that she will be the first one to jump since she's the person who really want to do the bungee jumping. Eventually, Yuju's turn to jump came so Yerin comforted her saying "I'm comfortable being always the last one. I will jump after I finish comforting Yuju." So instead, Yerin ended up the last one to bungee jump while no one will be there to reassure her on the jumping platform. Source: Instiz ♥ Her face as well her heart is so beautiful ♥ I wanna give her a pat on her head ♥ She so pretty ♥ A .. I was struck now .. my heart is hurt too .. I want some hug too .. I will always support you Yerin ♥ Really .. I was love struck too .. she's so pretty ♥ Jung Sweet .. she's so perfect really ♥ She's so warm-hearted *cries* ♥ *cries* Her heart is so good too *cries* all of them are so pretty ♥ She's so kind-hearted .. nothing about her is ugly (T/N: or "everything about her is pretty") ♥ She's so pure-hearted ♥ Heol~ she's so kind ♥ I want to emulate her kind-heartedness .. she's so cool ♥ Our angel *cry* She's so kind ♥ My heart is beating so fast .. wow .. Yerin .. even your heart is so beautiful ♥ Heol~ I saw her kindness once again *cry* ♥ She also has a fear of heights like Yuna (Yuju) but she remained at the top to comfort Yuna and she's the last one to jump. She's so really really great really. ♥ I also think she's so cool comforting Yuju when I watched Showtime ♥ Isn't she an angel? *cry* as expected of them all GFriend members are kind-hearted ♥ I also noticed how kind-hearted Yerin is while watching Showtime ♥ She really behaved with a lot of consideration to her members ... I'm so moved by her kindness
  16. [SPORTS CHOSUN] Girls Who Took Off Innocent Image, GFRIEND Wtih Dreamlike Athmosphere (Magazine Pictorial) 2016.05.19 [Sports Chosun Jo Yoon Seon Reporter] Girl group GFRIEND revealed an appearance of mature women. On 19th day of fashion magazine "Arena Homme Plus" June issue unveiled a mature charm pictorial and interview. With flower and girl's pictorial theme GFRIEND breaking their young and bright appearance, expressed a dreamy look of a mature woman. The photoshoot with flower-like make up and a see through costumes make a hot buzz. once again in an interview in a year on "Arena"'s phtoshoot magazine talked about the eventful changes in the past year. This pictorial and interview can be found on "Arena Homme Plus" June issue and lateryou can see on Arena homepage ( - Copyrightsⓒ Sports Chosun, all rights reserved Comments:
  17. GFriend's Colored Lips, Beautiful Pictorial That Bursts With "Charm Points" Girl group GFriend tried varieties of lip color transformation in their latest pictorial. GFriend was chosen as the muse of one beauty brand and transformed as beauty DJs in a video filming and photoshoot. Each members portrayed different styles and image for each color given to them. Sowon for an feminine elegant beige color. Eunha managed a mysterious twist plum color, SinB and Yuju's sexy and attractive red color, Yerin and Umji's lovely and bubbly pink color showed each of their charms. Even if it's a tough shooting at midnight this trendy girl group worked hard and didn't show any tiredness in front of the camera showing a professional look as well as received a big round of applause from the staffs who worked with them. Meanwhile last July, GFriend released their first studio album title song "Navillera" giving them 14 wins, two years after their debut as they become a main stream girl group in a shortest period of time and won 29 trophies. Source: 입술 물들인 여자친구, ‘입덕’을 부르는 뷰티 화보 Netizen Comments: [+52 -4] GFriend♥♥♥ [+54 -5] The more I look at Sowon the more she look prettier to me. For me SinB, Eunha and Sowon look great in this pictorial [+53 -5] GFriend looks so pretty ~^♡^~ also ~&amp;~ they haven't released a new album yet~&amp;~? [+47 -3] Leader Sowon is so perfectly beautiful. SinB and Eunha both look so charming and lovable [+37 -1] GFriend fighting!! [+40 -3] GFriend that is highlighted in the fashion world. It's good to see variety of looks from them [+33 -1] GFriend let's do well until forever~ (apeurodo jal butakhae~) [+32 -1] I often see their TV Commercial Ads. They are so hard working even on pictorials [+46 -6] Heol~ How could they be so pretty like this [+32 -2] A few days ago I saw their Samsung Card Night Market CF then this time I see their Clinique Pictorial. Let's do even better GFriend!!! [+24 -1] Love is something you don't say about You can just feel it [+21 -0] In my eyes, GFriend is always the best and the prettiest. [+18 -1] Even if it's a tough shooting at midnight this trendy girl group worked hard and didn't show any tiredness in front of the camera showing a professional look as well as received a big round of applause from the staffs who worked with them. That's what the rumors say about them. Really ... I realized that GFriend really is a group of professionals. [+14 -1] GFriend let's last longer♥♥♥ [+7 -0] They are getting prettier really [+5 -0] Umji is the prettiest for me~~ [+7 -1] I've fallen in love for them more Translators: OmuJi 어범지비 and Pop Master Proofreading/QC: Pop Master
  18. TN's Note: Fall Once Again~ GFRIEND, Lip Seduction Link: Cherry Lips~ Heart Racing! Heart Racing Again! Who's lips Identity is this? Where am I again?? It's me! (Yerin) [ALLETS | Jung Il Goo Reporter] 'Trendy girl group' GFRIEND various lip transformation attempt. GFRIEND recently became the new models of Clinique and make their photoshoot last day on one studio in Paju, Gyeonggi Province for Clinique's September newly lip pop matte and lip pop liquid matte bar with a DJ concept pictorial. This day GFRIEND Apply lip color for each member and revealed a charm of its own. Sowon's feminine and elegant beige color. Eunha for plum color invasion, SinB and Yuju's sexy and attractive red color, Yerin and Umji's lovely and vivid pink color. Meanwhile, GFRIEND announced on July their first studio album title song "NAVILLERA" with 14 wins,2 years after their debut became the main stream girl group in a shortest period of time and won 29 trophies. Did your heart raced? (SinB) I'll invite you to lure the lips~ Yoohoo~ It's not yet over~ (Yuju) From now on be careful to thrill~ Are you ready?# (Sowon) Scream~ Let's shake together~ Let's Go!! Volume up! (Yerin) bboo~ bboo~ bboo~ bboo~~~ (Umji) Be careful of your heart~ Omo~ I don't know that it get hurt~ There is no prescription!!! Warmed up until now~ (Eunha) A full blown heart racing time~ Lips ~ Chu~~~ Cute ~ (Sowon) Human or Angel? Pretty girl look~ that lips covetous breakout~ Can I apply at once?? (Eunha) It's not hard~ My lip is art~ Let's apply once~ Lips calling for kiss~~ Seems looking at the mirror (Yuju) This has been~ GFRIEND~~ . . . . . At this rate you won't come here? #GFRIEND #Yerin #Yuju #Sowon #SinB #Eunha #Umji #Clinique #Lips
  19. [STARCAST] GFRIEND went to LA! Link: GFRIEND who is working actively with NAVILLERA! Not long ago GFRIEND attended LA KCON held in United States. GFRIEND’s explorer of United States! Let’s have a look at in-depth report together. GFRIEND is showing perfect group dance! GFRIEND’s perfect group dance is appealing even in United States. SinB is dancing hard for ‘Rough’ stage performed after long time. It was great that LA fans shouted loudly. If Yerin, who expresses her emotion delicately, holds my hands like this, my heart will flutter. SinB’s charismatic ending performance! Friends in black appeared! They perfectly presented Turbo’s hit song ‘Black Cat Nero’! GFRIEND on black looks so cute like kitties, right? Yuju dazzles the most on the stage! The first performance in LA! It was a special memory for GFRIEND, too. Then, shall we move on to Santa Monica? Eunha is shooting reality program. What made her surprised? They took pictures in their spare time. A big fan of Harry Potter series, SinB was excited in front of Harry Potter stars’ hand-printing. Taking a pretty commemorative photo! Dazzling older sisters, Sowon and Yerin! They are so beautiful! Isn’t this a scene appears in the romance movie? Taking a pose for the camera! She’s like an angel! Yuju has lots of curiosity about new place. She couldn’t hide her excited facial expression! Yerin and SinB burst out laughing! They are happy always when they are together. Their pretty appearances make us smile together! Happy virus, here you go! They must immerse themselves in the sea as they came to the sea, right? GFRIEND’s member with the best body figure, Yuju! Fun Santa Monica beach! Yerin and Umji who have birthday on the same day! How come they are so cute like this! A photo making you just save without a speech. This time, it’s Eunha and SinB who have same real name! A photo at the windy beach! Eunha is trying to look sexy in these days! LOL They met local fans from the Santa Monica beach! Thanks a lot for loving GFRIEND! GFRIEND is happy always thanks to the fans ♥ GFRIEND says that they will show good performances in the future! Article/Photo = SOURCE MUSIC ※ All rights reserved by SOURCE MUSIC.
  20. [STARCAST] “Wanna play together?”...GFRIEND, the God of spring picnic Link: One fine day in April, it is Namsan. And idols who forgot their identity, GFRIEND. Girls’ ‘Cherry Blossom Ending’ in the city. Revealing the last picnic with the flowers. ‘GFRIEND’ walked the road with the flowers. A day off for this day. They came here in spite of busy schedules. "Actually, we could not enjoy picnic this spring. We just watched from inside the car. Therefore we got a day off today. I will enjoy the springtime with the members!" (Sowon) After running the road with flowers, GFRIEND’s here. By the way, ‘GFRIEND’ and ‘STARCAST’ forgot something. We all forgotten the popularity of the hot star because of the friendly school look. As soon as GFRIEND appeared, fans went wild and the Namsan was excited. There was an instant fan meeting held. An ordinary noon of weekday, at Namsan. Extraordinary idol, picnic. United with ‘GFRIEND’. Well, the spring picnic continues. Cannot waste sweet break like this. They took off the uniforms and tried undercover infiltration. “It is my first time to visit Namsan after I came with dad when I was young. It's been almost 10 years. I remind of old memories. I want to come back with my family." (Yerin) Get ready for the second great defeat Transformation into the model done. "Am I good at acting like a tourist?" For unabashed actings, they managed to do everything. This is time to enjoy picnic. As always, start with eating show. They ate all so quickly under the flowers falling like a rain. Diet? Is it something to eat? Shall we get started? The lunches they 'bought’ by themselves. "I’ve packed them well." For the members only "Wanna eat together?" It’s time to have fun after eating well. Reply with an old game. They warmed up with silent ‘007 Bang’. "There were a lot of students wearing uniforms. I wear uniforms on the stage, but I miss school life sometimes. I really look like a high school girl while I play game with the members, right?" (Umji) “Zero, zero" "Seven" “Bang?” No one was coy and the penalty was tough. Is it time to concern their images? The penalty this time is to show winsome face and movements. It seems like they have clear reason to win a game. "I must avoid something winsome." "For me, it is a survival game." If lost? Accept it. Will shoot something winsome. After they warmed up, they started real game. The game this time is ‘Statues’. Is it a proof of mischievous girls? We must see this before we move on. Playful game to select a tagger. “Moo” “Goong” "Hwa" "Flowers" "Bloomed" GFRIEND’s one day was passing like this. They went back with unforgettable memory during the increased schedules. "The uniforms became the trade mark of ‘GFRIEND’ Therefore we feel burden for next album. I'll be back with a new look. You will wait for us, right?" (GFRIEND) "GFRIEND over flowers" "coming soon" Article = Im Soo Ah (Dispatch) Photo = Seo Yi Joon (Dispatch)
  21. [STARCAST] Changed into retro girls! GFRIEND to shoot ‘NAVILLERA’ MV! Link: ▶ GFRIEND - NAVILLERA M/V ▶ GFRIEND - NAVILLERA M/V shooting sketch The set shooting GFRIEND’s ‘NAVILLERA’ MV! GFRIEND started dance performance scene. The gym made of wood looks so pretty, right? Shall we go and watch what kind of scenes created from this place? SinB’s pose like a flower cup suits lyrics “You shy boy”. Yuju has bright cool smile! She has dyed her into two toned colors. Please look at her back carefully. Yerin with yellow headband is shooting dance performance hard. Sowon dancing the point dance of choreography! You will be able to see GFRIEND’s fun choreography this time again! Please find out hidden point dance. Umji with apple hair looks so cute, right?! Members are dancing ‘salute’ dance. Please take care of GFRIEND in the future as well! The main dancer of GFRIEND, SinB! She looks great as she tries hard. Sowon is lost in thoughts during the break time. Peekaboo Eunha! She changed her hair into shocking short hair. Does it look good? Yerin is combing her hair. My heart flutters if you look at me like that! Eunha like a squirrel has fully filled cheeks and the maknae Umji’s photos can’t be missed out, right? Yerin’s hair done! Look at it again because she’s pretty. Shooting drama scene has begun after getting changed. The first one to shoot is Eunha Changed into cute retro girls with roller skates! SinB’s part followed by Eunha’s part connected naturally! “I could feel my heart dropping” Is your heart dropping too? Happy GFRIEND during the shooting. This time they are shooting group lip-sync scene. This is an agit place for GFRIEND members. It reminds me of Little Women! Partners, Eunha and Yerin! Leader and maknae, Sowon and Umji! Look at it again because she’s pretty.22222 Exciting party time with GFRIEND! Happy Umji! You’re more than enough for me! Please look forward to seeing GFRIEND’s great group dance again! All together ‘V’! Will take photo together. Nanana NAVILLERA! How was GFRIEND’s ‘NAVILLERA’ MV shooting site? Please support and cheer for GFRIEND this time too! Pleas take care of GFRIEND in the future as well♡ News/Photo/Video = SOURCE MUSIC ※ All rights reserved by SOURCE MUSIC.
  22. [STARCAST] “NAVILLERA appeal”…GFRIEND, the butterfly girls Link: Fly like a butterfly, Nanana NAVILLERA! This time, unexceptionally, flew high. ‘GFRIEND’ succeeded to hit 4 consecutive times. New song ‘NAVILLERA’ flies around the chart still after 2 weeks since it released. Of course, it’s not something surprising. Because they are GODFRIEND. ‘Dispatch’ also predicted their 4 consecutive hits and visited practice room in advance. Done with the choreography practice also. And what's more, we were able to hear the story about this comeback. From album concept to practice and preparation. All included in the STARCAST. ‘GFRIEND’ kept similar image. It was continuance of ‘Glass Bead’, ‘Me Gustas Tu’ and ‘Rough’. It is resolute but somehow hopeful feeling? "A new song is a song for the fans. We’ve included thankful heart to the song. ‘Buddy’ must be touched” (Sowon) The lyrics are also impressive. There is no English at all. Reinterpreted the word ‘NAVILLERA’ from poet Jo Ji-hoon’s poem ‘A Buddhist dance’ as GFRIEND’s feeling. "’NAVILLERA’ means ‘It’s like butterfly’. It means to fly pretty like a butterfly to the lover which is fan for us. The lyrics are so pretty, right?" (Yerin) a n d The lethal move for GFRIEND’s comeback in the choreography, right? We can eve see the 'difficulty' from the photo. They move the body without a break for 3 minutes and 13 seconds. But at the same time, smiling. They keep on smiling. "I could tell" "You’re something special ♬" "The love I envy" “please don’t let me down ♪" "Let the wind blow ♪" Thus, if the practice finishes? Disarmed. They take a rest. At this point, something they can’t miss out is supply sugar. GFRIEND supplied sugar and cool down with ice cream. "Right now, it’s time for something sweet and salty" "GODFRIEND is taking a rest" Of course, they don’t just take a rest. Checking movement from wherever they are. They prepared for next practice by advising. "I heard this song is girlish and soft. What a lier. This is the most difficult song ever." (Yuju) "It just keep pushing us from the beginning till the end. There are some movements that we can’t control the strength in between. It's really difficult." (Eunha) Moreover, it fixed the final version only three days ago. The final decision delayed to consider from 5 versions. Therefore we are practicing all over days and nights. "We even stayed all night awake a day before taking MV. Because we’ve changed the choreography at 5 am. Of course, it was a consideration for the better stage. However, at that moment, everyone shed tears." (SinB) We boast perfect harmony, as we practiced hard. Refreshing facial expression, NAVILLERA movements. "It’s a starting point again." "Shall we speed up?" The best thing about ‘GFRIEND’ they talk about is ‘teamwork’. As known as a group without ‘weak person’. They all have evenly great skills for dancing and singing. "Well, I am kind of slow person to acquire choreography. Surprising thing is that we become more consistent as we practice more. I think we have synergy for each other." (Yuju) Thus, GFRIEND kept dancing, line up, practiced choreography and practiced. "Actually, I feel burden for each album. Particularly about ‘very innocent’ image. I wonder would they like this time again and can I do it well. Therefore I try harder." (Sowon) "I want to hear that I try hard all the time. I’m glad to hear compliment about not shrinking. I just put myself into practice." (Yerin) The power of GFRIEND comes from, this passion never exhausted ▶ GFRIEND’s ‘NAVILLERA’ practice! P.S. GFRIEND teaches choreography. Choreography video with daily clothes is a rare item. Cute comeback greeting is a bonus. ▶ STEP 1. This is a choreography for ‘please don’t let me down’. Stretch your two arms out then pull again around your lips. Move to the sideway then pose ‘V’ is a point. Dog leg dance V line "It's too cute, right?" ▶ STEP 2, Disco choreography. Point out your right foot on the side and then same for the left foot. Bounce your body then round your body and put your hands up Bounce bounce Point to the sky "It’s like this if you connect all?" ▶ STEP 3. It’s the choreography of starting point. The formation is important for this. Turns back in order. Then salute with your right hand on your left chest! Running Salute! "Introduction, development, turn, and playful" Lastly, Still photos We play like this GODFRIEND! Let’s do it! News = Kim Ji Ho (Dispatch) Photo = Seo Yi Joon (Dispatch)