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Found 12 results

  1. As GFRIEND is nominated in various awards, we always have to be there and support them! This thread was established to contain on-going and upcoming voting activities where GFRIEND is nominated so that Buddies are kept updated. (Please include other nominations which I haven't included in the thread) [ON-GOING] Gaon Music Awards: Fandom Popularity Award Voting Procedure: Download the APP here for IOS and here for Android Voting period is from 12 January to 19 February 2017. Guide Image: Gaon Music Awards: Fan Voting for Individual and Group through KPOPSTAR Voting Procedure: Download the app Kpop Star Vote for GFRIEND through the guide images below: Image Image Credits to @GFRIENDaily! Voting Period: January 12, 2017 - February 19, 2017 GFRIEND's Achievements, Awards and Distinctions can be found here: If there would be corrections in the voting procedures, some tips on voting, etc, tell us!
  2. Hello Buddies We are ^^ We are really touched and thankful for the love and support from BUDDIES on our Short Film ^^ To show our gratitude to Buddies all over the world, we provide a download link for those who wants to download it. ^^ For those who are not aware about this short film. You can watch it here: And... For those who DMed us on our SNS accounts about subbing the video in your respective languages, Feel free to translate, sub,upload it and don't forget to share the love to BUDDIES all over the world. ^^ But please do take note on these few things.. 1. Please don't edit the video like cutting some parts. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Please don't crop the credits part at the ending where all the information are indicated. We want to credit all the respectful owners of all the contents used in the Short film so please understand ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 2. Please don't forget to credit since it's still under's production. ^^ That's all ^^ Please show lots of love and support on ^^ We will try our best to provide everything for BUDDIES all over the world ^^ PS: Hello to all K-Buddies that will visit here ^^ please visit us during your spare time and have some small chats with I-Buddies.. Thank you ^^ Team Download link: CLICK ME CLICK ME CLICK ME UP~~~ Having problem to download? Don't worry and follow this steps. 1) Sign in and select Add to My Drive 2) Go to My Drive and select Make a copy 3) Select Download Hope it works
  3. A production of for GFRIEND 2nd Anniversary Video TEASER NOW SHOWING A short film from - GFRIEND 2nd Anniversary. Watch it here now:
  4. Hello we are! We want to relay our big thanks to all the Buddies who loved, helped, and supported our 1st Fanbase Project for GFRIEND on their 2nd Anniversary. We also want to relay our gratitude to DC INSIDE GFRIEND GALLERY Support Team for helping us throughout this project. Without you guys it will be hard to us to process our project. Words are not enough to thank you guys! We love you, and we will always support you! ^^ Thank you so much Buddies! We will always be a hardworking fan community for GFRIEND and Buddies all over the world. K-Buddies and I-Buddies Fighting~! - Team PS: Please anticipate the coal wreath! Please don't hesitate to share a photo of it when you see it somewhere. Thank you! 안녕하세요 우리는 입니다! 2주년을 맞이해 특별히 준비한 GFSquad의 첫 번째 프로젝트에, 많은 관심과 사랑을 보여준 한국의 버디들에 감사를 전하고자 다시 찾아왔습니다~ 이번 프로젝트 동안 도움을 주신 디시인사이드 걸그룹 여자친구 갤러리의 2주년 서포트팀에게도 특별히 감사를 전하고 싶습니다. 여러분이 있어 이번 프로젝트를 훨씬 더 잘 진행할 수 있었습니다. 짧은 글로는 모든 감사를 다 표현할 수 없네요. We love you! 앞으로도 언제나 디시 여친갤을 응원하겠습니다! ^^ 한국 버디들에 정말로 감사합니다! 우리는 전 세계에 있는 해외 버디들과 여자친구를 위해 언제나 열심히 달리는 팬 커뮤니티가 되겠습니다 한국 버디 해외 버디 모두 화이팅~! - 팀 PS: 앞으로도 에 많은 관심 부탁드리며, 언제든 들러주세요~ 감사합니다.
  5. Due to some recent (but good and necessary) changes, some features like Chat were affected. I can't say for how long, but I'll try to get it up ASAP. Any other odd happenings, including but not limited to Big Foot or UFO sightings, please post here. Thanks!
  6. SMART is doing another giveaway on their Instagram page (@ilovesmart) and you could win a Signed Christmas card from GFRIEND!! How to Enter / Information Time Period: December 24th, 2016 - December 27th, 2016 How to Enter: Follow @ilovesmart, like and comment which GFRIEND member you'd want to spend Christmas with on the below Instagram post! Winner: The winner will be announced on December 27th, 2016. Prize: 1x Signed by All Members Christmas Card
  7. By the way, guys, if you don't have account in Mnet yet, you can create it here: There are four options to log in in there: 1. Email (multiple emails will be useful. Just use yahoo, gmail, etc. as much as you can) 2. Facebook 3. Twitter 4. Kakao If you can, try to login with these four accounts. This is preparation for MAMA voting later (the voting will starts on 28th October). I hope we can give them something from MAMA because that is their wishes. (Daesang (Song of the year) is the ultimate target) For other award shows, I will try to update later on how to vote in it or other fansites will try to help it too. Oh yeah, for fansite mods/admins, try to spread this out too later (asap is good). Thanks for your attention. :D
  8. YUJU like my signature?? - Yuju SMART is doing a giveaway on their Instagram page (@ilovesmart) and you could win a Yuju Autographed Rough Album!! How to Enter / Information Time Period: November 2nd, 2016 - November 11th, 2016 How to Enter: Follow @ilovesmart, like and comment on the commentary video below! Winner: The winner will be announced on November 16th, 2016. Winners will be DM'd on Instagram as well as an announcement on SMART's Instagram! Prize: 1x Signed Rough Album by Yuju
  9. A big thanks to our dear k-Buddies for sharing this info to us ^^ You can make unlimited accounts but for voting it's 10 votes per IP per day and for techie buddies you can use vpn or proxies to exceed the voting limit. Enjoy voting Buddies~! ^^ Let's do our best on this project and of course don't forget your health.. Eat on time and take a rest ^^
  10. For the time being we've removed the (20) post requirement for the Translated Articles, News, & Things forum. What does this change mean? Members including guests can access and read GSquad Subs (GFSS) translations freely without restrictions. As a friendly reminder, please do not re-post our Translations without permission and when you do to always give proper credit and a link back to (GFS). Our Subbers put in a great deal of time and work into their subs for all you Buddies so remember to thank them. Anyway...Enjoy!
  11. [announcement] GFS Is Now On FACEBOOK~! *claps*

    Finally GFS is now on facebook ~! Don't forget to hit like >>
  12. Position: Staff Content Creator Responsibilities: Share GFriend content and updates from social media onto forum Create/brainstorm ways to generate traffic to forum through creation of new threads and actively posting Participate in staff discussions Represent GFSquad in a professional and respectful manner Requirements: Knowledge of forum-based fan sites Commitment and dedication to GFriend and GFSquad Please send your applications to @flamestalker, @Haechi해치, or @GFSuzr. If there are any questions, you are free to answer them in this thread. Do NOT send your application in this thread.