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    Happy Yuju Day Message Book Project by GFSquad.com Thank you to every Buddy that participated in our message book project for Yuju! Here's the complete content of the book link: Happy Yuju Day Message Book full
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    Hello Buddies! I've been AWOL as you all know, but I'm in university now and there is a small kpop shop just a ten minute walk away from me, so I've taken to catching up on my GFriend collection...I don't think I've collected since 2017! So I thought I'd update! This is my Gfriend album collection ATM. I'm only missing 'Time For The Moon Night' (out of the Korean albums, I don't have any of the Japanese.......yet!) Here is my photocard collection: with these two special photocard things as well: I wish I had more sowon cards TT~TT and idk why i have so many sinB LOL That's all for now. Maybe I'll update again when I get Time For The Moon Night~ NGL, I wanna get the other versions of the albums too, so maybe I'll do that...if I don't run out of money first..... Love, Sowonnie <3
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MY7ZtadkHSw I think at 1:46 in this video. They tend to do different choreo in their 'goodbye' stages so I searched for that.
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