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    So it's my 20th birthday today (on Gfriend's anniversary), and my Mum made this for my cake... It's so cuuute [emoji38][emoji38][emoji38] Sent from my [device_name] using http://GFSquad.com mobile app
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    GFSquad.com are very glad to International Buddies who participated in this special event. We are also thankful to Buddies who tried their best effort to contribute and share their creativity to everyone! As we held an event for GFriend's 3rd Anniversary this coming January 16, 2018, we want every Buddy to participate in choosing the best Fan art that will display in GFSquad's congratulatory coal wreath. The instructions are easy, To vote for the best fan art, you can vote through GFSquad account and Twitter. (The voting has been changed to the following.) GFSquad Account Vote - 60% GFSquad Staff Vote - 20% Twitter - 20% Voting Deadline: January 11th, 2018 @ 11:59 PM KST So let's take a look in each masterpiece of talented Buddies! Good luck Buddies!
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    One of Source Music’s staff-nim gives her thoughts on GFRIEND’s first concert! 2018.01.06.-01.07 GFRIEND’s first solo concert #seasonofgfriend There wasn’t really a time when I thought that such a day could come. Even when I prepared for the first album and when we won the rookie award, I felt good, but it was a completely different feeling when we started the first concert. Our CEO completed one of his wishes on his bucket list and our minds are no different from that. I first joined the company on January 2nd, 2014 and we released the first image of GFRIEND on January 5th, 2015 (teaser image) and we had the solo concert on January 6th and 7th 2018. On the New Year’s greetings card, I wrote that I felt a bit different this year compared to other years, I guess this is why. Whenever I think of the good times with GFRIEND, I felt happy but sometimes I felt sad as well. As the good times went by quickly, I wondered if they would come again. After a little while, they came again. Better days will keep coming. I hope GFRIEND will keep having better days in the future and I want to thank everyone for supporting them.
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    Omg Kim So Jung... 🔥
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    What more can I say. Thank you so much for joining us today and yesterday, Everything was possible because you were all there. Keep today’s emotions and happiness forever. I’ll make you happier in the future. Thank You. +Stay warm and sleep well♡..
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    The concert can only use one word to describe: AMAZING!! It is definitely the experience that I will never forget!. They are simply superb! The. Concerts were full of excitement and very emotional as well.Yuju's voice still gives me chill even thinking about it. They are just angels and I am so proud of them Sent from my [device_name] using http://GFSquad.com mobile app
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    photos by Eunbii masternim haha Sent from my iPhone using GFSquad.com mobile app
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    Is there anyone who is attending to the concert doing a group buy or something like that ? I am willing to pay for shipping to the US.
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    In case you haven't found the video.. You can go to Yerin's fancams here in FanCafe.. I posted 2 fancams of that video for both days of concerts..
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    MSIA Buddy here! But currently working in SG. Count me in?
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    Congratulations to twicefriendonly for winning our Banner Art contest! Please look forward to seeing twicefriendonly's art on our 3rd anniversary wreath for GFRIEND! For the other artists, your fanarts are also included in the message books that will be given to GFRIEND! Please look forward to seeing the final results!
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    GFRIEND has won Best Girl Group at the 2018 32nd Golden Disk Awards! Congrats ♥
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    Hey everyone, long time lurker, new account. Just wanted to ask if anyone knows if they'll release a DVD or anything similar with the concert, maybe some backstage footage, etc. I need more than those fancams and I'm more than willing to pay for it =)
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    I’m waiting for the album version of concert setlist haha I will probably grab it.. But of course the DVD too! ^^ I saw a fanaccount saying that the 2nd day of the concert will be used for DVD bcs there are lots of cameras during day 2 oopps I forgot.. Welcome to GFS! ^^ Let’s make fun and unforgettable memories here along with Buddies while supporting GFRIEND ^^ Sent from my iPhone using GFSquad.com mobile app
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    so cute since birth.. didn't change at all..
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    Thanks to Buddies, I gained a lot of strength in 2017! Even though I can’t believe that it’s 2018 yet, after counting down and wishing “Happy New Year” I realised that it really was 2018😱 Just like before, I believe that this year will be a happy year as I will be with Buddies again. I am working hard to prepare for the first concert and I will work even harder to make Buddies proud. Happy New Year. I love you the most in the world ❤️
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    Sent from my heart using GFSquad.com mobile app
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    Yerin posted on gfriendofficial Instagram! Yel~low trainers #Yerin #Yenni #ABitCute #🙈
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    Hello everyone! On this beautiful Holy night I just want to say Merry xmas for Buddies all over the world from this Gfsquad "union" Hope this Xmas bring hope, joy, and peace on each and every heart cause the Savior's is come! [emoji4]
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