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    Hey guys, I wanted to make a proper separate tutorial dedicated to just streaming on Youtube for views. If you want to check out my music show tutorial, here's the link: Music Show Tutorial Anyway, during the Love whisper era, Buddies' amazing efforts were able to accumulate around 7 MILLION views in the first 24 hours. That's insane! Now with GFriend's highly anticipated comeback confirmed, we want to surpass that number and aim even higher. So, I'm making a tutorial to help Buddies properly stream on Youtube, so we can achieve our goal. Please make sure to share this with other Buddies. In this tutorial, we can use the Time For The Moon Night MV teaser #1 for practice for now. So let's start! GENERAL TIPS ONLY watch the music video on the official channels, either 1theK or GFriend Official. (For this mass streaming project, focus your efforts on 1theK) Turn OFF Ad Blocker and do NOT skip ads. Do NOT mute the volume on the Youtube player. Make sure the volume is at least at 50%. Do NOT change the speed of the video. ALWAYS close a tab before repeating the music video. Do NOT click on the video from the recommended list on the side. ALWAYS search for the MV in the Youtube search bar. Watch the music video in 480p or higher. Stream from multiple devices (ex. phones, tablets, desktop, laptop, etc.). Do NOT spam comments. Do NOT use autoplay. Do NOT use Incognito Mode. Do NOT refresh the page. Do NOT use a playlist to stream. Do NOT simply press replay on the video after it ends. Do NOT put the video on loop, as it will be considered as spam. Let the video play from beginning to end without interruption. Do NOT pause, skip, or fast-forward the video. IMPORTANT!!! Streaming the music video in multiple tabs/windows in the same browser WILL NOT WORK You must stream the music video by using multiple browsers Ex. Open one tab with Mozilla Firefox and another with Chrome or other browsers like Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc Step-By-Step on How to Stream: Search for the music video in the Youtube search bar. Watch the music video from start to finish (don't forget to like, comment, & share!). For your first viewing of the MV, be logged INTO your account. However for every subsequent viewing, be logged OUT of your account. NOTE: You can log back into your account every once an hour to stream the video once or twice. Be sure to clear your Youtube history (before logging out). Clear your browser history, and your browser cookies and cache. Close that tab. Open a new one. Search for the music video again, and watch it until the end. Now search for a DIFFERENT music video, you need to wait at least 5 minutes (but no more than 10 mins is necessary) before watching the video you intend to stream again. So pick another GFriend music video or two to watch while you wait. (It would be a good idea to stream the SAME music video, only on GFriend's official channel!) Watch that video from start to finish. Clear your browser cookies, cache, and history as often as you can (it's recommended to clear the cookies and cache around every 15-30 minutes or every 10-15 views). Close that tab and open a new tab. Repeat steps 6 through 12. I think that's it! It's really not that hard of a task, but streaming can be very tedious. Don't feel force to do any of this, guys. Just support the girls and their efforts in any way you can! I'll update this soon when I research new information, and I will swap out Summer Rain for the new music video once it is released. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me on Twitter, @cel_cellec. Thanks for reading!
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    Girl group GFRIEND (Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB, Umji) are preparing for a comeback. On April 13th, GFRIEND’s agency Source Music said “GFRIEND are preparing to comeback on the 30th of April. They will be resuming domestic activities after 7 months. Previously, they released their first repackaged album “Rainbow” in September and had “Rainbow” as their title track which was loved by fans. GFRIEND left for Japan on the morning of April 13th via Gimpo Airport for ‘KCON 2018 Japan’ Source: (1)
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    <Comeback Schedule> <Greeting: Illustration Teaser> <#1. Concept Photos> <Track List> <Album Details + Pre-Order> <#2. Concept Photos>
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    It takes a lot of hard work for K-pop groups to stand out in the music industry, and GFRIEND did just that in the span of three years. The girl group rose to stardom with their enchanting vocals and their elegant choreographies. Surely, all of the moments below wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the girls’ perseverance and dedication combined with the continuous support from their fandom Buddy. With their next comeback being just around the corner, here is a throwback to nine special moments that marked GFRIEND’s blooming career. 1. When GFRIEND took home the “Best New Female Artist” award On January 15, 2015, GFRIEND took their first step into K-pop with “Glass Bead” from their first mini-album “Season Of Glass.” Their debut was so successful that it gave them their very first major award win, which was none other than the Best New Female Artist award at the 2015 Melon Music Awards. This specific award is a critical step in a rookie artist’s career, since it is a measure of the initial impact they have had on the industry as a whole. Their success was further acknowledged in 2016 as they received this very same award on at Gaon Chart Music Awards, Golden Disk Awards, and Seoul Music Awards. 2. When GFRIEND earned the title of “Double 100 Million Streamers” “Me Gustas Tu” is the song that granted GFRIEND their first major chart achievement. Being their first comeback release, the hit song landed first on real-time charts such as Mnet and Olleh Music, and entered other music charts in high positions. Later on, the track impressively surpassed the 100 million streaming mark on the Gaon Charts. This achievement was then claimed again by GFRIEND, as their following comeback with “Rough” was also streamed more than 100 million times, thus earning them the title of “Double 100 Million Streamers.” The amazing performance of GFRIEND’s music on the charts has labeled them “Stuck to the Charts.” Watch the MVs for “Me Gustas Tu” and “Rough” down below. 3. When GFRIEND received their first music show win Every first win counts for an artist, and music show wins are just as important. Roughly a year after their debut, GFRIEND took home their very first music show award on “The Show” for their comeback song “Rough,” which garnered 15 wins in total on various Korean music shows. This outstanding record is their highest win so far, with “Navillera” being a close second. Furthermore, GFRIEND’s other title tracks kept getting notable recognition on music shows, landing them a sum of 37 awards overall. 4. When GFRIEND achieved their very first all-kill GFRIEND’s music is no stranger to Korean charts, as their debut album entered the weekly Gaon Album Chart at No. 12 and peaked No. 9, and the respective single “Glass Bead” entered the Gaon Digital Chart at No. 89 and peaked at No. 25. Following their comeback with the mini-album “Snowflake,” GFRIEND achieved a perfect all-kill with “Rough” on various online Korean music charts upon its release. More specifically, the song topped the Melon music charts for 416 hours. With “Rough” being the rising group’s hidden gem, GFRIEND was just the fifth K-pop group to achieve a perfect all-kill, their predecessors being senior groups BIGBANG, 2NE1, SISTAR, and miss A. 5. When GFRIEND snatched the award for best dance performance GFRIEND’s achievements on award shows kept coming, with a total of 21 wins and 64 nominations to date. The various wins that GFRIEND received highly underlined their influence in the music industry, especially with their powerful dance performance for “Rough,” which awarded them two consecutive wins on both the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards and 2016 Melon Music Awards. 6. When GFRIEND entered the Billboard charts In the past couple of years, K-pop has been significantly climbing the Billboard charts. As expected from the talented girl group, GFRIEND’s name was mentioned on Billboard’s list of “Top 5 K-Pop Artists to Watch in 2015,” and the combination of class and innocence that distinguishes their concept was highly praised. As their music spread overseas and reached international fans, GFRIEND entered the Billboard World Albums charts four consecutive times with every comeback they made. Their debut entry on the charts occurred with their third mini-album “Snowflake” at No. 10, while their first studio album “L.O.L” ranked at No. 7. Also, their fourth mini-album “The Awakening” landed at No. 5, followed by their latest release “Parallel,” which made its debut on the chart at No. 10. 7. When GFRIEND sold out their first solo concert As they have recently held their very first ever solo concert, GFRIEND made yet another personal achievement when their tickets sold out within three minutes. Touched by the immense attention GFRIEND has been receiving, a source from the agency stated their appreciation of the love and support sent their way, and that they will work hard to reciprocate with high-quality stage performances. Catch a glimpse of GFRIEND’s concert via the fancam below! 8. When GFRIEND was crowned “Best Korea Act” of 2017 GFRIEND’s striking impact since the beginning of their career keeps proving itself, as they have been a regular nominee for MTV Europe Music Awards’ Best Korea Act since 2015, until they took the trophy home in 2017. On top of being nominated for the award on the year of their debut, GFRIEND was the only female K-pop group to feature on the list that year, further highlighting their powerful impact. 9. When GFRIEND won V Live’s Global Artist Top 10 Each year keeps getting better for GFRIEND, as they were one of the recipients of 2018 Global V Live Top 10 this year. The chosen group celebrated their win via a show on V Live where they thanked their fans for their award and they attributed their achievement to their hard work and the constant support of their fan club “Buddy.” They also shared the hardships they faced back in 2017, between the repackaged album promotions and the concert preparations, and promised to work even harder in the future and come up with more unique content. Catch GFRIEND’s full show on V Live here. Which GFRIEND special moment affected you the most? Let us know in the comments below! Source (1)
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    Just curious about Buddies since gfsquad is an international fansite and forum. Go vote Buddies!
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    Reporter - Lee Ji Suk Source: There’s one name that goes along with girl group GFRIEND (Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB, Umji). And that is ‘Iggy, Youngbae’. Together, these 2 are the ones that composed all the hits for GFRIEND. In fact, they are the biggest contributors to GFRIEND becoming a top girl group. But a time of change has arrived. For the first time since their debut, they’ve left the shadows of ‘Iggy, Youngbae’ and are now standing alone. GFRIEND started with the debut song ‘Glass Bead’, and from ‘Me Gustas Tu’, ‘Rough’, ‘Fingertip’, ‘Love Whisper’, to ‘Summer Rain’, they became a national girl group. All these songs are by composer and producers ‘Iggy and Youngbae’. GFRIEND weren’t the only ones that benefited from Iggy and Youngbae. Thanks to the popularity of GFRIEND, they became top producers in Korea and created a ‘win-win’ situation. GFRIEND has tried to make significant changes in their new mini album ‘ Time for the Moon Night’. The title song ‘Time for the Moon Night’ is not the work of Iggy, Youngbae but rather co-created by Noh Joohwan, the House Producer of their company Source Music, and external composer Lee Wonjong. A Source Music official said "The new title song 'Time for the Moon Night' is a piece that will feel different to their previous ones while keeping GFRIEND's unique colour. Since their debut in 2015, they’ve made a big impact on the music industry. They became a good example of a ‘rags to riches group’ after overcoming the worst conditions and not being from a major company. They have been winning with the ‘Power Innocence’ concept. However, the fact that changes have been made to the producers in their 4th year of debut, it seems they’ve felt that there was a need to change. Having fully entrusted their in house composer to the title track is evidence that they are seriously considering the direction of change in GFRIEND’s future and the extent of maintaining their identity. Iggy, Youngbae are external producers who have to work with other teams other than GFRIEND, making it impossible for them to solely focus on them. Another significant change is that GFRIEND who have always been active in Summer and Winter will be having their first comeback in Spring since their debut. GFRIEND, who present their songs through unique storytelling, is expected to catch the listeners ears with the new song ‘Time for the Moon Night’ and show the emotions of a spring night. Additionally, GFRIEND is scheduled to release their 6th mini album ‘Time for the Moon Night’ at 6pm on the 30th and start full scale promotions.
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    cute pic with iPad at the airport~
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    I don't even know when exactly i fell for them. They are the first girl group that i fell in love. Mostly I stan boygroups and just listen to girlgroup songs. At first, I heard that there was new girlgroup just debuted and many people were talking about how their song similar to snsd. And I didn't liked them at first because of that. But then i watched their mv and i really liked their song and choreography. I even watched all their live stages but nothing more than that. I thought they were cute just like other girl groups. Then, time passed by. They released MGT and I didn't like the song. But there was something that made me watch all their live stages Even though I didn't like MGT, I couldn't stop watching their stages. I think it's because they were so cute, energetic and fresh. They were so charming. Then, I wanted to know more about them by watching their variety shows. After i watched their shows, I stan them so hard. I don't usually like girly girls but there is something in them that make me adore. They are so unique. They are not the type of girls that are like girly angels something like that. I feel like they are my sisters,friends and even daughters lol😂. Even though I'm young and don't have daughter yet hahaha. But I really adore them like they are my kids. They really have that girl next doors image which I really love. I also love their sweet and powerful vocals. Their vocal colors are so sweet and nice to hear. When I'm in a bad mood, i always listen to their songs. Because their songs make me happy. They also dance like a boygroup. They are so cute,funny, pretty, cool, fresh and energetic. They are not only the first girl group I stan but also the first group from small company i decided to stan. I feel so happy that i found them. The fact that they are from small company and come this far makes me so proud. I will keep supporting them and I feel so warm and happy to be a part of Budddies!! Let's support our girls together
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    April 16th GFriend dropped a scheduler for their comeback. It was a shocking news for Buddies at midnight. News release thread: Yes. This is a schedule timetable that indicates for us TO GET READY FOR EVERYTHING. What more interesting about the scheduler is.. many of us have seen some details that caught our attention. The new logo, Symbolic/abstract word mark and its overall concept. It has been more interesting and exciting because there was a lot of details that can be connected in the previous eras. Many pointed out directly the resemblance of concepts from Fingertip and Love Whisper. So everybody thought it is something connected between the two. Let’s take a look in this summary. The start of Hints Sowon, Eunha and SinB already teasing us from the beginning by putting a moon emoticons and mentioning ‘night’ in their captions. The similarity of concepts Many pointed out it was similar to Love Whisper, which the design placed at the back of album. ‘Moon and star with hand’ Same in the photo cards too The logo design The logo design of ‘G’ in GFRIEND in Love Whisper similar with the current logo now. Both logo has star design. Is it connected to Fingertip logo also? Fingertip has design that looks like sun rays around the G and it is covered with black color. GFRIEND new logo, Time with the Moon Night is a nice representation logo of a moon concept. Not too overlook, fierce or too complicated but rather minimal vector of lines, dots and has balance of light objects. The abstract word mark logo that looks unique, not too feminine but looks mysterious that has also meaning behind. ㅇㅈㅊㄱ = 여자친구 Initials are Hangul version of GFRIEND and also numbers 0430 (April 30) as comeback date Let’s take a look in the poster. The border frame design has similarities with Fingertip border frame design from the album. Details of Frame borders: Instead of flowers, it was replaced with phases of moons. Phases of moons can be found in 4 areas in the border frame This is the full actual moon phase stages Pink moon is also mentioned For April 2018: Last Quarter- April 8 New Moon - April 16 First Quarter - April 23 Full moon - April 30 GFriend released the scheduler comeback in the same day April 16th which is New Moon and April 30th which scheduled as their comeback will be a Full Moon on that day. see this link The Lettering design of the song title is similar with Season of GFRIEND first concert. This is perhaps a continuation or the introduction of new era this 2018. Buddies pointed out the similarity vibe from Dear Buddy promotional poster too Even the lettering and logo have the same 2 star pointed Buddies pointed out the constellations that found in Fingertip MV that possibly connected with Time for the Moon Night? It's like many Buddies believed that Time for the Moon Night is a continuation or like a second version of Fingertip according to the hairstyle and having girl crush looks. Started during Season of GFRIEND first concert, the girls showcased girl crush performance and recently keep promoting their songs in some events. Even in their past posts during 2017 Melon Music Award mentioned the title. It looks like they are giving hints in the beginning Is this really connected? or just another concept? Did Source Music intended to make these happened or was it coincidence? We will see the concept photos soon and will know more information about the comeback! What are your thoughts? Share it Buddy!
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    GFRIEND reveals the track list for their new album. [OSEN = Jung Jiwon Reporter] Source: On the 19th, GFRIEND released the track list for their 6th mini album ‘TIME FOR THE MOON NIGHT’ via Official SNS and raised expectations. The released track list shows ‘TIME FOR THE MOON NIGHT’ as the title song and is described as a time for the moon night as well as a time for loved ones and will show GFRIEND’s girly emotions. Title song ‘TIME FOR THE MOON NIGHT’ gives off vibes of the warm Spring weather. Intro ‘DAYTIME’ expresses feelings of a refreshing afternoon. ‘LOVE BUG’ expresses the cute love of a bug. ‘FLOWER GARDEN’ has a cartoon like feeling to it. ‘TIK TIK’ is a Nudisco genre with funky sounds and has fun lyrics. ‘BYE’ is a ballad that shows the sadness of saying goodbye. ‘YOU ARE MY STAR’ expresses the feeling of looking into the fans’ eyes when they’re standing on stage. The album finishes with the instrumental of ‘TIME FOR THE MOON NIGHT’ with a total of 8 songs. Despite it being a mini album, it will include multiple genres of music and fans will have high expectations for its perfection. GFRIEND who has mostly been active in Summer and Winter will finally be having their first comeback in Spring after debuting for nearly 4 years. GFRIEND will present the song like they’re telling a story, which is unique to them, and is expected to attract listeners with their new title song ‘Time for the Moon Night’ which comes out in Spring. GFRIEND’s 6th mini album ‘TIME FOR THE MOON NIGHT’ is scheduled to be released at 6pm KST on the 30th signalling the start of their promotions.
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    Took some pix off here (and there); giving back to community... 1080p no watermark WP
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    Member Interviews Sowon Food Tours: I’ve been on the lookout for tasty restaurants with Eunha. We recently found a place that makes tasty beef tripe hotpot. Youtube: I can watch it all day. I’ve watched old sitcoms as well as documentaries and videos related to beauty. High Kick: I think I’ve watched all episodes around 20 times. I can guess which episode is which by just looking at one scene. Even when I was home alone back when I was younger, I wasn’t scared of watching it. It felt as if there were lots of people at home making my loneliness go away. It’s my absolute favourite drama. Searching: I lookup my name a lot. I also browse around famous community websites and lookup GFRIEND as well. When we were on hiatus for 7 months, there were heaps of posts saying they were curious about our comeback. Taiwanese Fans: I was so surprised during our Taiwan Concert. The Taiwanese fans cheered for us enthusiastically just like the Korean fans. They yelled out our names and even sang along to our songs in Korean! Thriller Girl: I watch movies that have the mystery and horror genre a lot. I love thriller movies. Live: From an audience’s perspective, a live stage is so much better to watch. Because it’s fun. When the stage’s environment or even the members aren’t in good condition, we still try and perform live if possible. We’re really ambitious. Good Wife and Wise Mother: It’s my dream to live as a good wife, be a wise mother, and raise my child well. I’ve got no fantasies about marriage, I’m more realistic. However, I still want a nice marriage. My ultimate goal would be to have a happy family and raise my child well. Yerin & Eunha Yerin Diary: I like planning things. I write a simple note every week. When I’m emotionally tired, I try to write positive things. Honestly nowadays, I write it on the odd occasion. Places I want to go and Things I want to see: When I was young, I travelled with my parents a lot, nowadays, not so much. I want to go to Busan which is quite close. I want to go where my dad wants to go and eat whatever I want there. In front of Hongdae: During high school, I met my friends in front of Hongdae. We all lived at different places but we always met around the area entering Hongdae. Even now, I still feel comfortable when I go play in front of Hongdae. I miss those times. Most used app: A shopping app. I like buying cheaper things compared to other people. I look for the cheapest possible place where I can buy the item with the app. I don’t buy it just cause it’s cheap though. I’ve got to like it first. 23: I want to give lots of good things to my parents. Taking family photos, switching their mobile phones, as well as taking them to the dermatologist. Lately I’ve been thinking about my parents a lot. Useful Shows: I like watching the “Live Info Show (KBS2)”. I love learning about information that’s useful for daily life. I learn how to buy things cheaper. I also watch music shows a lot because I like looking at pretty people. It’s all me: I’ve got a positive and cheerful image. But I’m also a thoughtful person. I’ve got a different side to me as well. I want to show you different sides of me. Eunha Endless: I was resting endlessly. When I’ve got no work, I don’t do anything. I ate, slept, rested and lay down. As I feel like I should do something, I’m going to learn to play the piano. Notebook: An expensive notebook I bought is my most prized possession. It’s been a month since I bought it and I use it to watch Japanese dramas and movies. Solitary Gourmet Special: I’ve been streaming the Japanese drama “Solitary Gourmet Special” recently. Problems: I love eating. The problem is I love it too much. The place I go the most: I go to Itaewon a lot. I usually go there wearing trainers and slippers. That’s why people don’t recognise me. Even if you do recognise me, please pretend you don’t. Travel: I went to Japan for 6 days recently but sadly I couldn’t walk around the streets. Killer App: I use the app Safari a lot. Other than that, I use a banking app. It’s more convenient to pay with it. I also use restaurant apps. I use it to see if it’s any good. Movie I want to watch again: “Forest Gump”. Even when you’re not looking for hopes and dreams, it’s fun as well as touching. Comeback: We’re coming back soon. The song this time is good to sing a long so I hope lots of people enjoy it. I also hope the members won’t get hurt when promoting. Umji & SinB Umji GFRIEND’s Growth: We grew a bit during the 7 month hiatus. If you asked us to sing “Me Gustas Tu” now, it’ll be feel different to how we sang it in 2015. We’ll show you a different feeling of GFRIEND. Me: After debuting for 4 years, my heart is at ease. I became more like myself. The gap between GFRIEND’s Umji’s character and my real name Kim Yewon is bigger now. Exclusive Model: I became an exclusive model for a Japanese teenage magazine called “POPTEEN”. The magazine contains stories of friends being on stage. I’ve got a part in it as well. Please look forward to it. Playlist: I listen to new age songs before I sleep. I like Puer Kim’s songs. I listen to her songs a lot. Most used app: Pretty sure it’s KakaoTalk. iPhone: iPhones take great photos so I tried to get one second hand. But since my brother switched phones, he gave me his iPhone 6. I take my photos with the iPhone 6 nowadays. I’ve downloaded various camera apps and use the one that fits the lighting. Diet: I have interests in health. I try to find and eat healthy foods. I think I want to go and diet now. I’ve lost more weight than I used to. Especially my baby fat. People say my vibes have changed after losing weight. SinB Expectations: When promoting, I have to maintain a busy routine which makes me feel nervous. I couldn’t feel the tension during the hiatus cause I was too relaxed. I’m looking forward to feeling that tension again when the promotions begin. Hair Dye: There’s been no change in hair and makeup in GFRIEND. The company asked me for my opinion this time. I dyed my hair coral pink but because I like washing my hair, the colours faded away. I should dye it again but at this rate, I won’t have any hair left. Homebody: I don’t like going out so I stay at the dorm. I watch movies, read books and order things. Something to Read: I bought “Let Me Eat Your Pancreas” because it was popular but didn’t finish it. I couldn’t finish “Miracles of the Namiya General Store” as well. I don’t think I’ve got a lot of patience. I’ll try read a book I buy until I finish it. Quiet Place: I want to go to a resort. Somewhere in the mountain or the sea is fine. I want to go to a small place with less people and where it’s not noisy. A reason why I stay at the dorm is because it’s quiet. Perfume: I’m hooked on perfumes. I buy them cause I like the scent by I get a headache when I smell it so I’m unable to use it. I found a good scent that wouldn’t give me a headache this time though. I’m so hooked onto the brand that I can’t go out. Animals: I watch animal videos and fancams of me. I lookup and watch dog, cat, baby elephant, panda and otter videos. Yuju Favourite Stage: We stood on stage wearing a white dress at the Melon Music Awards. It was a mashup stage. SinB had a dance break. The stories the members showed on that stage was most memorable for me. The app I use the most: KakaoTalk, Camera, Memo. Memo: I go to cafes when I’m bored. I open the memo app and write diary entries or organise things things I want to say when I have to write a letter. I also like writing down thoughts that come up at that moment. The place I go most often: I go to the practice room everyday. Garusogil: I don’t go too far from the company building. Garusogil is right in front of our building. I’ve got no sense of direction so I often get lost so it makes Garusogil feel new cause of that. Start of the Day: I watch “Hello Counsellor” while eating breakfast in the morning. That’s when I start my day. I like listening to other peoples’ stories. Thats why like like that people with concerns can go onto the show and talk about it. I can relate to them while listening to stories that aren’t too heavy or too light. That’s the show I watch the most. Playlist: The song I listen to repeatedly nowadays is “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars and “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons. I feel relief when I listen to those. Songs I want to sing: GFRIEND’s songs are lyrical but powerful. There were multiple times where I sang the high notes in the second half of the song. But I want to sing songs that aren't as powerful. Source: (1)
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    Concept Photos! Sent from my iPhone using mobile app
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    GFRIEND introduced their new mini album ‘Time for the Moon Night’. [OSEN = Jung Jiwon Reporter] Source: On the midnight of the 17th, GFRIEND released a greeting image for their 6th mini album ‘Time for the Moon Night’ through their official SNS. The image contains a starry night sky as the background as well as a new logo and the album title. In the centre of the lamp, there’s a glowing letter ‘G’ which stands for GFRIEND, and theres the moon and the star. In particular, the night sky is filled with constellations representing the members: Leo, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius, creating an emotional and dream atmosphere. GFRIEND presents a new logo for every new album depending on the concept. This new album shows a new logo reminiscent of a constellation symbol, so the fans are curious as to what concept this album will portray. The album name ‘Time for the Moon Night’ means that it’s time for the moon night, a time to watch the moon, and implies the meaning of taking the time to think about loved ones. GFRIEND announced their comeback after 7 months with their 6th mini album ‘Time for the Moon Night’, which is slated for release on the 30th. The scheduler, which shows the schedules leading up to the comeback was also released, sparking the fans’ speculations about the contents of the album and creating topics online. In the coming days, GFRIEND will release high quality content related to the comeback such as concept photos, a track list, lyrics, teaser videos and a highlight medley in that order. GFRIEND is scheduled to launch their 6th mini album ’Time for the Moon Night’ on the 30th.
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    Gfriend Comback 30th April 2018[emoji177] Sent from my Redmi 4X using mobile app
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    For me I really like all members but depends on dayㅋㅋㅋ it's hard to choose only 1 bias Always changing.. Eunha when it comes to aegyo cuteness SinB when she do girlcrush Yerin when she is so funny Umji when she tell deep story Yuju when she is weird and suddenly harmonize Sowon looking goddessㅠ
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    Girl group GFRIEND completed their first promotion in Japan, signalling their advance into Japan. [OSEN = Lee Sodam Reporter] Source: On the 28th at 4pm, GFRIEND held a press conference and premium showcase at Alta Theatre in Shinjuku, Japan and officially announced their Japanese debut to be the 23rd of May. On this day, GFRIEND put on a powerful but innocent performance of their hit songs ‘Rough’, ‘Navillera’, and ‘Me Gustas Tu (JP Ver)’ and attracted the audience with their lively charm. In particular, the title song of their Japanese debut “The Best” album, ’今日から私たちは (Me Gustas Tu)’ drew the most attention from local media. Major Japanese media outlets including Fuji TV, Abema TV, Nikkan Sports, Daily Sports and Sankei Sports placed the spotlight onto GFRIEND and reported on their first promotion in Japan. In addition, GFRIEND answered questions from local reporters in Japanese as they were learning it and received praise for it. GFRIEND who are about to make their debut in Japan said “We feel as nervous and excited as we did when we debuted domestically. We have begun a new challenge and will do our best until the day we perform at a Dome concert”. Starting with the press conference and premium showcase on the 28th, GFRIEND will participate in pre-promotion activities in Japan including interviews at major outlets, large scale festivals and TV appearances. Since their debut with “Glass Bead” in 2015, they’ve recorded successes from ‘Me Gustas Tu’, ‘Rough’, ‘Navillera’, ‘Fingertip’, ‘Love Whisper’, to ‘Summer Rain’, solidifying them as a famous representative KPOP girl group. GFRIEND will release their debut Best Album ‘今日から私たちは~ GFRIEND 1st BEST’ on May the 23rd marking their official debut in Japan.
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    Yuju posted on gfriendofficial Instagram! It’s been a long time since I took a proper selca 😗 I miss you Buddy🌸
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    On my November trip to Korea, Japan and China (in that order), Season of GFRIEND was announced during the Japan part of my trip! I was on a tour bus at the time when it was announced and the ticket sales dates would be during the China part of my trip.. which got me worried because where I stay in China had no wifi and the 3G/4G was absolutely terrible. Luckily my cousin's shop had decent WiFi so I could get the tickets Fast forward to Day 1 of the concert (January 6th), I get to the venue at 9:30 am for the concert goods.. but the line is already extremely long. Luckily ma boi @AznSeoul was there and helped a brother out A little while later, @Jkyc and @flamestalker show up and join me in the freezing cold weather to wait to buy concert goods. Almost 3 pm by the time we were finished buying concert goods and that was around the time when fansites began to hand out free slogans and goodies so we tried to get as much as we could. Also met @toncanan near our wreath! Really nice to meet everyone during this event, really was a fun experience. It was almost 2 pm by the time we were done buying concert goods, still had some time to spare so we decided to quickly get Samgyetang before the concert. For the first day of the concert, it started at 6 pm but we got back in the nick of time just before the concert started. The venue and our wreath This was the setlist for both days! Each stage was amazing! Their live vocals were incomparable to youtube videos. Although they didnt perform White (my favourite song), and a few other favourites of mine but I'm not complaining. Day 2 for me started much later than Day 1 as I had already completed my shopping list of concert goods! I arrived at the venue at around 4 since the concert started at 5 pm for Day 2 and everyone in standing sections were already lining up! Honestly, I was expecting a different setlist for Day 2 since there were 2 different concepts from the teaser posters but oh well, still the best thing I could've wished to start the year with. I had to leave the day after the concert, so unfortunately couldn't stay around for dinner with some of the buddies from GFS but there'll be a next time ^^ Also I don't care what anyone says but I swear to god SinB looked me in the eyes and waved back at me on the second day of the concert A few more pictures that I snapped during the concert It was an amazing experience especially since it was the first time I've ever seen them in person! Meeting some international buddies from the forums made the experience even better ^~^ I'll be aiming to get into a fansign for a future comeback but not sure when
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    Hey there fellow buds and possibly fellow MBTI nerds! I started this because I honestly haven't seen any sort of real discussion about the girls' MBTI types. And since I'm a Buddy (and part-time MBTI nerd) ofc I wanna know what the girls' types are. I'm sure you guys are curious too So, let's discuss about it! If you clicked on this topic chances are you already know about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, so I won't have to explain about it (if you don't then you can start here and here! Those are good websites to get a grasp of it. And here for short type descriptions.). But the basics are, there's (E)xtroversion/(I)ntroversion, (S)ensing/I(N)tuition, (T)hinking/(F)eeling, and (J)ugding/(P)erceiving. These letters (E/I, S/N, T/F, J/P) make up a four-letter type, indicative of a person's preference over extroversion or introversion, sensing or intuition, thinking or feeling, and judging or perceiving. For example, there are INTJs, ENTPs, ISFJs, and ESFPs (there are a total of 16 variations of these types). And finally, you can not be two types at once. Those are just the very basics of MBTI. It's very interesting if you delve into it more ^^ since these letters are only an indication of the cognitive functions that someone uses. But, if I were to explain that, it'll take a quite a bit of time ^^' so I encourage you guys to search it up yourselves. So, without further ado, off to the typings. What I think the girls' MBTI types are: Sowon: ISTJ. Yerin: xxFx, with a strong Enneagram 2 I think. I'm honestly lost when it comes to Yerin's type but I know she's definitely a Feeler. I saw someone type her as INFP once, but I think xSFJ isn't too far off the mark for Yerin. Eunha: ISFP. Yuju: xxxx. I'm also lost when it comes to Yuju's type lol she's kinda hard to type ^^'. But, I suspect she's either an INTP or an INFJ. SinB: ExTP. I'm pretty sure she's an ESTP, but I saw someone type her as ENTP and I thought "well, i guess" but *shrugs* Umji: xNFP. Not too sure if Yewon is more of an extrovert or an introvert. So, do you guys agree? Do you disagree? Why? What do you think their types are? I'd love to hear them!
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    Hey, I changed it a bit and also tried to get it as close as possible to the 16 syllable constraint (Line 1 & 2 have 16 but Line 3 has 17 ). 은하계는 아름답지만 차갑고 광대하다. 하지만 우리 은하는 작고 섹시고 귀엽다. 노래로 행복을 퍼뜨라; 우리 영원히 버디다. Literal Translation: The galaxy is beautiful yet cold and vast. But our Galaxy (Eunha) is small, sexy and cute. Spread happiness by singing; We'll be Buddies forever. This should more or less have the same meaning as your original poem in English. So just include your original + my Korean version and you'll be all g. Let me know if you need anymore help
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    The night has come heheheheheheh Nothings getting released today! I’m here to see if Buddies are bored It’s time for a moon night good night so I’ll show some photos.. I'm going to lie down and listen to “Time for the Moon Night” then go to sleep for tomorrow Hahahahahaha only I can listen to it Sleep tight everyone, good night 🌝
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    #여자친구 #GFRIEND #The_6th_Mini_Album #Time_for_the_moon_night #밤 (#Time_for_the_moon_night) 2018.04.30 18:00PM Sent from my Redmi 4X using mobile app
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    Yerin always and forever will be my bias in GFriend. Don't get me wrong, I love the rest of the girls but Yerin is my ideal girl. Yerin is love, Yerin is life
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    Girl Group GFRIEND’s member Umji was selected as the exclusive model for a famous Japanese fashion magazine. [OSEN = Sun Mikyung Reporter] Source: GFRIEND’s agency Source Music said “GFRIEND’s Umji has been selected as the exclusive model for ‘POPTEEN’, a famous Japanese fashion magazine. Umji will appear in ‘POPTEEN’ from June and become their exclusive model for the future." ‘POPTEEN’ is a leading Japanese teen fashion magazine and receives overwhelming support from Japanese teenagers. Umji is the youngest in GFRIEND and is determined to show a fresh, bright and cute image that matches and synergises well with ‘POPTEEN’. GFRIEND who is about to make their debut in Japan performed at the large scale festival ‘KIZUNA Festival’ at Tokyo Toyos Pit on the 29th as a pre-promotion activity. ‘Kizuna Festival’ is a large scale festival for Japanese youths hosted by ‘POPTEEN’. They started with ‘Rough’ and ‘Navillera’ and also performed their Japanese debut track ‘今日から私たちは (Me Gustas Tu)’ which is the Japanese version of their song, receiving cheers from the fans. In addition, there was huge interest in GFRIEND from Japanese teenage girls, and as expected, GFRIEND attracted even more attention by communicating in Japanese to the local fans. On the same day, ‘Kizuna Festival’ also officially announced Umji as ‘POPTEEN’s’ exclusive model. After Umji becoming ‘POPTEEN’s’ exclusive model was announced, she was trending in portal site ‘Yahoo Japan’s’ real time search, becoming a hot topic even before debuting. Earlier, GFRIEND finished their press conference and premium showcase on the 28th. Local media outlets that attended the press conference and showcase showed great interest in reporting about GFRIEND’s advance into Japan. GFRIEND will debut in Japan on May 23rd with their best debut album ‘今日から私たちは~ GFRIEND 1st BEST’.
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    Yuju updated gfriendofficial Instagram! Hi Buddies! I like you today too 🎶
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    SinB is blonde now. (edit: with bangs!)
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    Bit off topic but I've just started up a kpop YouTube channel with my sister so it'd be awesome if you guys could check it out. At the moment there's only one video out which is a jokey BAP cosplay compilation but the main point of the channel will be writing songs for idol groups and dream collaborations (there will be Gfriend incoming, we already have plans for a Gfriend collab (with who I'll leave as a mystery for now ) and a Gfriend solo song but songs take long to make unfortunately), and then there'll be loads of other random content on the side like this cosplay video, reaction videos, funny mistranslations, English versions of kpop songs/Korean versions of English songs etc. Currently working on our full debut which will be SHINee feat. Taeyeon in memory of Jonghyun, which should be released in a few days (and I'll probably spam here again when it is ) so please subscribe if you're interested. Update: Loads of vids now up, including our first song! Which is now the video below. Well that's my random bit of self promotion done you can get back to spazzing over Gfriend now (which is of course the best way to live).
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    Group GFRIEND’s teaser for their new song ‘Time for the Moon Night’ was released. [Sports Chosun Jung Yuna Reporter] Source: GFRIEND released the teaser for their 6th mini album ‘Time for the Moon Night’ music video teaser at midnight on their official SNS accounts and raised expectations for the comeback. In the released video, there was a change of times leading from the day into the deep night with GFRIEND appearing along the way. The scenes of GFRIEND’s natural surroundings were drawn against the background of a fresh Spring day, capturing the attention of the public. From SinB waiting for someone in the sunset, lovely Umji playing with a paper plane against the blue sky, Yuju climbing a mountain while holding a vase, Eunha who is lost in thought and staring at a fish tank, Yerin who is also lost in thought in a room by herself, to Sowon staring back behind the gleaming night view, the curiosity is raised even more for the music video. In particular, the intro song ‘DAYTIME’ that accompanied the video felt like time was passing by, leading into the title song ‘Night’ (Korean name), further heightening expectations of the song. GFRIEND is getting hot responses as they’re releasing content in sequence day by day, getting fans to have high expectations when their 6th mini album ‘Time for the Moon Night’ releases on the 30th. The title song ‘Night’ is about a girl’s’ emotional night shown through beautiful lyrics that tell a story from dawn. As described by the album name ‘Time for the Moon Night’ means it’s time for the moon night, time to look at the moon, and time to look at loved ones. GFRIEND’s sense of emotion implies that it’s a time to become sincere. Meanwhile, GFRIEND will release their 6th mini album and title song ‘Time for the Moon Night’ on the 30th.
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    Preorder Now Bundles Yesasia Yesasia + 3 posters Gmarket Ktown4u Moon ver. Yesasia Yesasia + poster Gmarket Ktown4u Night ver. Yesasia Yesasia + poster Gmarket Ktown4u Time ver. Yesasia Yesasia + poster Gmarket Ktown4u Kpopmart (Select version and poster/no poster)
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    Album contents! Not the clearest picture but, \ - Sleeve Package - CD - Photobook - Photocard - Poster - Bookmark/Coaster - Selfie Poloroid (most likely in random albums again)
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    Kind of a mouthful for the English title, so I expect most people to just go by the Korean one lol...but overall, I'm super happy they're switching things up this comeback! I'm seeing so much hype on other forums, it's crazy. Even non-fans are anticipating!
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    Tracklist! INTRO (Daytime) Composed by Noh Joohwan | Arranged by Noh Joohwan, Kim Baro 밤 (Night) TIME FOR THE MOON NIGHT Composed by Noh Joohwan, Lee Wonjong | Lyrics by Noh Joohwan | Arranged by Noh Joohwan, Lee Wonjong LOVE BUG Original Title Love Bug | Original Writer David Amber, Andy Love, Ryan S. Jhun | Lyrics by Seo Jieum FLOWER GARDEN Composed | Lyrics & Arranged by MIO TIK TIK Composed & Lyrics & Arranged by Iggy Youngbae BYE Composed by Noh Joohwan, Kim Yeil, Sophie Pae | Lyrics by Noh Joohwan | Arranged by Noh Joohwan, Kim Yeil 별 (Star) YOU ARE MY STAR Composed by ZigZag Note | Lyrics by Lee SinSung | Arrange day ZigZag Note. 밤 (Night) TIME FOR THE MOON NIGHT (Inst.) Composed by Noh Joohwan, Lee Wonjong | Arranged by Noh Joohwan, Lee Wonjong T/N: Noh Joohwan and Lee Wonjong also wrote TRUST and Falling Asleep Again!
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    Mini-albums usually have 5-7 tracks that are new (that doesn't include intros, outros, and instrumentals), while a full album has about 10+ songs in it. Rainbows is a repackaged album rather than a mini-album because of the 2 new tracks, I don't think it should be counted as a mini-album. Full albums usually are more expensive as well and takes longer to produce as compared to single or mini-albums.
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    "Mastering #TimeForTheMoonNight" Posted by GFriend's Manager Sent from my Redmi 4X using mobile app
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    Eunha posted on gfriendofficial Instagram~ To Buddies .. I'll confess my love 💋💕 #Eunha
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    Umji still my number 1 but I really love all of them.. Sent from my iPhone using mobile app
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    Coincidence? I think not! The shedule image also made me think of the first teaser for Season of Gfriend
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    I know right, RIP my savings $$$
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    Eunha's dictation (test)[emoji294]️ The person that makes me burst: Yerin unnie and SinB Jung Yerin, i love you[emoji176] I'm small. Writer: Jung EunBi I'm... round... I will burst out in 3 seconds my cheeks, of course... 3 2 1 burst [emoji98]︶︿︶[emoji98] Sent from my Redmi 4X using mobile app
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    We miss you too Eunha! You should do a VLive so we can talk to you
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