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    Gfriend's 1st official photobook is available to pre-order from tommorow.
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    Hey Buddies! I'm starting a youtube channel where we cover songs! I have five spots open on my Gfriend cover group! If you would like to try out, here's the link! https://www.castingcall.club/projects/gfriend-cover-group-gfriend
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    anyone Buddy from Malaysia going to concert in Seoul ?
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    Hello everyone, I tell you that I found this Spanish website dedicated to promoting Kpop, and has a project called LETTER TO IDOL, to write words of encouragement to the idols. Through this website send a letter to our girls, but to reach them you have to add the amount of 30 letters so they can send them to Soumu. I want to share this web with all the buddies so that they can also send their letters and words of encouragement to Gfriend our girls. I accompany with images of the web that I translated to the English and the link to the page. I hope it will be useful for everyone! https://www.noraemagazine.com/carta-a-un-idol
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    Who are excited that GFRIEND coming to SINGAPORE?
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    I remember reading on Twitter there was a reprint of both Flower Bud and Season of Glass so they were legit back in stock. But I guess people jumped on the opportunity to buy those albums again for cheap real quick, that's why they are out of stock again at some stores. But it's possible there is still stock left, both yesasia and kpoptown (as you mentioned) show they still have them in stock. So I would go for it if you don't have those albums yet
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    I want go Malaysia concert but I have no friends to accompany me 😢😢😢 is there any girl same like me?
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