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    GFSquad.com's Support Project for 2019 GFriend 4th Anniversary will be posted soon. Please look forward to it Buddies! "영원히 4랑할께, Buddy will love you forever"
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    作曲(Composer):小芝麻Gigi 编曲(Arranger):龙龙 作词(Lyricist):落殇 浔漪 后期(Post-production):少年E 韩翻(Korean translation):鱼丸 視頻製作(Video production staff):Andy 演唱(Singer) : 浔漪 歌詞(中文) 交错的时间 折为纸鹤的诗篇 最终 被遗弃成从前 清晨光影间 淡淡描绘你的惊艳 就出现 天使般 的笑颜 这熟悉的街 路灯下人海擦肩 心之所向 唯有你的笑颜 与你的遇见 如梦绵延 愿这世间 于美好沉眠 久久留恋 十字街道 风撩拨心海浪潮 编织着 属于你与我的梦 你的话 一直铭刻在我的大脑 不会老 你是我最深情的年少 交错的时间 折为纸鹤的诗篇 最终 被遗弃成从前 清晨光影间 淡淡描绘你的惊艳 就出现 天使般 的笑颜 古老传说中 那古巴比伦的钟 随着风 敲响一世的梦 漫漫的长空 眼底心头爱恋无穷 我们会 守护在 你身边 十字街道 风撩拨心海浪潮 编织着 属于你与我的梦 你的话 一直铭刻在我的大脑 不会老 你是我最深情的年少 *歌曲与影片的所有权皆属金韶情中国粉丝方* *The songs and videos are owned by the Chinese fans.* 金韶情中文首站 BiliBili URL: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av37589662
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    Buddies, 1 year later and it's my birthday again Wasn't today so cold? Are you dressed warmly? It'll get even colder in the future so dress warmer. I was going to hangout with some friends but I just ate and went home to lie down. I think it was a very good choice. The hot water mat my mum gave me is very warm and I think I'll be able to sleep right away hehe Also thanks to our Buddies blessings my heart is feeling warm and full. I see everything. Really, thank you so much. Thanks to everyone's words, I'm the happiest and most loved person in the world today. Thank you and I love you😍
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    Banner Art Making Contest is finally back! This year GFSquad will search for the best GFriend fanart in celebrating their 4th Debut Anniversary. We would like to invite talented Buddies to step up and create beautiful illustration for GFRIEND! Last year during GFRIEND 3rd Anniversary, GFSquad held an event for the first time. The event Banner Art Making Contest was officially started last year and became successful. We are thankful to all Buddies that able to support our coal wreath project for GFRIEND! Let's take a look back of what happened in 3rd Anniversary! The winner of 2018 Banner Art Making Contest is one of famous and talented fanartist Tou (터우). She's the first fanartist winner who drew unique anime style of GFriend during 3rd anniversary! Better check our 3rd Anniversary support project full review! Check the Banner Art in GFriend's VLIVE! https://m.vlive.tv/video/55581/버디친구-3주년🤹 For 2019 Banner Art Making Contest, who will be the new winner? Or who will defend the title? Come and join our event and your artwork might be the one featured in GFriend's special VLIVE in their 4th Anniversary. The mechanics are simple and clear! Below are the initial instructions in how to submit a banner art! Who is your favorite GFriend fanartist? Go mention and tag them in this project!!! Goodluck and fighting Buddies!
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    Hello Buddies Are you enjoying your Saturday I missed you so I came here. I’m posting a picture here for Buddies who want to change their wallpaper💓 Anyway you see it, it’s a pretty photo...❤️it’s a photo I like quite a lot! Have I posted this before....I don’t remember ㅠ Maybe this was the first time when cutie GFRIEND went to Busan for a schedule! Well, even though Buddies may know who is who instantly Yuna Unnie and I were holding hands..🙈 👏You can probably tell who’s on my left by looking at the sillouhette..🙌Yerin Unnie is the one who says she likes wearing dresses right🤔 Who knows why Hwang Eunbi’s V loos awkward like that😮 Eung at that time ㅠ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ We said we wanted to go look at the sea from Busan and we got our feet wet and took photos. We went back to Busan yesterday as well😛 Ahhkk I’m just saying hohoho Ah right, I held Meonji for the first time this morningㅠㅜㅜㅠ It was early in the morning so I only hugged him for a little over 20 minutes but I was amazed with how he was so calm and cute when I hugged him…. That’s all from Umji’s rambling FROM Have a delicious dinner Buddies❣
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    GFriend made a comeback in April 30th with the title Time for the Moon Night. Composed by Noh Juhwan, the song has sad lyrics with melodic dreamy type of song. The MV also directed by Yoojeong Ko who is associated with Lumpens film production, known for great films such as BTS, Wondergirls, IU, Jessica and many more. Now that we have seen the Time for the Moon Night music video, it is very different from their past MV. Concept, director of photography, set, the feeling when we watched this MV is very fresh and new to us. Yoojeong Ko who directed the film put a plot story that is very interesting too. She put a story that is hidden inside but made it meaningful. She pointed out and show how importance about friendships, encouraging, special memories and reminiscing. Maybe some of you didn’t noticed some details but if you look very closely, you will able to realize some things. Let’s look first in every details of the story! In this screencaps, every members are in different locations and having individual activities. The first 30 seconds of the MV shows every individual scenes. Eunha is in dim room looking to fishes Umji is outside in the playground and sitting in the arm bar, playing with paperplanes SinB walking on an empty road in wide field Yerin sitting alone in an empty room Sowon inside an elevator near the river Yuju carrying flower and stuffs at woods These scenes indicates that they are currently in the present time. According to their outfits, they are living individually and having their own agenda. Obviously they are not together and looks very sad. The director put their individual scenes that is all about the present time. In order to understand every plot of story, the director include scenes that is in the present and past. It is all about ‘reminiscing of memories’ Reminisce? What is the connection of past, present and individual scenes? First, let’s separate each of member’s story and let’s look in every details. Yerin’s story: She missed someone In this scene, Yerin is sitting alone in an empty room with boxes around her. She looks very lonely and sad. You will notice every boxes are all taped and closed while the box in front of her is not. It seems like she can’t move on something and she feels very depressed. Why she’s in an empty room with boxes? These boxes indicates she is leaving soon or going to a far place. Her important stuffs are all packed and other unnecessary things will remain in the house. In this second screencap, the tape is seen above the box (left part) so meaning to say, the box in front is very important to her so she don’t want to close and put masking tape on it. As she opened the box, she saw some old stuffs. She picked the tape recorder and tried to listen to it. In order to comfort her feelings, the scene indicates she wanted to reminisce those memories in the past by listening to the tape recorder. Is this connected to somewhere else? Is she missing someone? Who she wanted to see? Maybe some of you didn’t notice the other stuffs in the box. Inside the box, there is a long knitted pink blanket and books. This was connected to their friendship in the past. Yerin who tried listening to the tape recorder, her expression suddenly changed. Yerin missed her friends. Suddenly the present time was cut and replaced with a group of people. The first time all members are together entering an old house where they always used to visit. This indicates their bonding time and frienship in the past. They all look happy and excited when they see always each other and being together. It seems the old house is their favorite place to stay in all day and night. In this scene, they are all comfortable and sweet to each other. Seems they used this place for bonding, playing or even staying when they are bored and lonely. Does really the present time connected to the past? Take a look at her stuffs. There is a pink knitted blanket included and it is the same blanket that Eunha used in the past scene. The past scene suddenly cut and the present time appears. The tape recorder indicated their bonding moments before. As she reminisced those memories, she ended up crying while listening to it. Next individual story is from Sowon. Sowon’s story: Getting some fresh air, wanted to recall something In this present scene, Sowon is going somewhere outside at night and thinking deep thoughts. She looks very sad also. It seems a place that has river between the city lights that is far away. These scenes indicates she wanted to free her mind and getting some fresh air so she took the elevator. Probably the feeling she wanted to go back or want to reminisce the past by looking on the far city where she used to live in before. There isn’t much present scenes of Sowon but in the past, she used to be happy with her friends. There is a scene where she gave encouragement to members. Yerin who is leaving soon and felt very sad. The feeling of leaving and going to a far place, Sowon is always there to comfort her. It seems like the two understand and relates to each other. Sowon who still stays positive in the end. Next story is Yuju. Yuju’s story: Mourning someone that is very important to her The present scene where Yuju carrying flowers and important stuffs while going up to woods. It seems she is visiting someone who is already dead. If you will notice the surroundings, it is a place that has less trees with lots of trunks behind her. These indicates the place is somewhat devastated. It seems she visited a grave where there is someone passed away because of fire or maybe a disaster. She offered flowers, a treasure box and a bunny stuffed toy beside the stones. Could this be related to one of the members? To mourn a friend who passed away, she also fly up some balloons to give respect. Because of sadness, she even calling out someone by shouting Yedura!! (Hey Kids!) Because she is having hard time from her hurtful emotion. Seems like she need a comfort from her friends. Next story is Umji Umji’s story: Wanted to send a letter message by using paperplanes This present scene shows that Umji is having alone time. She also sitting above the arm bar at the playground. This is her individual scene that is no any people playing besides Umji. The paper planes has drawings and messages included. This is probably she wanted to send a letter to someone she is missing or far away. Compared to past scene, Umji is having fun with her friends and she even have sisters who can help and guide her whatever she does. While past scenes are showing, suddenly the present scene appears where Umji jumped off from the arm bar. It seems she are done playing with paper planes in that day. What more strange is she already have many bruised and scars, indication that she has many band aids on her knees. The question is why she kept doing this? It seems like she always staying up in that place and still playing paper planes. The bruised knees with band aids indicates she is still a kid, that seems weak inside when alone. There’s no anyone can help and encourage her to stand up in that time even she is feeling empty inside. Next individual story is SinB. SinB’s story: Going back to a place where she still missing it Seems far away from home, SinB is having alone time too. Where is she going in dusk afternoon? The scene indicates SinB wanted to reminisce the past. It seems she always knows the right path that she’s going through. She wanted to go to the house they always used to stay and even also the wide field that they used to run and play. She is known to be energetic, who loves to run always. Seems SinB always take the lead when it comes to directions. SinB knows every places around the area even in the wide fields. She was the first one who discovered the old house too and brings her friends to play. These are their running scenes. It’s already night and she finally found the room they used to play together with her friends. When she opened the door, you can see nothing but empty and dark room. The place they always used to stay was already an abandoned house. The present scene suddenly replaced with past scene. Same as night, all members showed up and filled with lamps that has dim light. From dark empty room, it was now replaced with dim lights. This is now the scene where all of them are playing fun. There is also a scene where SinB and members playing a heart number game. It seems SinB came back to a place where she want to reminisce happy memories together with members. Last story will be Eunha. This has left many speculations about Eunha’s true identity or condition. Some pointed out she is already dead or a ghost. This is a little trick from the director of how can we analyse Eunha’s role in this MV. We got confused in the first place because of what she acted through the entire film. What did really happened to her? Eunha’s story: She is mentally ill, she has severe mental health condition In order to understand where this came from, let’s take a look in every individual scenes of her. In the present scene, Eunha is staring out the windows, looking to surroundings like nothing. She was zoning out and looked very blank inside a dark room. Like the other members, she is alone too. In the first place, why would she close the curtains when it’s still bright? Seems like she don’t want to be seen by any people or she is having a social problems. She is acting very strange in the beginning. Instead, she went to the table, sat comfortable and stares to the fishes inside the little jar. Within the small room, and being dark, she feels calm watching it. When the past scene showed up, she acted the same way. She looked blank as always. Same in this scene, she is going somewhere she even don’t know. Without control, she has no idea what she doing until her friends found her and walked together. SinB who knows the path, leads all the way. Then she realized it was her friends who called her, she felt at ease and happy now. Another same scene during night where they are playing in the grass fields, Members have flashlights and one member is missing. This is the scene where Eunha suddenly acted strange again. She was lost for a moment until the members found her out and was sitting alone in the field. Their expression looks very worried as they saw Eunha. In different scene, Eunha is acting strange as always. While doing the game, she felt that her friends were suddenly gone for a moment. She looks very lost and confuse in her expression. There is a scene members pointing out flashlights to her face, whether she is daydreaming, confused or absent-minded, Eunha’s expression still the same. She’s still looked distracted. Why Eunha is always acting strange? Why she looked so confused, lost or absent-minded? What did the director do to make it connected to Eunha’s real condition? If you will look closely in the very beginning, Eunha is standing alone in a room. Her outfit seems different and looks like she’s wearing a hospital gown. If you will check the Melon story update, where they revealed some behind the scenes photos from the MV, you will see Eunha wearing a simple hospital gown. Yes, Eunha has health condition and she is a patient who is staying in that room. But why the room looks like a normal house? If you will notice every detail of the room, it has minimal stuffs such as chair, lamp, and simple bed. In the Melon story a photo included with a sign board written above which says ‘Yang Hosil’. The room is called as a clinic or a room for patients who need infirmary treatment. Infirmary care includes people who are sick and ill. They are under observation or need to monitor about health conditions. Whether a person can’t manage to take care of own health, or having hard time maintaining his/her condition, the person will be under Infirmary. Unlike normal hospital, it has limited capabilities. Infirmary is a place where the infirm or sick are lodged for care and treatment. It is not intended for patients requiring to stay in a long time. They will directly be send to Hospital. This is an actual image of a clinic or infirmary room. This means Eunha is having a problem within herself. Whether she’s so depressed, having social problem or memory loss, she is under treatment in that room. The present day where she is staying in a place was probably no one can look and care for her since her friends are already far away and having their own lives. The past scenes explained why she is in a poor health condition. The scenes of absent-minded, lost in the way, daydreaming are the symptoms that she is not in normal condition that’s why her friends are always there for her. All members know and understand her real condition. They are used to it. In the end, members gave her the most attention. Comforting her, lots of affections, being accompanied wherever she goes and finding her first that’s why she was most loved by the members. No reason in the past why did they end up separate like what happened in the present scene. the director didn’t include the details but it was more focused in their happiness, bonding and what real friendship means. The director made the film very tricky, hidden and confusing. All in all I really love this MV because it is really about friendship over problems. Despite having problems, they didn’t care about it but they chose to be positive and happy together. This is also the first time they act like from movies. It’s definitely fresh and new from the past MV. There is a lot of interaction and affections to each other. Now let's watch the whole mv. It's time for the moon night now!
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    GFSquad.com's Happy Sowon Day Highlight! In preparation for Sowon Day birthday project, GFSquad held another special event for every Buddy fan artists. Our main goal is to feature Buddy's artistic skills wherein every fan artist will be on spotlight! It is important for us to share every Buddy's precious talent for them to get a recognition from everyone especially to GFriend. Now, GFSquad will be looking for Buddy fan artist who has potential and can able to make an artistic banner for GFriend! GFSquad members or Buddies who have participated and for those who sent their fan arts in the previous birthday projects or within this year will be an entry and will have a chance to get on spotlight too! We will also look for Buddies who are actively supporting GFriend as well. Buddies are always welcome to join this project! This time, get to know one of the best fan artist in Buddy community! Under Sowon's Birthday Project highlight is one of great fan artist, @giraffesojung who designed the charity wreath banner for Sowon! Q. GFSquad community are very glad to know you. We are thankful you accepted our offer to feature your masterpiece that is dedicated for GFriend Sowon. You really impressed us as well with Buddies. How do you feel about it? I feel super happy! Honestly I never thought I'd get an opportunity to do something like this Q. You’re a very professional artist! What do you do in personal or other interests besides GFriend? Tell us more about yourself! Can't really call myself professional yet lol but i am aiming to be one and is still in the process of learning. Besides drawing i like playing the guitar and learning new songs~ Q. By doing artworks of GFriend and as a professional artist, first of all how did you became fan of GFriend? When it was all started? This is going to be a bit long haha but it's all thanks to my older sister. She showed me pictures of them during their predebut and I was an idiot and was really judgemental bc i didnt really like them at first just because. 2016 came and she showed me a video of them again and i started getting curious because they were hella funny and when i watched their glass bead dance practice i was left in awe they were just so sooo amazing. that moment, i fell in love with gfriend Q. As a Buddy, are there other things like hobbies or interests that you passionately do (or wanted to do in the future) in supporting GFriend? I'd really very much like to compile my fanarts and make a comic book for them Q. Being a Buddy has an unconditional love to all members but if you will choose one/pair favourite member that you loved the most, who and why? Although i bias sowon and yuju's my bias wrecker i really genuinely love them all equally. Their different personalities made me love them that way. Q. Doing fanarts are worked in a lot of time. Giving all the efforts and preparations to be done. Where do you get inspirations in doing GFriend fan arts? What are the things that keeps you motivated to do it? Gfriend in general. They have shared so many stories about themselves and as a group and there's still a lot to tell. And for someone who likes making comics i find it really fun to make them because their moments are always so genuine. It makes me want to let the world know how great they are. Q. Is there a Buddy fan artist or other graphic Illustrators outside the fandom that you impressed with? Can you name some of them! JellyWing is a Taeyeon fanartist. Ever since I got into kpop ive always looked up to his works. I also like Sketchshark because she makes the craziest drawings of thighs/legs and they're all amazing. Q. If you will choose an era (From all the comeback album concept) that you like the most from GFriend, certainly what era and songs from that album that is your favourite? Love Whisper era. I really love Falling Asleep Again. Although Hear the Wind Sing and Love in the Air are my top faves, Falling Asleep Again makes me feel light and in love for some reason especially during Yujuna's chorus parts. Damn cheesy lol Q. Is there any memorable moment you experienced or unforgettable happenings from GFriend that make you happy as a Buddy? My first few months as a fan and my illustration was used as a message book cover by a Korean fanbase for Sowon's birthday. that was so unexpected and it was my first big gig as a fan and a fanartist Q. Lastly, do you have message to aspiring Buddies, to all beginners or wanted to pursue being a Buddy fanartist in the future Just keep drawing! Don't stop. You may not be able to do things the way you want them for now but you will be able to as long as you keep going. Most importantly, always remember to rest or take a break when you have to. Breathe~ Give a shout out to every Buddy!!! To all the buddies out there let's support gfriend until forever <3 We are happy to know you LJ Buddy! Indeed, your talent is really amazing and proud as Buddy! Thank you for having here in GFSquad community and in this fandom. Buddy Jjang! To all aspiring Buddy fan artist! You can join and share your arts to us! Feel free to posts and make a lot of fan arts about GFriend! Keep supporting GFriend and anticipate more of our upcoming birthday projects!😄
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    Good day (or evening) to GFSquad. I'm slowly learning the ropes, and I figured I should post as well. I want to share a work that I made for Sowon's birthday. I called it "Make A Wish" because I want to "grant one of Sowon's wishes" as a way of saying thanks. If you have time, please have a listen! I wonder if she will be able to listen to it? I could only hope. Many thanks to Galaxy1004; I received Galaxy1004's help with the title. (The artwork I used is made my by a friend.)
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    well, fans keep asking because they are care about Yuju. when someone special is not around (when she supposed to be), we will naturally asked, "what happen with her? is she sick?". that kind of question is common thing in our social life. and it's not wrong to do that. keep in mind that for one member to miss a group activities in a whole month without any explanation is not normal. usually they will inform us in advance that particular member won't be able to participate in future activities because of health/personal matters/individual activities, etc. this kind of explanation is necessary. it's also part of their professionalism. and I think we should differentiate between fans that are worried and haters who spread false rumors. haters/trolls/antis will make use her "hiatus" to spread false rumors. something like "Yuju will leave Gfriend" or something like that. of course, we buddy wouldn't believe that. but people (non-fans) might believe that rumors. and that really hurt us. that's why we encourage SouMu to give proper explanation of her absence. to make things clear. and to cease that stupid rumor. about surprise project, I really want to believe this. if only SouMu did good job to manage her schedule. in order to make that project "surprising", it's necessary to manage schedule that less suspicious. that she diligently doing her own individual schedule while not leaving group activities. this have done perfectly in the past. Sowon have become regular MC on variety show, even become model on Fashion Show. and that's not make her missed Gfriend's activities all the time. same thing for Yuju. she have done many collaboration in the past, but none of that makes her absent from any events. and now, what do we have? boom! all Gfriend's events without Yuju. that is really suspicious.... with disappearance of Yuju, both in events and social media, it's natural for buddy to keep asking, "Why?"
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    Buddy.. Our Buddy I think of you especially on hot and cold days, I worry a lot but our Buddies are really proud and more reliable than anyone else. As expected, it’s cold today so I miss Buddies even more. It seems like it was just yesterday that the red leaves came before winter, so I’m sure but when the days come how can it be colder and colder. Our Buddy are being careful not to catch a cold right? Not just avoiding a cold, I hope Buddy are being careful and avoid things that’ll make you sick and tired. Yeochinnies will make you happy this winter too, So avoid all those things and always be healthy and smile together with the 6 of us, alright~? Have a nice dinner and finish off the day well. Let’s have a good night
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    KCity Camp Meet held a concert in Indonesia and here's the Meet and Greet interview of GFriend that was happened earlier ago (3PM indonesia time).ŕ MnG interview: 1. MC: what do you think about INA buddy? UJ: they seems have a lot of energy 2. MC: "would you like to give us your first impression about Indonesia?" YJ: "when we arrived,we felt very tired. but when we see many fans welcoming us at airport,we feel very touched". 3. MC: "what kind of Indonesian food you like to try?" EH: " we like nasi goreng very much (thumbs up)". UJ: "can we ask?" MC: "sure". UJ: "can you recommend another food?" then we say mie goreng (fried noodle). UJ said in their menu,there are mie goreng and they want to try,but Sinb said to try nasi goreng instead and they regret it they promised us to try mie goreng 4. MC: "what your future plans in 2019?" YJ: "we want to travel to many country as possible,we want to meet our fans". 5. MC: "is there any plans to hold solo concert in Jakarta?" SW: "we are deeply sorry because during our Asia tour,we cannot hold concert here. let's wish we can hold concert in Jakarta for next year".
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    Hi! I'm not sure if this post goes here but I want to get this off my chest. I have been watching Gfriend and Buddy interaction videos a lot lately. They just warm my heart so much and fill it with love. Gfriend just loves buddies from the bottom of their heart. That got me reflecting. When I first started listening to kpop I never knew that I would fall in love with a group as much as I have with Gfriend. I can't imagine going even a day without listening to Gfriend. They make me so happy and make my boring days worth living. Gfriend is just perfect! I'm proud to be a buddy and can't imagine a better fandom to be in. Buddies are super supportive and lovely. It's amazing how one group can connect so many people from all over the world. Gfriend is so talented! They sing and dance super well! But those aren't the only reasons why Gfriend is the best! They also have nice personalities and they go well together and are really good friends. They also love their fans a lot and that's just unbelievable! Gfriend and Buddies have such a bond that transcends countries and continents. Buddies will support Gfriend forever! Gfriend appreciates buddies so much. They interact with buddies a lot and make sure they are doing fine. Gfriend will never leave buddies behind. Buddies are like family to them. I come from Europe and Gfriend doesn't come here often. They haven't had a concert here yet [emoji853] but I'm sure they will one day! I do sometimes feel sad when I see Gfriend interacting with buddies because I most likely won't be able to do that because I live so far from them. But even though distance hurts I would never choose a different group to stan! Gfriend is the best! Buddie forever! What are some of the ways you cope with missing Gfriend? How do you get over the sadness of living so far from Gfriend? Any advice is appreciated! Lots of love Sintija [emoji738][emoji738][emoji738] Sent from my WAS-LX1 using GFSquad.com mobile app
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    Today is a very special day for Buddies! Sowon who is known as Kim Sojung, was born in December 7, 1995. To celebrate together with Buddies, GFSquad.com made a special video presentation for Sowon. We want to share and appreciate her beautiful achievements and amazing moments not with just Buddies but to all kpop fans all over the world.  We are proud to present her all achievements in singing career not as Kim Sojung but as GFriend Sowon as well. To all new Kpop fans and Buddies, You will get able to know Sowon by watching this video presentation from GFSquad. We hope you enjoy watching and support GFriend Sowon as well! #HappySowonDay
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    Hello Buddies! GFSquad.com is back again to officially announce our 2019 GFRIEND Debut Support Anniversary! In the past 2 years, GFSquad has been involved in supporting our girls in every anniversary. In year 2016, International Buddies was able to collaborate with GFRIEND DC INSIDE GALLERY, a Korean Buddy community that support GFRIEND. With International Buddies help, we able to give them charity wreath, great gifts and food support. In year 2017, GFSquad community stepped up for another support for their 3rd Anniversary which we able to give our first gift to the girls along with the Season of GFriend first concert wreath support. GFSquad.com X GFRIEND DC INSIDE GALLERY 2nd Anniversary Support GFSquad.com 3rd Anniversary Project In this 2019, as a community, we want to continue to fill every hearts a memorable and meaningful memories. With every amount of support, we can make our girls happy and appreciation with the love of Buddies from all over the world. We hope everyone could participate and unite as International Buddies. This will be our 3rd year support for GFRIEND and we are aiming for a bigger goal. GFRIEND 4TH ANNIVERSARY COAL WREATH PROJECT “WARM LOVE IN BLOOM” CHARITY Because of the winter season, we have once again chosen to raise money for coal wreath that will be delivered in GFRIEND’s name. Coal briquettes are used in Korea to keep every home warm and to have access in cooking. Many elderly especially from rural areas, people or families in poverty rely more on coal during cold season. By donating to our project, you will be helping people in need to stay warm and to get through winter season. The collected funds will be ordered and purchased in one of major charity company in Korea called, Dreame, dreame.co.kr Below are coal briquettes that used as fireplace and for cooking: GFSquad will send a special message book for GFRIEND as well. It is important for us especially for Buddies to send every meaningful messages to our girls. GFRIEND 4TH ANNIVERSARY MESSAGE BOOK PROJECT MY BEAUTIFUL MEMORIA, FROM. BUDDY GFSquad will give out only 1 special book for this project. Like In our previous message books from Birthdays and anniversary, the contents will contain messages, stories and fanarts/doodles from Buddies all over the world. Below are samples of our past project Messages Books: DEADLINES Messages: December 23, 2018 11PM KST Fanarts: December 30, 2018 11PM KST Donations: to be determined Send To *Messages: GOOGLE FORM Google Form (click here!) Fanarts: events@gfsquad.com MAIN GOAL! As much as possible with every little help of your support, we can make these big goal to happen. For GFRIEND and Buddies, let’s unite! Adjusted goal: $1050 usd Coal Wreath Charity: $917 usd Message Book: $130 Minimum Donation Amount: $5.00 usd Benefits for Donors: A Forum Donation Award added to your profile. Example of previous awards: Your forum status will also be changed from "Bud" or "Buddies" to "Donors" A free forum title change. (Post your title change requests here) Your GFSquad ID name will put in the “Special Donor Section” page in the message book. TUTORIAL HOW TO DONATE 1. Click link: http://www.gfsquad.com/forums/donate/ 2. Click 'Donate Here' button located on the right side of the page. *Please use only the Donate button. 3. Select 'Amount' (Minimum $5.00 USD), 'Goal', and 'Payment Method' (only Paypal for now) 4. Confirm details, with options to stay 'Anonymous' 5. You will then be prompted by Paypal to login and confirm payment. Don't have a PayPal account? You can use your debit card (where available), credit card or bank account (where available). The PayPal interface may vary. We hope you can donate whatever you can to support GFRIEND, our cause, and GFSquad! -GFS Staff
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    Group GFRIEND’s Sowon made remarks about her body. [10asia Woobin Reporter] Source: https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=312&aid=0000359603 On MBC Every1’s variety show ‘I Have Something To Say Today’ which will air on December 1, Nicole and Sowon revealed their completely different body care secrets. Nicole pointed out to GFRIEND’s Sowon that she had something to say. Nicole, who came to this popular dessert cafe with Sowon said: “It’s the first time I’ve had this much sweet food in front of my eyes. I’ve never done anything without dieting.” She talked about when she was in Kara and had to manage her body intensely. “My company told me to gain weight”, said Sowon, “I’ve never been on a diet.” Which caused the cast to be completely shocked. MC Kim Jimin said “I’ve never met Sowon before but she sure is cheeky” causing everyone to laugh in response. Sowon and Nicole, an unexpected friendship, said: “We spent our days as trainees at the same agency and knew each other before debut.” In addition, Nicole surprised her by revealing that she went and enjoyed GFRIEND’s concert herself. On the other hand, Nicole revealed that she prepared hot places around Seoul from theme parks, to a hot club in Itaewon for Sowon to relieve her busy schedule. ‘I Have Something To Say’ is broadcasted every Saturday at 7:50PM.
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    "Annyeong Buddy" Yuna is back! bangless she's indeed bareface goddess it's so great to have you with us again
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    GFRIEND’s agency has shared a statement regarding fans’ concerns about Yuju. Yuju last participated in a scheduled activity with GFRIEND on October 27 and has been absent from all following activities. Many fans expressed concern over her whereabouts, with rumors of her going missing even spreading via social media and online communities. In response, the group’s agency Source Music assured, “There are no issues with the safety of member Yuju,” and added, “[The reason] will be revealed soon.” Most recently, Yuju released a collaborative track with Yoon Jong Shin on November 9. source we still don't know if the reason is work related or personal matters, but more importantly that she's safe
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    I understand your points and I agree. Maybe I came off the wrong way. but where does it get to the point where we maybe over stepping her and SouMu's privacy. Yes the haters and Sh*tizens will always talk their trash but there are fans that don't get information as quick or as well as many other Buddies and they do the rumors first or may not understand Buddies have questioned so much. Understand what I'm getting at? I Like I said, I'm not trying to cause "waves" but other Buddies have been taking some it too far. Maybe It came all wrong because I am not trying to attack anyone. There are things before this that I could also trust in, the words of GFriend, an interview that I did read here and the information about the collab. So I have never worried. Is it wrong of me not to worry because I trust SouMu? I've been made feel as if I'm wrong because of it. Is it wrong for me to voice my opinion about some things that I've seen amongst other Buddies where they start attacking each other or SouMu because this time around things were done differently. I know that Buddies care as do I.This forum is my source of info and I trust this forum as well people that are connected to this forum on twitter but many people are not connected and yet they still are Buddies. I don't know maybe all this came out wrong. I've been curious too, never worried. Like I said before I was also concerned as to where we draw the boundaries of over stepping their, her's and SouMu's privacy. Aloha
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    soompi has updated the article : Updated November 22 KST: GFRIEND’s agency has once again released a statement on Yuju being absent from activities. Despite the statement released on November 20, fans continued to express concern. On November 22, Source Music released another statement saying, “There are no issues with Yuju. Beginning in December, she will participate in activities like normal” from this article, Source Music confirmed that Yuju will return in December
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    Yea definitely agree! As Sowon said there will be a big news coming in next week. She is proudly telling that it's seems a good thing and it's for individual. I trust what our leader said. I trust her than their company Source Music haha!
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    I made this thread solely just to say, HOLY F*CK ON A CRACKER. I just had a newfound respect for subbers and translators. So recently I tried subbing and editing a 3 minute GFriend clip, and it took waaaaay much longer than I expected it would. Can't believe the amount of time and effort you guys pour into it. Kudos, good job, and keep up the good work, Buddies!
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    Congrats for winning with TFTMN. Well deserved.
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    Yerin stated on vLive that she sneezed really hard and popped a capillary (the fine blood vessels) in her eye. She says it doesn't hurt or impair vision or anything and it's nothing serious but it doesn't look good because her eye's bloodshot; thus the eyepatch. It looks like she was on stage yesterday (Nov. 24 Kor. time) without the eyepatch so I guess it's all better now.
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    Some photos have been released now: https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=17131845&memberNo=38179277# 62Mb ZIP file
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    I feel uncomfortable when fans take picture of idols in incognito.Maybe it’s just me.
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