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    Hello Buddies. I love being a part of this site. it's a welcoming, heartwarming place. but after the latest news with jonghyun from shinee, I think kpop is no longer for me. let me start by saying what a wonderful fandom you guys are. buddies are kind, funny, and selfless, always working hard to show their love for Gfriend and create friendships with other kpop fandoms. although I've been pretty MIA in the past few months anyway, I wanted to say my goodbyes to this amazing site. So many amazing memories of laughter and happiness have been created on this site. a huge thank you to everyone who helped to make this site possible. on behalf of many buddies here, I thank you for making this forum such an enjoyable website to hang out, spazz out over gfriend, and make lasting friendships. thank you to the admins, moderators, content creators, and of course, the buddies. goodbye buddies. thank you for the memories. I will always love gfriend and remember you guys fondly.
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    GFSquad.com's Happy Two Eunbi Day Highlight! In preparation for Two Eunbi Day birthday project, GFSquad held another special event for every Buddy fan artists. Our main goal is to feature Buddy's artistic skills wherein every fanartist will be on spotlight! It is important for us to share every Buddy's precious talent for them to get a recognition from everyone especially to GFriend. Now, GFSquad will be looking for Buddy fan artist who has potential and can able to make an artistic banner for GFriend! Gfsquad members or Buddies who have participated and for those who sent their fanarts in the previous birthday projects or within this year will be an entry and will have a chance to get on spotlight too! We will also look for Buddies who are actively supporting GFriend as well. Buddies are always welcome to join this project! This time, get to know one of the best fan artist in Buddy community! Under Two Eunbi Birthday Project highlight is one of great fan artist, @rezblack Who designed the charity wreath art for Eunha! Rezblack or better known as Shao Wen from Singapore, a nice hardworking Buddy and very passionate in his works! Check some of his great masterpiece and GFriend fanarts on his Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/rez_black/ Q: GFSquad community are very glad to know you. We are thankful you accepted our offer to feature your masterpiece that is dedicated for GFriend Eunha. It really impressed us as well together with Buddies, how are you feeling today? Thanks for this awesome opportunity to work with you guys from GFSquad! I’m feeling real good and excited. Q. You're a very professional artist! Tell us more about your personal life or your other interests besides GFriend! Woah Thank you! If I’m feeling creative, I would be drawing. Otherwise I would be spending most of my time on computer games and animes also I’m currently working as a full time Motion graphics artist during the day and afterwork if i’m feeling creative, I would draw..... Q. First of all, before doing those interests and as a professional artist, how did you became a fan of GFriend? When it all started? I just happen to come across Gfriend debuting with ‘Glass beads’ on a music show, it has this ‘Japanese vibe’ to the song , with tough dance choreography, could see that they are very hardworking, was thinking ‘why not give this new group a chance?’ From then on, I wanted to find out more on them and here I am, unknowingly became a big fan of them. Q. As a Buddy, is there other things like hobbies, interests that you passionately do (or wanted to do in the future) in supporting GFriend? I spend lots of time on their vlive page, sharing news, taking part in mass voting and streaming with buddies around the world. Q. As you all loved the members, who is your favorite the most? And why? It’s hard for me to answer, as I don’t really have a most favorite member in the group. Gfriend would be my first Kpop girl-group, where I like every single member from the first encounter. Their unity is what I really love about Gfriend, and every era allows individual members to shine, so I like them equally =) Q. Doing a fanart is a lot of time, preparations and effort to do, where do you get inspirations in doing GFriend fanarts? What motivated you to make it? My inspirations mostly comes from their song’s concept or their dance poses. What motivated me, I guess would be the equal love for all members. It would only be fair of me if I drew all members, and it serves as a ‘push’ to me, to create more artwork which also improves my drawing skills at the same time Hahahah. Q. Is there other Buddy fanartist or other graphic/illustrators outside the fandom that you impressed with? Can you name some of them! Artist like Buddies_art, Jujiir_rpg, Samuelyounart, Arianah00 and there’s like so many more to be named, really impressed me with their unique art styles. Q. If you will choose an era that you like the most from GFriend, certainly what era and songs from that album that is your favorite? It would be ‘The Awakening/ Fingertip’ era. ‘Hear the Wind Sing’ has to be my favourite song from the album. Q. Is there any memorable moment you experienced or unforgettable happenings that made you happy as a Buddy and from GFriend? It would be the winning of awards where Buddies are activity voting or reminding others to vote. I’m so happy and proud to be part of this fandom. Q. Lastly, do you have any message to aspiring fanartist Buddies, to all beginners or wanted to become a Buddy fanartist in the future? Our fandom is very supportive, so don’t worry, have fun, keep drawing and share your masterpiece. Now, give a shoutout to every Buddy!! Buddies! Thanks for all the hard work and support towards Gfriend. Let’s keep this up and grow as one positive fandom! We are happy to know you @rezblackBuddy! Indeed, your talent is really amazing and proud as Buddy! Thank you for having here in GFSquad community and in this fandom. Buddy jjang! To all aspiring Buddy fanartist! You can join and share your arts to us! Feel free to posts and make a lot of fanarts about GFriend! Keep supporting GFriend and anticipate more of our upcoming birthday projects!😄
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    Today is a very special day for Buddies! Eunha who is known as Jeong Eunbi, was born in May 30, 1997 to celebrate together with Buddies, GFSquad.com made a special video presentation for Eunha.We want to share and appreciate her beautiful achievements and amazing moments not with just Buddies but to all kpop fans all over the world. We are proud to present her all achievements in singing career not as Jeong Eunbi but also as GFriend Eunha. To all kpop fans and Buddies, You will get able to know Eunha by watching this video presentation from GFSquad. We hope you enjoy watching and support GFriend Eunha as well! #HappyEunhaDay Download the video in High quality (HQ) here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yU9wHsaf2jInWhJbwTDg40LqDduUvTvD
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    Don't forget to like the pictures you really like
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    That's right, Buddies! GFSS is back in full gear! Please subscribe! (NEW) YouTube Channel! Projects for the month in June (in no particular order): [052218] Show Champion Behind GFRIEND Cut Melon Radio ( Time For The Moon Night Era) Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time With GFRIEND In the meanwhile, please enjoy a GFSS new release!
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    Hello Buddies! GFSquad is back again and will be doing a Birthday support project for Yerin's 23rd Birthday and Umji's 21st Birthday this year! As we have been for our past projects, we will celebrate again by collecting funds to purchase a wreath to donate under Ye-Sister's name as well as give them each a message book with message from Buddies! We will also be purchasing gifts for the Ye-Sisters! Like our previous Birthday supports, we will have member and donor involvement as well! See "GFS Member Project Involvement" below for more details. For those who haven't seen the types of projects we do, please visit here to see reviews of all our previous projects! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DONATIONS Donation Goal:$650USD This donation goal will be to cover the cost of purchasing wreaths and message books for both Yerin and Umji (They will both get their own wreath and message book.) All extra donations will then be allocated to purchase gifts for Ye-Sisters. Minimum Donation Amount: $5.00USD Donation Period: June 18, 2018 - To be determined, 2018 (Ends at 11:59PM KST) Benefits for Donors: A Forum Donation Award added to your profile. Example of previous awards: Your forum status will also be changed from "Bud" or "Buddies" to "Donors" A free forum title change. (Post your title change requests here) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GFS MEMBERS PROJECT INVOLVEMENT To make Buddies feel more involved in our projects, Buddies can help make decisions on the outcome of the project! Donors of the project will be invited to join a project team group chat, on the instant messaging app LINE, to brainstorm and work together on project tasks like: decide on what wreath to purchase the wording on the ribbons on the wreath type of gifts wrapping of gifts etc. For all Buddies who have donated to the project, please visit the below Donor thread (Only accessible to donors) to find the link to the chat. Our initial donation goal will be to cover the cost of the Wreath and message book as that is the core of the project. The donation goal will be decided once the type of wreath is decided. If we exceed our donation goal, the excess donations will be used to purchase a gift for the Ye-Sisters! This will be decided jointly with members. The process for deciding what gifts we will buy will be something like this: Take suggestions from Buddies and compile them together Create a poll for Buddies to decide on what to purchase The winner of the poll will be the gift chosen to be purchased. *We will try to make this as interactive as possible. However, if we run into unforeseen obstacles that may hinder the project timeline, GFS will make the executive decision on what will be done" CURRENT INVOLVEMENT: Please help us decide on what type of wreath to purchase for the Ye-Sisters! You may vote for the type of wreath in the polls above. Poll ends on July __, 2018. Please submit your messages and fanarts for our Message Books for the Ye-Sisters! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PROJECT TIMELINE To ensure that we are able to compile the wreath and gifts together by the Ye-Sister's birthday, there will be a schedule that we will follow: Donation Period: June 18, 2018 - To be determined Message Compilation for Message Book Process: June __, 2018 - July __, 2018 Gift Decision Process (if applicable): June __, 2018 - July ___, 2018 Ordering and Compiling of Gifts: June __, 2018 and on **Timeline subject to change** -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [TUTORIAL] HOW TO DONATE: 1. Click link: http://www.gfsquad.com/forums/donate/ 2. Click 'Donate Here' button located on the right side of the page. *Please use only the Donate button. 3. Select 'Amount' (Minimum $5.00 USD), 'Goal', and 'Payment Method' (only Paypal for now) 4. Confirm details, with options to stay 'Anonymous' 5. You will then be prompted by Paypal to login and confirm payment. Don't have a PayPal account? You can use your debit card (where available), credit card or bank account (where available). The PayPal interface may vary. We hope you can donate whatever you can to support the Ye-Sisters, GFRIEND, our cause, and GFSquad! -GFS Staff -GFSquad.com Support Team
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    Girl Group GFRIEND has sung the OST for cable channel TvN's drama "What's Wrong with Secretary Kim?" [MyDaily = Myung Heeseok Reporter] Source: http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=117&aid=0003063559 On the 18th, MyDaily can report that GFRIEND has recently finished recording the OST for "What's Wrong with Secretary Kim". In particular, GFRIEND's OST for "What's Wrong with Secretary Kim" will be their first one sung as a group. Previous OSTs from the members included Yuju and Loco's "Spring is Gone by Chance" for drama "The Girl Who Sees Smells". Eunha sang "사랑-ing" for the drama "Love Temperature" and also sang "You Look Nice Today" with Yoon Ddan Ddan for the drama "The Package". GFRIEND created a new genre called "Power Innocence" ' with emotional yet delicate voices and powerful stage performances. Every OST released was well received so far so it is expected so we're looking forward to their potential in "What's Wrong with Secretary Kim".
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    Girl Group GFRIEND will hold an encore concert in Seoul [OSEN = Lee Sodam Reporter] Source: http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=109&aid=0003807742 GFRIEND posted the '2018 GFRIEND FIRST CONCERT' Season of GFRIEND '- ENCORE' teaser poster on their official SNS on the morning of today (21st) and announced the news of a Seoul Encore concert. According to the poster, GFRIEND will have an encore concert at the SK Olympic Handball Stadium in Seoul Olympic Park on September 8 ~ 9, and meet their fans again after 8 months. GFRIEND finished their concert with a hot response at the first concert "Seasons of GFRIEND" in January, which was sold out in 3 minutes after ticketing was opened. This signalled the start of the Asia Tour in Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore. In particular, the encore concert will be their Asia Concert’s finale, and will showcase their rich performance and musical growth and that they’ve grown into an artist with global influence over other countries. In addition, GFRIEND is drawing attention as the concert will be held at a concert hall that is more than twice as big as the one held 8 months ago, showing the leap that they’ve made. Meanwhile, GFRIEND’s Encore Concert '2018 GFRIEND FIRST CONCERT' Season of GFRIEND '- ENCORE' will open fanclub pre-ticket starting from 6pm on July 25 and general bookings will open from 6 pm on the 27th.
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    Group GFRIEND contributed to the Ice Bucket Challenge [OSEN = Ji Minkyung Reporter] Source: http://naver.me/5QMyxPZB On the 10th, GFRIEND’s member posted on Instagram and said “Hello, this is GFRIEND’s SinB. First of all, I’d like to thank Astro’s Moonbin nominating me for the 2018 Ice Bucket Challenge. I decided to donate instead.” She also heartwarmingly added “The Seung-il Hope Foundation is said to be the first building for Lou Gehrig’s disease patients in Korea. I’m so happy to be able to give hope and happiness to Lou Gehrig disease patients even if it may be small. I hope that many people will show your continued interest and support with me in this great cause and participate by donating as well. I too will support them with great interest until the very end.” Lastly, SinB expressed the intentions of all 6 members on joining her in in the Ice Bucket Challenge and posted photos of their donations and informed everyone of their support. Meanwhile, the Ice Bucket Challenge which started on May 29 by Sean is being held to raise awareness about patients with Lou Gehrig disease and to raise donations for the establishment of a new Lou Gehrig's disease centred hospital. Top Comments: +373, -19 As expected from GFRIEND ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Buddies are so proud.. +250, -24 It's beautiful to see them participating in this challenge +107, -3 They have such a good personality and heart that they're like angels...To the lovely Yeochinnies...I hope many good things come your way... +75, -2 The appearance of them participating together is so beautiful to see. As expected from GFRIEND +51, -1 GFRIEND are smiling angels~^^
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    #HappySinBDay for every buddy arround the world! Happy birthday to our sophisticated beagle SinB
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    Hello Buddies~ Did you spend your day well today? I originally wanted to post this right after our promotions, but we were so busy so I’m posting it now ㅠ Sorry ㅠㅠ I’m so happy to see Buddies who I missed for 7 months. Usually after promotions, I felt bittersweet, but this time I felt…how should I say it...? It was sad hehehehe Sad in a good way! hehehehe. Everyday was like a dream, like a miracle, and it was beautiful hehe. I felt grateful towards all Buddies and I also feel grateful to our members…. Now that I think about it, I'm just grateful for everyone, everyday. I don’t exactly know what I am to Buddies, but as for me, I'm very grateful for Buddies. Thank you for giving me great happiness during these promotions, I’ll try harder to to give you even a little bit of happiness in the future~! I’ll be a Yerin you can be proud of~ I love all our 90,000 Buddies ❤️Lastly, thank you. Bbyung🙃
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    GFRIEND Racing towards Japan’s Tokyo Dome [TV Report = Kim Yena Reporter] Source: http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=213&aid=0001038114 They’ve been running for 3 years since debut. They received attention with every song they released and cruised their way into becoming a popular girl group. They have reached their peak. And now they take on a new challenge in Japan. GFRIEND finished their flourishing promotions with their song ‘Time for the Moon Night’ which was released in April. GFRIEND who has always run with the ‘Power Innocence’ concept since debut changed it up with ‘Time for the Moon Night’ and strengthened their lyricism. GFRIEND’s ‘Time for the Moon Night’ which as met with their unique energy, earned them 10 wins. GFRIEND’s total number of wins so far sits at 47 so far. Not only that, GFRIEND’s ‘Time for the Moon Night’ showed resilience on the music charts as promotions went underway. Compared to when the song was immediately released, their rank has risen. It claimed MelOn chart’s top spot 17 days after it’s release. Off the back of their success with ‘Time for the Moon Night’, they got on a plane to Japan on the morning of the 22nd. Their debut album that they’re promoting, which will be released on the 23rd, is called ‘今日から私たちは~ GFRIEND 1st BEST’. GFRIEND already had pre-promotion schedules back in March. They held a press conference and a premium showcase at the Shinjuku Alta Theatre in Japan and officially made their entry into the Japanese market. At that time, GFRIEND said “We feel nervous and excited, just like when we made our debut in Korea 3 years ago. Now that we’ve got a new challenge, we will do our best and strive until the day we perform at the Dome.” For Kpop singers, the Japanese market is considered one of the areas that they all want to challenge after they’ve debuted. In particular, a Dome Tour starting from Tokyo Dome, is a target for many singers. TVXQ, Big Bang, Girls’ Generation, EXO, Shinee etc. have all had Dome Tours. As a result of their seniors, GFRIEND is expected to follow their success.
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    Buddyyyyy our Buddies I wanted to be on Vapp a little longer ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I’m sorry that I had to cut it short because the signal was badㅜㅜㅜㅜ But it’s nice to start off a birthday that happens once a year by celebrating it with Buddies❤️ And to everyone who thought I was feeling down today, I’m not!! I felt relaxed after finishing domestic and Japanese promotions so I was more calm than usual!! Anyways, thank you all for loving me so much! I’ll always repay Buddies with an unchanging heart. Once again, thank you so much and I love you ❤️
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    Hello, we are Gfriend's Spotify Underground! We are the newest fanbase for Gfriend! We are dedicated to the updates, activities, & streaming of the group on the Spotify platform our official account is on Twitter feel free to follow us there as well. https://twitter.com/GfriendsSpotify Our main goals are to improve activities on the website/app to help increase Gfriend's international growth and income for future comebacks. We are getting ready to reveal our first project which is 1M Moon Nights From this we wish to recieve 1M monthly listeners in one month Who are Monthly Listeners? Monthly listeners are unique listeners who play your music during a 28-day period. This stat updates every day, and appears on both your artist profile on Spotify and right above the timeline graph in the Audience section of Spotify for Artists. 2 important things to clarify about your monthly listeners: They’ve listened within a rolling window of 28 days. We use a rolling window of 28 days because the number of days in a calendar month can vary, and because people listen to music differently depending on the day of the week. This means an equal number of days of the week are included—so, the same number of Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, etc. They are unique listeners. If someone plays your music multiple times in a 28-day period, they only get counted once. Tracking trends using your monthly listeners timeline can give you a good idea of how your music is performing over longer periods of time, and can also help you understand overall engagement and listening behavior after a new release. For more immediate changes with a higher level of detail, keep an eye on your number of daily listeners. information from: Spotify For Artist Currently as the month of May ends, Gfriend currently sits on 642,213 and will most likely soon reset Many buddies have worked hard, but we only started this a week prior to end of the 28 days we hope those who are able to use Spotify will join us and aid in this project has it will take many of us to complete Gfriend's Spotify Page * Spotify is available in certain countries. It can be found on your app store, desktop download, and web player
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    Who is the most beautiful Galaxy? Yeah she is.
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    This is a long video of the girls sitting around a table, on bean bag chairs, and eating food. Since I can't understand Korean I can't tell you exactly what it's about. But it's a lot of content (1 hr 22m). Noticed it on the subreddit discord server.
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    GFRIEND’s “Time for the Moon Night” remains on top for the second straight week! This song continues its dominance over the music shows, winning all of them for the second week in a row. Despite scoring a bit less than last week, “Time for the Moon Night” is still far ahead of the competition. Congratulations again to GFRIEND! TWICE’s three week champion song “What Is Love?” rebounds four spots to No. 2 this week after falling to No. 6 last week. Rounding out the all-female group top three is one of the two new songs on the top 10 this week. It is also the first rookie artist to hit the top 10 in 2018! Moving up 10 spots to No. 3 is Cube Entertainment’s new female group (G)I-DLE. Their debut song “LATATA” is the title track from the group’s first mini-album “I Am.” The six-member multinational group has received a lot of attention for their debut, becoming the early front runner for this year’s best new artist awards. “LATATA” is a dance song with an addictive beat, and the lyrics describe the feeling of falling in love and wanting to dance. Debuting at No. 10 is Yong Junhyung’s “Go Away.” Just last week, his “Sudden Shower” reached No. 3 on our chart. Now it is replaced by “Go Away,” the title song of Yong Junhyung’s first full album “GOODBYE 20’s.” With a house beat, this dance song is about a breakup that can commonly happen to people elsewhere. SINGLE MUSIC CHART - May 2018, Week 4 1. (-) Time for the Moon Night 2. What is Love? 3. LATATA 4. EVERYDAY 5. Flower Road 6. Bittersweet 7. Bboom Bboom 8. Just Friends 9. Shine 10. Go Away Source: (1)
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    Despite BTS' comeback, GFRIEND are still going strong on the charts! GFRIEND's "Time For The Moon Night" is shaping up to be one of the group's biggest hits ever. On Wednesday, the song was still ranking at No. 2 on Melon's real-time digital charts, just behind BTS' brand new single "Fake Love." The song has been out for more than three weeks, but it's performing stronger now than it did when it was first released. It also picked up 10 first place wins on music programs and recently surpassed 20 million views on YouTube. GFRIEND are well and truly back on top! Source (1)
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    Mwave announced yet another Meet and Greet with our girls! So with that being said, we announced our worldwide group order for <Time for the Moon Night> for Buddies all around the world. This group order was slightly rushed, with only a little over two weeks to organise. Mwave announced that the Meet and Greet would be broadcasted live on the 15th of May, with sales beginning on the 27th of April. Thankfully Buddies were still able to put in their forms and payments in time! Our G.O managers worked extremely hard to gather and encourage Buddies to join our group order. Thank you guys so much! Here are the G.O managers for this group order: Australia group orders representatives: @Eunbii (@/_eunbii) with the help of @Galaxy1004 (@/galaxy1004_) Indonesia group orders representative: @Monica or on her twitter (@/twinkeul) Singapore group orders representative: @brownpigeon Malaysia group orders representatives: @adib and @Neshy (@/Yujuneshy971004) Canada West Coast group orders representative: @Shadownet (@/yunaverse97) Canada East Coast group orders representative: @AznSeoul Europe group orders representative: @BlackRyder (@/Black_Ryder1) Philippines group orders representative: Chulien Shop PH Great job everyone! We started off the orders slow with 24 albums ordered securing the Top 3 spot already! More orders were slowly coming in and we managed to get to 52 albums! 14th May, we were able to take the spot of Top supporter for a while.. D-day drew closer and on D-day we were able to accumulate 112 orders in total, unfortunately only taking the Top 2 supporter spot! We really appreciate the support from Buddies! With the final result, GFSquad were able to take the Top 2 supporter spot for GFRIEND's Mwave Meet and Greet this time! We are extremely thankful to Buddies all around the world who were able to join us in this event! By taking the Top 2 spot we did better than the Parallel Meet and Greet! So congratulations Buddies ^^ GFRIEND's Meet and Greet live broadcast began and we highly anticipated being recognised by the girls again. The Top 5 Supporters announcement by the girls was inevitable and finally it happened! Umji recognised us with ease and Eunha congratulated us! Thanks to @EthanCoow in providing the short cut clip announcing the Top 5 Supporters for GFSquad Twitter! Thank you to our cutie Maknae Umji for recognising us again! Thank you for remembering us once again We would like to thank everybuddy who joined our group order to make this moment possible and we would also like to thank the people who cheered us on! All of this would not be possible without the constant support from International Buddies so we are very very grateful to you all ♥ We will continue these projects in the future to support our girls so please stay tuned! Buddies who give us constant support at GFSquad, thank you all so very much, we will stay as a strong community for a long time.
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    As a whole, I can't say...But from what I hear, K-Buddies respect I-Buddies. In our experience here at GFS, we were fortunate enough to befriend K-Buddies from DC INSIDE GFRIEND GALLERY. Their projects for GFRIEND are truly top-notch. We were honored to have been a part of their GFRIEND 2nd Anniversary Project back in January 2017, and since then we have remained friends. They support us and we support them. One of the K-Buddies ( @skysky0520 ) translated our entire site in Korean and continues to help us. Others like @YujuHeroes and @Elliote(소원의정다움²) play major roles whenever we do projects for the girls. All of them, by the way, are also GFS staff members. We enjoy these experiences and have learned a lot from them. They work hard and are kind towards I-Buddies. I can't tell you enough how thankful and humble we are for their love and support. We'd like very much to build on this special relationship between K-Buddies and I-Buddies. It's not only good for the fandom and GFRIEND, but it is a wonderful thing to connect with other people who share a common interest.
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    As an I-Buddy, I honestly do not know how the relationship is between us. I do know that the BTS fandom are pretty close with each other and to be quite honest, I don't know a single Korean Buddy since I'm so isolated over here in the States. Anything is possible if you try to reach that goal. I wouldn't mind seeing Korean and International Buddies being closer.
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    ‘GFRIEND’ elected as Public Relations Ambassadors for “Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms” [Lee Junhyun Reporter from Hankyeong.com] Source: http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=015&aid=0003963603 “Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms”, which signals the start of Japanese in July Syndrome, suddenly picked popular female idol group GFRIEND as their Promotion Ambassador, attracting great anticipation with viewers. “Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms” which will be released on July 19, is about Ariel, an abandoned child who lives forever in Marquia and meets a boy who they were destined to meet. The director, Mari Okada, who’s directing “Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms” as well as directed “The Anthem of the Heart”, is gaining attention with popular idol group ‘GFRIEND’. Since their first title track “Glass Bead” from their 1st Mini Album ‘Season of Glass’ released in 2015, they’ve exploded in popularity by having successive hits such as ‘Me Gustas Tu’ and ‘Rough’. Recently, they promoted ‘Time for the Moon Night’ which brought them a mysterious image, and will no doubt be expecting an explosive reaction from movie fans. “Morning of Farewells DAY” which will be held at CGV Yongsan I'Park Mall on July 3rd will be attended by GFRIEND and is expected to receive an enthusiastic response from the audience.
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    Here's mine hahahaha What do you guys think bout it?? also, please watch my first work that I posted! I worked really hard for this. And hope you like it! ENJOY^^ GFRIEND (여자친구) - "TIME FOR THE MOON NIGHT" (밤) Lyrics j
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    18 Days before GFS' 2nd year anniversary~! wow time flies soooo fast~ I felt like it was only yesterday when launch this site and started to interact with Buddies all over the world~ Let's be together with GFS and GFRIEND for a long time Fun fact: You can check your registration number on your profile link ^^ Mine is #5 lol check out yours and leave it on reply section https://www.gfsquad.com/forums/profile/5-haechi해치/
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    Anyone here play Fortnite? Glass Bead seems to be in one of the emotes called 'Star Power' Here's a youtube video comparing the emote (Lovelyz - Ah Choo is the first part of the emote)
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    SinB posted on gfriendofficial Instagram~ #Ddinstagram My birthday gift to Buddies💙 I'm so grateful for everyone who celebrated my birthday! I wanted to personally see all the gifts that Buddies prepared for me, but I haven't been able to yet but still..thank you so much and I love you😘❤️I love all my members, Buddies and my mum and dad #HwangEunbiDay 🎂🎂
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    Yay! Add GFRIEND on KKT Plus Friend here: http://pf.kakao.com/_MqGxau
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    It will be a "Sing my Song Military President" special episode! Date: 7th June 2018 Time: 11.05 PM KST
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    painted one Eunha! Trying to capture the piercing eyes... and the lovely innocent beauty of
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    Your Precious Glass Bead
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    Long haired Eunha!
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    You can preorder now on Yes24 and gmarket or other sites when they come up Blu ray: http://www.yes24.com/24/goods/61186091?scode=032&OzSrank=9 DVD: http://www.yes24.com/24/goods/61186013?scode=032&OzSrank=8 GMarket DVD: http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/English/detailview/item.aspx?goodscode=1411211975 Bluray: http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/English/detailview/item.aspx?goodscode=1411226176
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    My goddess here has way too many beautiful photos..
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    donated for the first time, although not much but am happy to contribute
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    Hi!I wasn't sure about posting this but I had made this photoshop drawing of Eung from very long time ago,and was waiting for the right time to come. sadly I have been so busy nowadays so I couldn't do anything for SinB,but I will make her one after her birthday in my free time. Hope you like it<3
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    Short haired Eunha!
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    Normally i don't make posts in this thread but when I went on Twitter, I didn't know I'd see the SOTY (Shoulder of the year).
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