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    For all the new Buddies who are getting into GFriend or for all the veteran Buddies, here's a thread with all the fanchants compiled together for you to learn or review! If I'm missing anything or if there are any mistakes please let me know! Glass Bead: Me Gustas Tu: Rough: Luv Star: Navillera: Gone With the Wind: FINGERTIP: LOVE WHISPER: ONE-HALF: SUMMER RAIN: Time for the Moon Night: New Credit to colorcodedlyrics and klyrics for the romanizations and the GFRIEND Official Fancafe for the fanchants.
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    Composed by Iggy & Yongbae | Lyrics by Iggy & Yongbae Sowon | Yerin | Eunha | Yuju | SinB | Umji | Group I'm a little special today, it's an exciting start Some unknown anticipation draws me in My light footsteps, they feel nice today I feel pretty good today, I like it (Oh no) When I let my guard down oh this doesn't make sense (Like that) Your look towards me is so perfect Once I point at the perfect you I think you'll become mine Tang-tang-tang FINGERTIP I'll aim for your heart Tang-tang-tang FINGERTIP So that your heart stops So what, I'll get closer to you You are at my fingertips FINGER FINGERTIP FINGER FINGERTIP Yeah, I'll claim your heart now Let's start, this is perfect I was already preparedDuring that short time, you came into my heartNobody else was in my vision but youThe moment I pass you as I walk towards youEverything feels so good, I'll get even closer(123) The fantasy that starts as time passes(321) This open space is filled with itOnce I point at the flawless you I think you'll become mine Tang-tang-tang FINGERTIP I'll aim for your heart Tang-tang-tang FINGERTIP So that your heart stops So what, I'll get closer to you You are at my fingertips FINGER FINGERTIP Although I've waited long for this moment, I'll be calmSo that nobody knows, so that nobody can tellAs I beckon with my hands, I'll control your heartBefore the time tick-tock tick-tocks by, come to me 1234Really, what can I doThe moment I aimed at youI think I might fall in love Tang-tang-tang FINGERTIP I'll aim for your heart Tang-tang-tang FINGERTIP So that your heart stops So what, I'll get closer to you You are at my fingertips FINGER FINGERTIP FINGER FINGERTIP Yeah, I'll claim your heart nowYou are at my fingertipsFINGER FINGERTIP Line Distribution Assist: YouTube Watasy Wahyo Korean Lyrics Source: Naver Music Translated by Albatro
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    I missed you ㅠ It's so hot right ㅠ Is it hard? Every time I read the Dears that Buddies are writing everyday, from the ones that give me a little happiness to the ones that are sad, for some reason I’m even more grateful today for your cuteness and loveliness❤️ Yeochin is working hard today as well But I want to tell Buddies some tmi stuff right now. I sneezed a lot today and it was especially loud. SinB is sitting in front of me right now, her parted hair is perfect. I tried to eat a triangular kimbap today but failed ㅠ After writing this From, I’m going to sleep for a bit Hehet Buddy~ the hotter it gets, the better we should take care of our health. Yeochin will always be with Buddies ❤️Have a happy rest of the day
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    Member of group GFRIEND looked at their past video clips on JTBC’s “Idol Room”. [Sports Donga = Jeon Hyojin Reporter] Source: https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=382&aid=0000664122 JTBC’s “Idol Room” which airs on the 31st (Tue) at 6:30PM will feature GFRIEND. The members had time to look back on their past videos during a recent recording of “Idol Room”. Yuju who had been involved in audition programs and singing contests since she was young, burst into tears while watching a video of her in a middle school competition. She said, “I was living to my fullest and didn’t know anything”, and recounted the time she had to go through to become a singer. In contrast, SinB who has appeared on various TV programs before as a children’s dance team confessed about an episode she appeared on in the past. She said, “I asked for a 3:3 meeting with Super Junior’s Leeteuk (when I was young)” Later, the maknae Umji also takes about a cute crying performance she had to do earlier in their debut, turning the recording site to become a sea of laughter. Also, known as the “Legendary Past” among the GFRIEND members, was Eunha’s cute look revealed. The members all said “So Cute” when Eunha’s childhood showed up. GFRIEND looking back on their past with laughter and tears can be found at JTBC’s “Idol Room” which will be broadcasted on July 31st at 6:30pm. The program will be simultaneously broadcasted through VLIVE.
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    Guys, i'm freaking out. I'm from Brazil and I jus got a Yuju's polaroid today. It was in purple version of Time For The Moon Night and i'm really shocked because I didn't purchase on first-press. So... was like a lost polaroid? IDK, BUT I'M SO HAPPY. Let me share with you ^^
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    A Refreshing GFRIEND in the hot summer From Powerful Innocence to Passionate Sentimental. Again with ‘Sunny Summer’ GFRIEND refreshingly transform. SummerFRIEND along with the Sunny Sumer An interview was conducted, And now that story is revealed! 7th Summer Mini Album Yuju & Umji: Before it was ‘Powerful Innocence’, then it was ‘Passionate Sentimental’ but this time, it’s ‘Powerful Refreshing'. In addition to our emotional and sentimental songs, we wanted to show a refreshing side of GFRIEND that’s bright in the summer. The more you listen to our songs, the more energy you get! Sunny Summer Yerin & SinB: The album name is ‘Sunny Summer’ which is also the title song’s name. With ‘Sunny Summer’ we want it to be the first song that people think of when people think of summer season songs. GFRIEND will be back as ‘SummerFRIEND’. Yeochin’s Summer Songs Sowon & Eunha: Just like DEUX’s ‘In Summer’ and COOL’s ‘Aloha’, we want our song 'Sunny Sumer' to be loved throughout all 4 seasons. ‘Sunny Summery’ Words Sowon & Yuju: We wish ‘여름여름해’ can become a buzz word. Say it when you feel like going out to play, or when you talk about stories in the summer. Yerin, Eunha & SinB: Just like the lyrics ‘I’m feeling summery, shall we leave for somewhere’, we want people to be able to express their excitement. Collaboration with Duble Sidekick Yuju, Eunha & SinB: Not working with Iggy, Youngbae, we worked with Duble Sidekick for the first time. They’re composers who have written many of our favourite songs so we thought they were celebrities. We learned many things including their recording and vocal styles etc. Member’s names written in the lyrics Sowon, Umji & Yerin: ‘Yerin is lonely’ ‘Into a mysterious place’ ‘thumbs up’ ‘into the galaxy’ ‘would you be my’ ‘ listen to my wish’. Through the lyrics, we were able to add more of our colours and charms into the song. We think it’s fun to sing out our parts every time they come up. GFRIEND’s Style Umji: Regardless of the genre or vibe, the colour that fits GFRIEND the most would be ‘Sincerity’. Sowon: We heard the words ‘ForLifeFRIEND’ in the sense that it contained our story in the song. We want to keep making stories and be a group that will last a long time. 2015 Yeochin, 2018 Yeochin Yuju & Yerin: Just like when we first debuted, we still feel a sense of nervousness when releasing an album. What has changed and developed is that the members are now actively expressing their opinions and creating new things together. Reversing into 1st Sowon & Eunha: We were so happy on the night that our song 'Time for the Moon Night' was reversing on the charts that we checked it every hour. As it got higher in the charts, we got more confidence and happier. I think it was possible because it’s a song that doesn’t get old and unsuitable with. So with ‘Sunny Summer’, we hope that it’s loved for a long time irrespective of whether it’s still summer or not hahaha. ‘Produce48’ Trainees Cover Stage Yuju & SinB: We also practiced a lot of cover stages of our sunbaes when we were trainees. So we know their minds. We thought the reproduction of ‘Love Whisper’ which was released in our 3rd year of debut, was great and we smiled until the end watching it. Recommended Karaoke Songs. Sowon: When 4minute’s ‘Crazy’ comes on while I’m in the car, I sing along to it with excitement. This song is the best to lift up the mood. Umji: I go with SinB to the karaoke to sing trot a lot. I’ve got a memory where SinB sang so well that I was so surprised. I usually sing more recent songs. Yerin: I like to sing ballads, especially songs by SeeYa Sunbae. Number 1 Promise All: Even though the weather is hot, we saw that the fans still came to the public broadcasts and recordings. So if we win 1st place, we’ll arrange an ice cream truck or a refreshing iced coffee truck. Source: (1)
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    In an interview with ET News, GFRIEND talked about their three-year career thus far, their outlook as artists, and their thoughts on the concepts that they’ve done. The group, who recently made a comeback with “Sunny Summer,” is now in their fourth year together. Despite having a run of hits from early on, the group has stayed grounded and motivated every step of the way. Yuju said, “Even if we do the same performance, the audience is different, and we’re different, too, so we have no choice but to see every performance as our first. Maintaining a rookie mindset is something so natural; we never questioned it. Every single GFRIEND member wants every performance to be amazing, so if our practice ends early in the studio, we’ll continue somewhere else. It doesn’t matter if we have a lot of space. We believe that we can practice in any space, and we’re always preparing for the stage.” The group values communication above all else and does not shy away from sharing constructive criticisms with each other, or making marked efforts to discuss and work out any hurt feelings or disagreements. They also make time to compliment each other, chatting online if they can’t get together. GFRIEND spoke about their largely unchanging concept since debut; ever since their debut with “Glass Bead,” the group has driven forward with their powerful, innocent concept. In a market where many artists opt for big changes, GFRIEND is steadfast in who they are and in their direction. Umji said, “Since our debut, we set off with a concept that fits us, and received a lot of love for it. In our opinion, even by making small changes each comeback, we’ve changed a lot since debut.” She continued, “Just like you’re at the top [in the last year of] elementary school, but are the runt again when you move up to middle school, a big plus is that as we grow, there are so many different things that we can do. Moving forward, we will continue to make small, natural changes, advancing steadily, so that people can say we matured naturally, and well.” Source (1) (2)
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    Bundang 180728: Yongsan 180729: Ilsan 180729: Overall if you're ever in Korea and wondering if it's really worth the amount of money you have to pour into these fansigns (I bought 50 albums in total, 25 for Bundang, 15 for Yongsan and 10 for Ilsan), I would say it's a resounding yes. Also don't forget you can still sell the albums on later to help heal the hole in your wallet. Fansigns were the main reason I came to Korea, although for cost reasons I had to book the flights long before the announcement of Sunny Summer and ended up getting super lucky with the timing. There's nothing quite like meeting your idols in person, and while it can be daunting at first, by the end of the weekend it felt like I was talking to a group a friends, rather than celebrities. It took a different amount of time to get this effect with each individual member, and for that I would highly recommend attending multiple fansigns if you can, although if you can only afford one it's still totally worth it. All six of the girls were so lovely and really helped me feel at ease chatting with them, and each had their own individual flavour. Even though I only spoke to each member for about 3-4 minutes I feel like I know them so much more than I could ever achieve just by watching performances and variety shows, and my already high estimations of their character has sky-rocketed. As for the language barrier, I recommend learning basic Korean, but even still as the weekend went on it seemed to become less of a problem even for those who spoke less English, as we found ways to work around that. I hope you've enjoyed reading my account as much as I've enjoyed writing it and sharing what's been an incredible experience.
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    painted one Eunha! Trying to capture the piercing eyes... and the lovely innocent beauty of
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    I mean, I haven’t been here for a while How have you been Buddies~? Is everyone having a nice Sunny Summer? I’ve been drinking a lot of water recently because of the hot weather Let’s do a 2L water drinking exercise together! Also I wanted to upload many pretty photos while I’m promoting But I think I’ve lost my sense of taking photos It’s not that sad though Also the Sunny Summer promotions are in it's final week!!!!! With the remaining promotions, I’ll work hard to keep Buddies cool Also I’ll come back here (fancafe) more often~~~~ Bye Baba!
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    GFRIEND posted on gfriendofficial's Instagram~ Our Buddies💕 How was your Friday Buddies? Because of Buddies, we were really happy!😶We're not tired because we have Buddies supporting us! You know the delicious lunch boxes made us strong as well right?💪We can all be happy and cheer up thanks to Buddy, so let's beat the Sunny☀️Summer heat today! See you all in the morning❤️❤️
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    GFRIEND revealed a fun idea for what they might do if they win first place on a music show with their new song! The girl group made a comeback on July 19 with their track “Sunny Summer,” and they talked about their return in an interview with Star News. Yuju described their new track as very summery and said, “I hope that our fans will be able to have a fun holiday while listening to this song.” The members also talked about working with the producing team Duble Sidekick on “Sunny Summer.” Sowon said, “Duble Sidekick has a lot of hit songs. We also really liked Duble Sidekick’s songs, particularly SISTAR’s songs. At first when we heard that they wanted to write a song for us, we were so surprised that we reacted like, ‘Us with Duble Sidekick?’ While we were working on it, they directly asked us about what we wanted.” GFRIEND has been promoting steadily since their debut in 2015. Umji said, “We think that we still have a lot to show. The memories we make with our fans while we’re promoting are so great that I still don’t feel like I’m tired. I watch movies with the members on the TV in our dorm, and when we don’t have anything on our schedule I eat late-night snacks, go shopping, and take some time to recharge.” The group was also asked about their goals for this comeback. “‘Time for the Moon Night’ received love for a long time, but I still hope that ‘Sunny Summer’ will beat ‘Time for the Moon Night,'” said Sowon with a laugh. “In terms of a first place promise, since it’s summer I want to give fans the gift of an ice cream truck.” She added, “Also, after we debuted we right away received rookie awards and bonsangs, and experienced really happy moments. Our hope is that we’ll continue to attend award shows in the future as well.” Source (1) (2)
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    GFRIEND is multi-coloured, We want to become 'SummerFRIEND' with 'Sunny Summer'. [Herald POP = Go Seungah Reporter] Source: https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=112&aid=0003051937& The season of summer is inseparable with the group GFRIEND. From 2015 onwards, they’ve comeback with many songs in the summer including ‘Navillera’, ‘Love Whisper’, and ‘Me Gustas Tu’. This year, GFRIEND are also presenting a summer mini album called ‘Sunny Summer’, which fits summer perfectly. Especially, they have transformed into a “Powerful Refreshing” GFRIEND adding the essence of summer to their unique concept of ‘Powerful Innocence’. Before their comeback, GFRIEND was interviewed at a cafe in Seongsu-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul on the 17th, returning within 3 months after ‘Time for the Moon Night’. “I think GFRIEND is a group with different colours. In our previous song, we showed a song that was ‘Passionate Sentimental’ which was loved by a lot of people. This time, we wanted to show people our bright songs.” (Umji) “We’re making a comeback in the summer, and it’s nice to see everyone so soon. I hope that many people will listen to the song and be cheered up.” (SinB) This album is a summer mini album, so it was filled with songs full of summer feels. Starting with the title song ‘Sunny Summer’, which has a somewhat tropical vibe, ‘Sweety’ is about a fresh first love, ‘Windy Windy’ is a song about a summer night filled with exciting feelings, ‘Vacation’ has exciting brass, and ‘Love in The Air’ is a SynthPop song. Umji confidently said, “We’re releasing a summer mini album with a title song called ‘Sunny Summer’. We’re definitely aiming for the summer. Haha. I hope it’s the first song you can think of when it comes to summer. Since the songs were made to target summer, I think you’ll be able to enjoy it. Maybe now in summer, GFRIEND will come to everyone’s mind first.” The title song is called ‘Sunny Summer’. It is a cool pop dance song featuring a summery atmosphere with the lively cuteness of GFRIEND and an addictive chorus. It is a cool pop dance song that mixes refreshing vocals with funky rhythms. Especially this time, they worked with hit song maker Duble Sidekick. Yuju said, “We made this song with Duble Sidekick. We put a lot of focus into the lyrics. We even put our names into the lyrics of ‘Sunny Summer’. It was easier to memorise with our names in it. (Laughs). I changed the part (would you be my~) to ‘Yuju be my’ but it sounded awkward.” Umji also said, “I think we can show GFRIEND’s youthful and refreshing appearance. In particular, I think this performance has the easiest choreography and anyone can follow. I think many of you will be energised by it. As we’re coming back in summer, I made a big change in my style. Yerin pointed to her shortened bangs and said, “I challenged choppy bangs!” “I’ve never cut it short before, and I think it's a concept that goes well with the summer sun. The bangs are beautiful, aren't they?" Eunha also challenged with a bold hair colour, “One of my life goals was to try out highlighted hair colours, and wanted to do a cool blue colour for this album. It somehow turned green, but I’m still happy and satisfied with it”. GFRIEND who made their debut with ‘Glass Bead’ in January 2015 has just arrived in their 4th year of debut. It was not a group that people first noticed. Rather, they caught attention with a fancam of them performing ‘Me Gustas Tu’ and succeeded in going viral and doing a reverse trend. After that, the continued actives by continuous releasing ‘Rough’, ‘Navillera’, ‘FINGERTIP’, ‘Love Whisper’, and ‘Summer Rain’. In May, they made their official debut in Japan and made them even more popular. Asked on whether it was difficult to do that ’10 day’ trip, Umji paused for a moment and said, ‘Doesn’t everyone get tired of their jobs at some moment? If we said we didn’t have times when we were tired, that’d be a lie. However, I always encourage the members so I don’t get tired my self and also heals me. “As we’ve said over and over again, we have a group of fans who are very supportive of us. I want to be a better person. I want to be physically and mentally healthy.” “We usually make comebacks in the summer, but this time we got more greedy with the nickname ‘SummerFRIEND’. This album has several summer vacation songs. So we hope we can be an entertainer that people want go on a vacation with together." GFRIEND will be releasing their summer mini album ‘Sunny Summer’ at 6pm on the 19th and do full-scale promotions with their title song ‘Sunny Summer’. A more powerful GFRIEND is expected to return to us as ‘SummerFRIEND’ this summer.
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    Happy Eunha Day!
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    Short haired Eunha!
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    Long haired Eunha!
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    Sorry this is so late I have no excuses I am just lazy. But I want to share my fansign experience with everyone, so I hope you enjoy! Apologies in advance for my terrible memory and large pictures. All under the spoiler
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    On MBC Every1, ‘National Representative P.R.O Event-dols Special Broadcast’ will be shown on Wednesday, August 8th. [Kim Min Jung Reporter] Source: https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=408&aid=0000055407 The first ‘event-dols’ who appeared were ‘Summer Festival Queens’ GFRIEND with their Powerful Refreshing ‘Sunny Summer’. On this day, the moment GFRIEND came, they soulfully greeted member by member, showing their dignity. The song ‘Sunny Summer’ which can be refreshing just by listening to it, was danced in ‘2x Speed’ by the 2x Speed Dancing Masters as a congratulatory performance and made everyone forget the heat.
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    GFSquad is having a new theme! GFriend is back to join the summer season and they came back today July 19th with their mini album Sunny Summer! GFriend shows fresh and cool summer vibes in their latest comeback. So GFSquad will change forum theme for the 7th time! Let’s take a look in the whole preview of our new theme, Sunny Summer! It is inspired from the color theme of Sunny version which has combination of Red, White and Retro Colors from the jacket photos. Let’s take a look in every part of Forum! New main header images from Sunny Version jacket photos! Header image 2nd Header Image We made the footer image interesting. Depending on time, footer will have two versions. New footer image during on Day (5am to 6pm KST) and new footer image during at night (6pm to 5am) GFSquad’s logo already changed into Sunny Summer version. It is the combination of color theme Blue and Red! We also changed our theme for Twitter also! We hope GFriend will be success in this meaningful comeback and hit daebak! GFSquad wants to hear your reaction in our new theme! What do you think Buddies? Comment or feel free to give us ideas or suggestions!
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    Girl Group GFRIEND’s Seoul Encore Concert was sold out in just two minutes after ticketing was opened. [OSEN = Jung Jiwon Reporter] Source: https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=109&aid=0003832244 GFRIEND sold all seats 2 minutes after ticketing for '2018 여자친구 FIRST CONCERT 'Season of GFRIEND' ENCORE’ was opened on June 27 at 6pm. With this, GFRIEND recorded a ‘Perfectly Sold Out’ in just 2 minutes after the 8000 seats between the 2 days were opened up, showing the ticket selling power of a representative Kpop group. Especially, despite the Encore Concert being held 8 months after the first solo concert ‘Season of GFRIEND’ in January, the performance loving fans have still been eagerly waiting for the ticketing to open. At the ‘Season of GFRIEND’ ENCORE Concert, you’ll be able to enjoy a more diverse set of songs with a hit song parade and solo stages, demonstrating GFRIEND’s musical growth. GFRIEND meets with fans at Seoul Olympic Park Handball Gymnasium at Seoul Olympic Park on September 8 ~ 9 with their ‘2018 여자친구 FIRST CONCERT 'Season of GFRIEND' ENCORE’
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    GFRIEND couldn’t say enough good things about each other in a recent interview with CeCi Magazine! The girl group posed for a summery pictorial on the beach for the magazine’s August issue, impressing the staff with their bright, cheerful energy throughout the shoot. In spite of the scorching weather, the six GFRIEND members stayed upbeat from morning until evening, clearly having a great time with one another by the sea. The staff also noticed the GFRIEND members thoughtfully taking care of one another throughout the day. When asked about their friendship and visibly strong bond, they described themselves as being even closer than family. Umji remarked, “We’ve been through the best of times and the worst of times together, so there’s a feeling of something really strong holding us together very tightly. Each individual member is extremely precious to each of us as a person, so I think that’s what makes GFRIEND so precious to us.” As soon as they were asked about the GFRIEND members’ strengths, Yerin immediately dove into listing what she considered her bandmates’ best attributes. With no hesitation whatsoever, she replied, “I think they’re all very pure on the inside, they’re tall, they have great body proportions, they’re kind, they’re resolute.” SinB added, “Our members are extremely good-natured. There’s not a single person in our group who is unpleasant or ill-tempered with their words or actions.” GFRIEND recently made a comeback with the title track “Sunny Summer,” which the members described as “a refreshing summer song that makes a great soundtrack for a vacation.” They also mentioned that the lyrics include each of the members’ names and sang snippets of the song live to demonstrate. Check it out for yourself by watching the music video here! Source (1) (2)
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    Courtesy Photo GFRIEND, "Sunny Summer" “Let’s have a good time!” declare GFriend in their latest song, “Sunny Summer.” Released on Thursday (July 12), the K-pop girl group’s second single of 2018 is a bright synth-pop track overflowing with rollicking brass and funky percussion. It fronts their latest EP, which shares the same name as the single. With airy, exuberant vocals that bounce along over the melody, “Sunny Summer” is driven by the group’s refreshing vocal tones as they sing about having a memorable summer together. Lyrically, it’s full of nuanced wordplay that incorporate the names of each of the six members -- Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB and Umji -- as GFriend take ownership of the classic summertime pop song. The song is notable for being a bit divergent from GFriend's typical brand of emotive, nostalgia-inducing singles, and pulling back the group's power vocals in favor of a breezy seasonal anthem. The music video for "Sunny Summer" kicks off with a quote from William Shakespeare's’ Sonnet 43, adding a literary touch to the mix: "All days are nights to see till I see thee. And nights bright days when dreams do show thee me." It then begins in earnest, interspersing segments of hand-waving choreography with clips of the women spending their summer having fun together as they change their perception of the world by viewing it through heart-shaped lenses and finding sparkling jewels in everything around them. A mid-song, silent film-inspired surprise and festive karaoke party end things out. GFriend was formed in 2015 and quickly rose to prominence thanks to their effusive brand of nostalgia-inducing synth-pop songs. Sunny Summer is Gfriend’s latest seasonal-themed EP, and their seventh overall. They last returned in April with Time for the Moon Night, which landed at No. 6 on the World Albums chart. Watch the vivacious music video for “Sunny Summer” here: Source (1)
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    SEASON OF GFRIEND in MANILA LED PROMOTIONAL ADS KIA Theater main entrance KIA Theater GATEWAY MALL CYBERPARK Tower 1 FARMERS MARKET Overpass Northbound Lane FARMERS MARKET Overpass Southbound Lane FARMERS PLAZA overpass
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    I saw their poster again while walking somewhere and it's beside Mariah unnie lol legends only
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    GFRIEND and Astro bet by singing at a Karaoke during ‘Yogobara.’ [SBS funE Kang Sunae Reporter] Source: https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=416&aid=0000231102 On SBS MTV’s ‘Yogobara’ which aired at 10:30am on Sunday received a story about teenager’s concerns regarding the theme “Get Fired Up”. There were stories received on Yogobara such as “It’s hard to sing these days”, “When I sing something, my friends want something else”, “I want to know how to have more fun” etc. ‘Yogobara’ MCs Umji X Sanha moved to a karaoke and introduced some nice tips on how you can have more fun. In particular, GFRIEND member SinB and Astro member Moonbin who are both famous for their childhood friendship made a surprise guest appearance and joined MC Umji X Sanha at the Karaoke. On the day, each of the four introduced good Karaoke tips. They also danced together and cutely laughed together. Finally, they bet on whoever got the lowest Karaoke score had to buy ice cream. The first challenger was Astro duos Sanha and Moonbin. They sang Park Won’s ‘Try’ sweetly and got 91 points. Then GFRIEND Umji and SinB challenged with Bolbbalgan4’s song ‘Galaxy’. Although they sang well, they were worried that they couldn’t get a high score as they made a few mistakes with the lyrics. But they actually scored 100 points on the Karaoke and the two shouted with joy at the victory. Astro responded with Big Bang’s ‘Fantastic Baby’. The song brought lots of excitement to everyone, especially to SinB who was on the opposing team. Astro got 94 points for the song. Finally, Umji and SinB sang Big Bang’s ‘Sunset Glow’. The exciting performance earned them a score of 96 points. The total was Sanha X Moonbin getting 185 points while Umji X SinB got 196 points. GFRIEND had won. SinB who showed her “lively person” appearance said “My throat hurts. When I went to the karaoke to sing by myself for 3 hours, my throat was fine, but I was more enthusiastic today because I was with Umji.” On the other hand, ‘Yogobara’ which stands for ‘Life of Teenagers these Days’ is a program that takes a peek into the lives of teenagers these days and for them to share their concerns. The MCs are GFRIEND and Astro’s maknaes Umji and Sanha. It airs every Sunday at 10:30am on SBS MTV.
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    Red Velvet's Seulgi, Gfriend's SinB, Chungha and (G)I-DLE's Soyeon is likely to collab in a song for SM STATION x 0 S.M Entertainment recently has published their collab project "STATION X 0", the first song of the project will cooperate by Taeyeon and MeloMance. On the 7th of August, S.M Entertainment has posted 4 new teaser animations on their official Instagram. From the animations, the K-POP fans have the discovered the next song of the project is likely to cooperate by Red Velvet's Seulgi, Gfriend's SinB, Chungha and (G)Idle's Soyeon. The animation contains the four artists famous dance moves in recent comebacks, with an exciting message of "STATION x 0 Who is NEXT?" STATION X 0 is a new project of "STATION" and the new label "0" of the new culture project "Young Generation", which is aiming to provide fans collab song from artists that from different group and companies. Source: https://baijiahao.baidu.com/s?id=1608209976703015065&wfr=spider&for=pc
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    Translation of items included: - Buddy 2nd Membership Card - Photobook - Picnic Mat - Acrylic Keyring - 6 types of Lenticular Photocards - Hologram card case Translated by @Galaxy1004 Source (1)
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    Girl group GFRIEND continued their hot popularity after succeeding to hold a solo live concert in Tokyo after Osaka. [Sports Chosun = Jung Anji Reporter] Source: https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=076&aid=0003296167 At 3.30pm on May 5th, GFRIEND held their solo live concert’ GFRIEND SUMMER LIVE IN JAPAN’ at Tokyo’s Toyosu PIT. GFRIEND’s live concert in Tokyo alone had an explosive response from the locals, with more than 3000 seats sold at the time of opening. Even in the rainy weather, the concert was filled with fans who watched GFRIEND, realising their hot popularity in Japan. On this day, GFRIEND gave a cool live performance with their signature Powerful Refreshing concept. GFRIEND kicked off the show with the Japanese version of their debut song ‘Glass Bead’ as well as other Japanese version of the songs ‘Navillera’, ‘Trust’, Rough’, ‘Me Gustas Tu’, and ‘Love Whisper’. With these 6 songs sung completely in Japanese, they impressed the local fans. In addition, GFRIEND showcased hits from various genres from dance, to ballads, including ‘Sunny Summer’, ‘Love Bug’, ‘Mermaid’, ‘Fingertip’, ‘Crush’, ‘Summer Rain’, ‘RAINBOW’ etc., catching the eyes and ears of the fans. In addition, the Japan 1st Single ‘Memoria’ was announced as a surprise which will be released on October 10th. The last stage of the concert was performed together with the fans by singing ‘My Buddy’, a song for the fans, they also waved to the fans who went to the concert hall and communicated with them. As a result, GFRIEND dominated the Tokyo concert after the Osaka live concert which was on the 2nd, firmly establishing their position as a Hallyu group. On the other hand, GFRIEND who has successfully completed their solo live concert in Japan will release their Japan 1st Single ‘Memoria’ on October 10th.
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    Made a couple of Sunny Summer fan art for today's stream! Will work on the others this coming week! Will update this thread as soon as I finish the others! I had fun doing these! For now, the two EunBis Stream channel can be found here: http://twitch.tv/kaicastle
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    We have the tall line! Sowon & Yuju! We finished it! All done! Thanks guys!
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    Thanks Kai! I got distracted by Sinb today..
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    Here's the YeSisters Umji and Yerin Tall line tomorrow!
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    Thank you for the kind words:-) im practicing doing digital portraits , and Eunha is an endless source of inspiration.. I Will probably keep posting more portraits here and there, feel free to download or use them in other stuff. I can send high resolution versions if anyone wants that, just send me a message @logodos on deviantart (might take a little while to respond) Thanks for dropping by! Eunha from Fingertip era:
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    GFRIEND have challenging with 8 consecutive hits. This time, it’s with a summer song, ‘Sunny Summer’. [Hong Hyemin Reporter] Source: https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=469&aid=0000316249 Recently, GFRIEND met up with Star Korea through a press conference to celebrate their comeback said, “We prepared an album that is filled with a summer atmosphere with music that conveys the energy of summer.” “Just like ‘Time for the Moon Night’ and ‘Rough’, GFRIEND’s colours have been emotional and sentimental, but we wanted to remind everyone that bright summer songs are also our colours.” (Umji) After deciding to make a quick comeback with a summer just three months after their previous album ‘Time for the Moon Nigh’, GFRIEND expressed their confidence in their promotions despite the short preparation period and hectic promotions. “I have never felt that any comeback was “this is good enough.” There’s always something that’s left to be desired, but we focused and prepare as much as we can to give a better performance.” (Yuju) GFRIEND’s songs in this album include ‘Sweet’ which is charming, and ‘Windy Windy’ which the members themselves have described as the final version of the ‘windy song’ series. With a strong summery vibe to this album, GFRIEND plans to give off a more cheerful charm through their title song ‘Sunny Summer’. GFRIEND explained that with this song, they hope that it’s easier to sing along to and is more exciting, and that they prepared a cheerful performance that was less energetic compared to their trademark powerful performances. “There’s lots of cool choreography such as jumping among others in summer songs. When we first learned the choreography, I thought it was easier than our past choreography that we had been doing, we had to jump and run around for those so we needed a lot of stamina (Laughs). I like the idea that many of you will be able to follow along together in our new song. In fact, GFRIEND’s choreography in the past hasn’t been easy to follow. If the previous choreographies were hard to grasp, this time, there’s many places in the song where you can dance and sing along to, so I hope many people join in on the fun.” (Sowon) After their debut in 2015, GFRIEND have been with the same composer ‘Iggy, Yongbae’ for a total of 3 years who have produced many hit songs. This time, they joined together to compose a b-side track for their Summer Mini Album. “I was really surprised to learn that we would be working with Duble Sidekick. We were fascinated because they wrote a lot of our favourite hits, and we felt as if we were looking at a top celebrity. We thank them for taking for us so much, and even though it was our first project together, we learned a lot from it. If think their colour suits us perfectly.” (Sowon) During these promotions, GFRIEND will be going up against several other girl groups such as Twice and Mamamoo releasing summer songs. They said “We want to create summer synergy together this summer because we’re already close friends who are promoting at the same time.” On the question of how GFRIEND can differentiate their song, they said that it’s a ’song made for summer’. “If we were to differentiate our album, it would be that our song sounds like a summer song as soon as you hear it. The album itself is called ‘Sunny Summer’ It’s an album filled with summer songs, and we hope that it’s the first thing you can think of when thinking about summer.” Ever since their debut with ‘Glass Bead’, to ‘Me Gustas Tu’, ‘Rough’, ‘Navillera’, and ‘Time for the Moon Night’ that were all popular, GFRIEND hesitantly expressed their desires about the charts saying “We’ve never had a song enter the MelOn chart at no. 1 yet”. “We’ve never enter the MelOn chart at no. 1 yet. If you ask us whether we’d choose climbing the charts or being listened to a lot, we wouldn’t be able to choose as both make us happy. For our last song ‘Time for the Moon Night’, just like you said it reverse trended on the charts. We were so happy that we checked the charts every hour. As it slowly climbed up, we gained confidence and tried to perform even better on stage. ‘Time for the Moon Night’ is a non seasonal song, so we hope it stays loved for a long time through all 4 seasons.” Already reaching the fourth year of debut, GFRIEND told us that they still get nervous before every comeback as they gain new fans with every new album. “We’re aiming to become a group that people can always look forward to”, the members said, “There are so many things that we want to show but haven’t yet.” “We want to challenge a variety of things in the future. We’re not going to do it if it’s completely ridiculous, but if we mix it up with the strengths of GFRIEND altogether, we can do anything. Maybe we could try an overflowing girl crush concept one day.” (Laughs)
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    for YUJU: @2:40 YUJU be mine (sounds like Would you be mine)
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    I am so thinking about it. My bf is helping me with ideas also Sent from my SM-N950U using GFSquad.com mobile app
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    This comeback has me screwed up. So many feelings. This comeback has me planning on opening and starting a Yeochin restaurant/Coffee shop/bar. What dors everyBuddy think? Sent from my SM-N950U using GFSquad.com mobile app
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    180720 Chart Ranking for Sunny Summer at 12:00 AM KST MelOn - #6 Genie - #5 Bugs - #1 Mnet - #4 (+6) Naver - #12 (-7) Soribada - #2
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    Behind The Scenes photos of GFRIEND during their MV Shooting on MelOn Story! Source: (1)
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    Cutie Eunhaa~~ Sent from my Andromax A16C3H using GFSquad.com mobile app
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    So no one gonna talk about Gfriend imminent release other spanish titled song in japanese language The single will be release at 10th of October with another song which is TFTMN Jpn. Ver. I can imagine the song only with the title, a dramatic anime-styled song which Gfriend specialized with. The preorder already open in Yesasia https://www.yesasia.com/global/search/gfriend-memoria/0-0-0-bpt.48_q.Gfriend+Memoria-en/list.html Gfriend really busy these days eh,
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    Right, so as the title implies I need recommendations peeps. I should probably mention that what I'm doing is mostly self-study, as I can't afford to go to a language school. So far here are a few ways I study up on the language: I got a lot of e-books for beginners and intermediate learners so far, this has helped me the most. I also downloaded a few youtube vids on learning korean, and a few language learning apps but so far I've learned a lot through the books. To others who are also learning or have mastered the language, any tips are appreciated. 감사합니다
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