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    Guys can you send me fetus yerin?[emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using mobile app
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  5. I'm alone as well and I'm not from Malaysia :') but have bought the ticket Are you going? Sent from my meizu C9 using mobile app
  6. Hello. So I'm going to GFRIEND concert in Malaysia this upcoming 29th June. I'm not from Malaysia and this is my first time ever going to a concert ([emoji22][emoji813]️[emoji813]️[emoji813]️[emoji813]️), feeling so happy, and its GFRIEND!! (I can only buy the ticket for the cheapest one but anyway its fine, I'm still excited!!) However, I'm going to the concert all alone Is there any Malaysian Buddy that is going to the concert as well who is alone or something? Because I'm alone :') (tho that there's thousands of people gonna be there) And p/s: The tickets is still not sold out despite being sold at a cheaper price than other group. I hope that the ticket will be able to sold out soon. [emoji813]️[emoji813]️ I'm sure GFRIEND would be so happy. Sent from my meizu C9 using mobile app
  7. Hocus Pocus (Hokers Focus) Bandit (BVNDIT) por idolist. Is this new idols? because I do not know them much, because I am a magician I liked the title of the song.
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