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  3. Name: Zephyrlox Location: Singapore Message to all buddies: Keep loving our girls more and more <3
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    Yerin is my goddess too. ( You can find all my Yerin posts here:예린-thread-♦-gfriends-red-ginseng-♦.73/?referrer=21 )
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    Thanks for the invitation!
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    Dear Buddy, I invite you to Umjiland. You can hear the Disney songs of umji princess! Enjoy Umjiland fantastice view and beautiful scenes. Here we go to the meet Umsmine princess.
  8. Hello to all my buddies, i'm Rojo from usa, i don't find many GFriend fans here, i started to listening them after 'Sunny Summer', though i'm not aware about all the stuffs about my Angels but i do Love Them so much, if Backstreet Boys are the world's top Boy band then GFriend is World's Leading Girl Band, and i especially Love Yerin sooo much, She's really the Goddess! Respect and Love to all the GFriend Members and fans <3
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  10. Updated all the fanchants including Fever & Flower (Korean Ver.) in time for GO GO GFRIEND in Singapore!
  11. I will also apply it and hire party rental to arrange my birthday party.
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