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  6. in the first 2019 when they made sunrise comeback (January), i saw their songs on youtube and im so curious about it, so i decide to hear their songs. and BOOOOOOM! im amazed by Yuju,Eunha,SinB highnote and their instrumental are good tbh (they are still using original instruments,thats the reason why i love their song so much) and i think,these girlgroup are worth to stan for. and im proud to be a Buddy ♥
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  8. Firstly, I wrote this while listening to their song rn. My first love kpop idols are Beast / B2ST from their song bad girl but my love become leak and decrease for them bcs hyunseung leave the group n followed by junhyung which is my fav love also but yet I now still love HIGHLIGH n also HILGHTERz. But sorry for this out of topic story x) I want to say that I never fall in love with kpop girl band. If I love the song of theirs but yet it still not enought for me to stan with them like yeoja chingu did to me (right now my love for them never stop and keep growing every day (urineun - lyric in me gustas tu) First time I heard their song is last year around november when I was playing the game like dance on then the anime dance to that song and their dancing are really catch my heart away and even the music are really so so so fascinating. I start fall in love with the song especially the part me gustas tus. For the first I thought the song are not korean bcs I never been heard me gustas tus word and I think the song came from philipine some like that :'D (sorry for my bad knowledge bout korean girlband song before this just bcs I dont like girband yeah for their sexiness and also their song are not match me so) Then, I started search the song by typing me gustas tu then start love their dance. When I found that this song are korean girlband I am just okay just okay. Later I will not interested to this song anymore like others girband. But in the me gustas tus video music I very love to see this girl face just bcs of her innocent look and I want to know who is her bcs she so much cute naturally yet mature look Actually, I don't know when exactly my loves grown to gfriend band maybe from the video that I watch from youtube about them in concert, weekly idol and this year I just found out that this group song are really matchy with my style. I started to research more bout them(like doing thesis until latenight but I dont care until I find who are the girl I see in me gustas tu that catch my heart away. On the me gustas tus video I fall in love with this girl face (I dont know her name act that time thats y I try to do some research bout them) just bcs only one girl from their group that I fall in love. I found that her name are Umji and yeah we have the same age. I was so so so wow. She was myy idols but we r in the same age?! I really love her by reading her bio on wiki and fanpage that she really mature, cutesome, and a consultant to her group. I love her personality and hope can meet her but I know its forever dream for me to meet her. One day in my car, I was in bad mood for my jetlag travel and suddenly I heard me gustas tu song!!! Its real they are coming to Malaysia?! Omg I want to meet them but I know I cant afford it just bcs Ive got lots of commitment during my semester break which is when they are coming :'( I really want to go to their concert and meet them and say I love they so much Actually, My loves are grown enough for this group especially to Leader Sowon :* Bcs after watch the video of yuju many time fallss I've found that she really2 good and kind leader and I become her bias to but umji very love muchy muchy ;* I love to heard their song everytime especially when I unmotivated bcs their song are very inspirate me to shine, bcs I have a star that always hardly shining just for their buddy <3 Thank you for accepting me become buddy and hope can meet all the buddy with gfriend in future together Love, [GFshaaswan]
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    Lovely Fair Skinned Dove Eyed Sweetie Bi, Your Wedding Dress photo is Celestial. Beyond Beautiful.
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