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  3. Not off the top of my head, but I'll do some searching this weekend and pick one.
  4. so.. do you have any favorite fancams of eunha (not the waiting room this time :PP) ?
  5. Too true, too true.
  6. We may be too far gone already for the Asia one (9 am Saturday 23rd US Pacific Standard Time) 1 288266 EXO 2 287962 BTS 3 65945 NU'EST W 4 44205 GOT7 5 43646 SEVENTEEN 6 41635 Wanna One 7 25208 TWICE 8 21965 BLACKPINK 9 19462 Girl's Generation 10 14931 Super Junior 11 11194 MONSTA X 12 9587 Red Velvet 13 9490 BTOB 14 9213 JBJ 15 8981 B.A.P 16 8152 BIGBANG 17 7765 WINNER 18 7637 MAMAMOO 19 7330 Apink 20 7254 EXID 21 6595 GFRIEND
  7. i really liked this fancam cause of how cute and sexy eunha is and parts where you can hear the members talk and laugh. but the fanchants (especially the name chants) of kbuddies were hasty and not in sync with the music and full of sounds of cameras snapping.
  8. It's not, but I still like it As pennace, here's a fancam showing how pretty Eunha is (1440p even!)
  9. Or where Eunha 'punches' SinB with her little boxing glove toy
  10. Vote for Gfriend on the Fandom School app too please
  11. Yuju seems to like to write fancafe letters at the end of promotions, if I'm not mistaken she usually does this. since this is the end of promotions and apart from a few events here and there, we don't really know when Gfriend is coming back again, it feels like we will miss them for a while. I saw a fanacc of Sowon and she said they will disappear for now, ahhh they worked so hard and I believe they will still be working and practicing for the year end events but I also think they will take more rest time. I hope they can still post on their sns, fancafe and sometimes a vlive, so we will not miss them that much like at the beginning of the year when they barely posted. thanks for the translation Albatro
  12. Right, I forgot to include in the post that this photo is Yuju's display picture on KaKao Talk!
  13. yeah,i hope they can have variety show that focus on their daily life too Sowon with black hair make her reminds me of her debut time,she looks so innocent
  14. BUDDIES PLS VOTE [PRIORITY VOTE] PLS SUPPORT OUR GIRLS WE NEED TO WIN[emoji85] Link: Link: Link : Sent from my iPhone using mobile app
  15. " my heart wants to become the passionate Yuju who can return the same energy to Buddies " omg just how much she care about us Buddies
  16. Yuju really makes the most heartwarming statements all the time, and really touches the feelings deep inside.... Really makes me wanna cry sometimes... Also big thanks to @Albatro for the translation, you really worded it well in English for us to understand...
  17. wow.. such a heartwarming letter it's good to hear how much she care about us, Buddy, but don't know why, I feel like she's gonna go somewhere far from us... anyway, I love the photo. she's so pretty and artistic and it looks like the same as Yuju's profile picture on SinB's post on Instagram days ago...
  18. Gosh..she really talented in writing letter. Thanks Al!
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