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    Kim YEWON!
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    Jung EUNBI!
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    Short haired Eunha!
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    Long haired Eunha!
  12. I agree with you, it may be cliche but, I love this girls to the point that IDK why I love them. They are talented, we know that. Dorks, weird(in a good way), loving to their fans.. Maybe I just love them because they are Gfriend. [emoji7][emoji1][emoji28]
  13. Mianhae Sowon unnie~ Was I lil bit late? but still please let me introduce I am... Username: beatricedakeholli Location: from Philippine Message to all the Buddies here: Let' s work hard for our Queens and, Please take care of me! ^^
  14. Everthing bout them is just so Great! from being a part of this unique fandom- from how they slayed every performances- I stan GFriend our Queens from their very first released 1st Mini Album- and that is when I fell inlove with their performances from their voices to their dancing skill.- Excitement is just one of those things, the reason why I am still here. Unexplanable feeling will authomatically flows as you stan them. I swear - From why did I start liking gfriend is because seriously I see Girls Generation in them; They have strong mind, strong personality that leads to them in where they are now. Despite of many negative comments "haters", they choosed to keep moving- And now See! what they achieved; success, fame and buddies loyalty. GFRIEND JJANG!
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    Sowon Wallpaper! SinB Wallpaper! Umji Wallpaper! Eunha Wallpaper! Yerin Wallpaper! Yuju Wallpaper!
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    See you there! Undecided pa kung sa A or B
  17. I think we don't need another comeback for it to hit 100,000 honestly, members are increasing everyday thats why
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    Sino po Vip Standing A dyan wala po akong kasama eh hahaha
  19. ME: I JUST KNOW THAT I LOVE THE WAY THEY ARE!^^ Their hardworks must have a great outcome. Im proud of them-
  20. Post any of your Gfriend fan arts now!
  21. I'm sure, we can reach 100k member with one more successful comeback[emoji16] Sent from my ASUS_Z012DB using mobile app
  22. no one have the america touristar x gfriend mousepad and brochure?
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