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  2. Apparently no, it's not. I'm completely baffled because GFRIEND said on the interview: They still have much higher quality songs (serious and art music) that are still hidden in the Source Music basement. Not yet being released probably the CEO So Sung-jin has different vision, purpose and strategy to release it. Some tips and suggestion for Source Music to improve the rigorous test implemented on the unreleased title track: Before releasing title track to the public, ask some constructive feedback not only from Source Music staffs and the girls, but also from outsiders….neighbor in Korea, ordinary people in Korea, producers/composers in Korea, and people in street art in Hongdae. Be careful when choosing the sample of population in order to avoid “garbage-in, garbage-out”, meaning to say that poor feedback will produce faulty product. In general, people who are genuinely a music lover should be the sample. Also people who plays music instruments and producing indie music can also be an accurate sample. So in short, the samples are: - Ordinary people with ages ranging from 20s to 40s. - Music lovers. - Producers and composers. Source Music need to use their connection for seeking feedback of the unreleased songs. This is the real advantage when So Sung-Jin has a lot of connection. Give the unreleased/prototype title track to the public, and tell them that these songs are confidential as it’s not released to the public yet because we don’t want the title track being leaked to internet. Tell them that we just want some honest feedback regarding the song. Ask people to listen and play the unreleased title track for about 4 to 5 months. After 4-5months, then go back to them and ask them, how is the songs? Do you like it? Is there any part of the song that can be improved? Please tell us how is your emotional reaction when you listen to the song? The song need to pass this rigorous test. I choose 4 to 5 months period of test because the song has the law of diminishing return. The first you listen it, it’s very good and addicting, but after listening it for about 1 months, it gets bored and uninteresting. The song should have a love-call feature that can attract the listeners to listen it again repeatedly for a long time.
  3. Really Wow!!! Thank you so much to everybody involved! Buddy Jjang! GFRIEND Fighting!!!
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  5. mega thread

    I agree with you for LW and SR. I prefer Glass Bead and MGT for summer releases. It has been a week after release. Let's see if Sunrise will do well on Korea music charts.
  6. It's a very successful project thanks to all supporters! Now we have unlocked another goal of bucket list in this year so we are all glad Buddies came to give their best supports. The letters, i am surely they will love it coz almost Buddies that sent were all creative and fun to see it. It's was really cute😄. For the next projects, we'll keep suprising GFriend with International Buddies love. Let's do the best for them💕
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  8. Add me please.. I want to join to.. add me (PEACHnutz) - my username tho
  9. @YerinLim Hello, Thank you very much, I already contacted yeochintxts on twitter and I was able to make the request one day after my publication. Thank you for your concern!
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