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    These are amazing! I'll definitely give you a follow on Twitter!
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    Thank you so much! Here's an older picture I did of Sowon because of a twitter request: I do have an instagram but I'm really bad at updating it! I'm @adirosette on Instagram and @odetteswan_ on Twitter (which I use a lot more)!
  8. Awesome! Thanks Buddies!
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    If you have a instagram or something, I'd love to follow. Those Yerin pictures are beautiful. All of the girls are really impressive!
  10. Thank you for your information, I’ll try to vote them as well
  11. Hola bienvenida que disfrutes del foro y gracias por apoyar a Gfriend!!
  12. art

    Realmente muy buenos y lindos FANARTS!!!
  13. Great job friends, thanks @Buddies_art for excellent summary review!
  14. Username: Brutal1ty Location: Venezuela I love to be part of this comunity and this family, i love gfriend since Glass Bead. My bias was Eunha, but now my bias, my love, my everything is my thinB i love her with all my heart and i'm in love with her! I love them all, but as i said above.... My english is not too good, hope you all understand. Cheers! Enviado desde mi Siragon SP-5150 mediante Tapatalk
  15. Happy Sowon Day Message Book Project by Thank you to every Buddy that participated in our message book project for Sowon! Here's the complete content of the book link: 2019 Sowon message book by
  16. GFriend is nominated at 29th Seoul Music Awards on Main awards and K-Wave, while the most probability is to get into top 10-ish on Main Category so we can get better probability at Bonsang. Sadly, the position is going down and down, first time I vote they were at 10 but now they are at 15. So, WHERE IS EVERYONE??? Vote link Reference Current standings
  17. Hi, came across this photo on instagram, wonder is it actually real or photoshopped.. if so, what source is this from ?
  18. Good job Buddies who participated! Can't wait until I'm done with school next year so I can pitch in. Credit: Rice Wreath Dreame
  19. art

    Aww, thank you so much!!! I try! I drew this for Sowon's birthday! Happy birthday our precious leader!!!
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