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    I remember reading on Twitter there was a reprint of both Flower Bud and Season of Glass so they were legit back in stock. But I guess people jumped on the opportunity to buy those albums again for cheap real quick, that's why they are out of stock again at some stores. But it's possible there is still stock left, both yesasia and kpoptown (as you mentioned) show they still have them in stock. So I would go for it if you don't have those albums yet
  3. Hi I'm new here and I mainly made an account to ask a question since I couldn't find it anywhere else. Sorry in advance if this is posted at the wrong section. So I'm seeing that they restocked Season of Glass and Flower Bud on Kpoptown and I was wondering if it's legit since it has been really hard for me to find those albums. It says release date 3-19-19 so I'm guessing that was the day they restocked it? I have ran into some sites that marked it as for sale but it was actually sold out at check out so I'm wondering if the same thing is happening here. For what it's worth, I did check out and bought both of it through Paypal already hoping that it's coming my way. Got the confirmation and everything through email.
  4. Yerin Baek "Maybe It's Not Our Fault"
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  7. How to buy the ticket? Im new buddy here pls guide me
  8. Hi I'm the new one here [emoji4]nice to meet you all Sent from my vivo 1718 using mobile app
  9. I want go Malaysia concert but I have no friends to accompany me 😢😢😢 is there any girl same like me?
  10. Featuring IU , a Kungfu Master
  11. MAMAMOO "gogobebe" MAMAMOO "Waggy"
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    Well said, and that you can be so open about your emotions shows how great this community is. I honestly don't think I've ever seen a negative post here, towards another member or even another group. Makes me proud to be a buddy!
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