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  1. Last week
  2. How to buy the ticket? Im new buddy here pls guide me
  3. Hi I'm the new one here [emoji4]nice to meet you all Sent from my vivo 1718 using GFSquad.com mobile app
  4. I want go Malaysia concert but I have no friends to accompany me 😢😢😢 is there any girl same like me?
  5. Featuring IU , a Kungfu Master
  6. MAMAMOO "gogobebe" MAMAMOO "Waggy"
  7. appreciation

    Well said, and that you can be so open about your emotions shows how great this community is. I honestly don't think I've ever seen a negative post here, towards another member or even another group. Makes me proud to be a buddy!
  8. appreciation

    Best of luck with your studies BlueRicky. While this website isn't too busy, it's unlike any other site out there - everyone here is here because of Gfriend only. There's no other place I'm aware of just for us, or that allows fans to so easily donate to projects for the girls so I'm grateful for that too.
  9. Stan PD48 kids ^^ Stan Everglow!! is Stone Music the new 1theK? lol seems like they release a lot of MVs
  10. mega thread

    thanks for the response hana ^^ I'll add you and send you some gifts ^^ EDIT: Nah.. you already add me lol I didn't noticed that you're the person who sent a request to me
  11. appreciation

    This is soooo touching! Reminds me of my newbie days at another forum where the discussions of forming GFS started.. It was a quite long journey until we reached here.. There were probably ups and downs but still due to the support of Buddies and of course GFRIEND we are still here continuing our missions and visions for this community. I hope that this community will become active again and also I hope that like you, Buddies will be able to felt what happiness we felt from this community. Let's all be together for a long time Buddies! And I hope that more positive stuffs will happen in the future ^^
  12. I’m trying to draw a big picture at the moment.. I uploaded this to the company’s chatroom but I don’t know if (Angkko’s) mum has seen it yet so I came here to show it to Buddies! I think it’s the best drawing I’ve ever done in my life huhu. I think this is the best drawing of Jung Eunbi’s 23 year history which was created with the best idea and with little touches.^^ It started 2 days ago. I was travelling in a car in Kobe to meet Japanese Buddies and eat Kobe beef which is famous here.. Schedules ended earlier than usual and there was no curtain in the car (I don’t like the sunlight so I always have the curtains closed) so I could see the outside view through the window. Maybe it was during the sunset. The clouds were a little pink💖 I thought I shouldn’t have seen the prettiness by myself so I took a few photos. It’s really fun to edit photos these days hehehe But!!! I saw that picture today and I saw Angkko in the clouds!!! That’s why I drew Angkko haha!
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