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    Sunrise is an overwhelming and sophisticated song that takes time to digest it for some people. Some people may feel a bit dizzy after listening it because so many things going on in the song. It's very good song for performance song, just like BTS FIRE. But actually people can listen Sunrise to increase the fighting spirit, especially before working hours in the morning. It has been a week after release. Let's see if Sunrise will do well on Korea music charts.
  3. It's a very successful project thanks to all supporters! Now we have unlocked another goal of bucket list in this year so we are all glad Buddies came to give their best supports. The letters, i am surely they will love it coz almost Buddies that sent were all creative and fun to see it. It's was really cute😄. For the next projects, we'll keep suprising GFriend with International Buddies love. Let's do the best for them💕
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  5. Add me please.. I want to join to.. add me (PEACHnutz) - my username tho
  6. @YerinLim Hello, Thank you very much, I already contacted yeochintxts on twitter and I was able to make the request one day after my publication. Thank you for your concern!
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