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  2. HOW, WHEN AND WHY DID YOU START LIKING GFRIEND. Back then, I was in a fangirling hiatus because Jessica Jung (ultimate bias) left SNSD (UB group), It's not that I stopped stanning them, I still do but not as active as before. So.. a lot of things happened and I started focusing on my studies as a university student (LOL). And my older sister who's a fangirl too introduced GFRIEND to me, I think it was in Me gustas tu era. She introduce them to me specially Sinb because she looks like Jessica. At first, (as a non gfriend stan) I also think that she did plastic surgery to be able to have Jessica's look (But now, I already know that she didn't.). I don't like her that much too because of it that time. I watched Glass bead MV and the first thing I thought was, 'Wow they are all healthy unlike other girl groups who are too skinny.'. Eunha, who looked like a mature lady back then and Sojung the Goddess visual caught my eyes as I keep watching and browsing their videos. My older sister keeps on playing their songs, like EVERYDAY. Dancing to me gusta tu and glass bead. Watching video clips and stage performances while forcing me to join her in all that stuff. So as days goes by, hearing their voices and songs everyday, I memorized it without intending to. And yeah, I already did watched the legendary fan cam of them dancing mgt in the rain but that didn't make me stan them back then tho. But when I watched Yerin on Running man ( yey 7012, My fav VS!) with her so extra Kkab dance and their first Weekly Idol appearance (they're so extra in that episode too ikennat) and their Love and Remember stage performance in KBS's Immortal Song, that's when I start loving them, that's when I realize how talented, hard working and EXTRA they are. Especially Sinb who laugh so hard without minding her idol image ( I love her so much). I didn't even know back then that they won a lot of awards in Rough era, maybe this is just a proof that I loved them because of who they are and not because of what they had. I focused on stanning them in Navillera era (that's y i got my username, gfnavillera) bcos I stopped attending school so I had a lot of time to do so. And become a twitter stan in Fingertip era. I am now really proud to say that I stan GodFriend. Every minute you spend to spazz about them will be worth it. I know I'd gone through a lot of things before stanning them, but I now all I can say is, I will support them until the end. No matter what happen. I love GFRIEND. Forever buddy. Ps: And really really big thanks to my Unnie too for forcing me to watch their videos everyday
  3. 🐺 Werewolf Game - Season 4

    Yujunie, didn't I tell you that I'll vote for you first? I forgot about that... 2 Yujunie (Hana, Butterfly Spoon) 2 Anonymous Buddy (HighlightToss, 23peaches) 0 Hana 1 Ashley (sowonnie) 0 sojunghansaram 0 23peaches 1 sowonnie (Ashley) 0 Butterfly Spoon 1 FrostyYerin (sojunghansaram) 0 HighlightToss
  4. GFriend Survivor Episode 8

    Sowon 10 Yerin 25 (+) Eunha 16 (-)SinB 16 Umji 8
  5. [art] [request] LightStick photocards

    Thinking about making a video for the lightstick for my youtube soon, I could post it here if you guys like ^^
  6. Today
  7. [art] [request] LightStick photocards

    Here's the scanned jpg guys
  8. A-Z Kpop Artists

    Urban Zakapa
  9. I'll tentatively say Yuju because she's the one that I could recognise first (although I still got her mixed up with Yerin for some time lmao). Yuju stood out the most to me because of her singing (and the MGT fancam).
  10. 🐺 Werewolf Game - Season 4

    Votes are really spread out compared to previous games.... werewolves don't want to be caught voting together? lol.
  11. 🐺 Werewolf Game - Season 4

    just gonna vote for my hunch haha. at this point i dont suspect anyone that much tho 1 Yujunie (Hana)2 Anonymous Buddy (HighlightToss, 23peaches)0 Hana1 Ashley (sowonnie)1 sojunghansaram (Butterfly Spoon)0 23peaches1 sowonnie (Ashley)0 Butterfly Spoon1 FrostyYerin (sojunghansaram)0 HighlightToss
  12. 🐺 Werewolf Game - Season 4

    That's a very good point, I didn't think about Umji knowing who was to be killed I thought pming each other wasn't allowed, but it is - so this would be an extremely good opportunity to get together before someone gets killed again. I think this is aimed at Yuju or Umji to initiate a convo though. Chances are, the person who was supposed to be killed probably doesn't know a single thing at the moment One thing to note though - don't just blindly trust someone... ask for a screenshot or something, lol. Just in case.
  13. GFriend Survivor Episode 8

    Sowon 10 Yerin 24 (+) Eunha 17 SinB 16 (-)Umji 8
  14. GFriend Survivor Episode 8

    Sowon 10 Yerin 23 (+) Eunha 17 SinB 17 Umji 8 (-)
  15. GFriend Survivor Episode 8

    Sowon 10 (-)Yerin 22 (+) Eunha 17 SinB 17 Umji 9
  16. It was SinB for me. She has the kind of personality that always fun to watch. In the end, Yuju became my bias. Her weirdness and excellent singing were too compelling.
  17. SG Buddies Unite ~

    Singaporean here?
  18. 🐺 Werewolf Game - Season 4

    It would be preferable to keep what you want to say to this thread, however if you yourself think it will reveal too much then feel free to pm the person. You may be incorrect about who is who though .
  19. 🐺 Werewolf Game - Season 4

    idk, is it forbidden to do so? Sent from Mobile App
  20. 🐺 Werewolf Game - Season 4

    Can they pm each other though lolol, I thought it was advised not to do so right
  21. 🐺 Werewolf Game - Season 4

    so one thing to be noted here: yuju knows who is umji, who knows about who the werewolves supposed to kill last night. I hope these 3 players can communicate and form some strategy to protect each other.. 1 Yujunie (Hana) 2 Anonymous Buddy (HighlightToss, 23peaches) 0 Hana 0 Ashley 1 sojunghansaram (Butterfly Spoon) 0 23peaches 1 sowonnie (Ashley) 0 Butterfly Spoon 1 FrostyYerin (sojunghansaram) 0 HighlightToss hope I don't make a mistake. Sent from Mobile App
  22. I liked Fingertip, TBH. Can't see why some didn't like it. Sure, it's not a MGT or Navillera vibe, but it's something new and it's what they wanted to try and SouMu went with it. Wasn't a flop but nor was it a huge hit. It was good. I heard something like 2800 copies to sign for the MWave orders in total? Poor girls! All their free time must be devoted to signing those...
  23. Do you think GFriend could make it in Japan?

    Their international fanbase, however, is mostly SE Asian fans: Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, etc... They could easily do a SE Asian or Japanese debut and do extremely well.
  24. [art] [request] LightStick photocards

    try finding it on twitter. many people posted the pics of the PCs when "Dear Buddy" happened
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