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  2. This is a cover for Wheel of the Year Thank you for watching!
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    gfriend fans lets talk something
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    Hii guys lets talk about our favorite kpop band.
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    Hey baby I am with you so you don't have to be alone
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    I am here for you
  7. It is a cover for GFRIEND's latest song 'MAGO'! Enjoy and thank you for your listening always!
  8. I haven't visited this site in forever! I was wondering if it was still alive and thriving. I remember I made my account about four years ago. I never told my parents, but I was so excited to be apart of something so positive and big. I remember waiting in anticipation for the Fingertip comeback. Literally counting down the days and telling EVERYONE about it. The Love Whisper and Summer Rain comebacks also really touched me. Gosh that feels like a long time ago. It IS a long time ago. I don't actively stan Gfriend anymore, but I like to watch an MV every now and then to think about how happy they made me and how into them I was. Even though I wasn't really on this site a lot, I am SO thankful that it exists (or existed). I am happy to see that Gfriend is still going strong
  9. hi can you make this video available to watch. please
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    wooow you're so cool sky! nice cover ! I love it!!
  11. Hello, everyone! Long time no see and GFRIEND's comeback will be soon. I played the drum 'Labyrinth' for successful comeback. Previous performances were using virtual instruments, this cover was played with real drum set! Enjoy and thank you for listening!
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    Hello Buddies! It's me Haechi! It's been a long time!! How are you guys? I hope that all of you are doing well and fine ^^ (for those who don't know me I'm a staff here ^^ ) Currently, Corona Virus is hitting the world that made a huge effect in our normal lives so I hope that all of you are in good health and following the preventions to avoid it ^^ As you've guys seen, this place is like a dungeon now lol obviously but still I'm really thankful and happy to see people visiting here and posting stuffs here. I also want to apologize that this matter happened. We really tried our best to revive this site when it started to slowdown the interactions and updates but we can't stop the modern technology lol people were diverted in different platforms plus it might look an excuse but our staffs have our own lives too that we needed to focus. We're really sorry for that. I want to thank @GFSuzr for not giving up this place despite of being a dungeon. I know that the server is not free for GFS but still you keep it alive. ^^ I hope that you're doing well despite of Corona Virus in your country. You might be really busy now but I hope that you read this ^^ Actually, I'm currently an inactive staff especially in subbing right now. I really wanted to help on providing GFRIEND contents but my time is currently tight that I can't even help. I really feel sorry towards the team that's why I would like to have an indefinite hiatus on subbing at GFSS. To the people behind GFSquad Subs Team thank you for the wonderful experience that you guys shared to me! I really enjoyed those moments I spent on GFSS! From the team's founder, (@BenStack), to the pioneers and newbies y'all are the best people that I knew. Thank you for being my second family! I will treasure and apply all the stuffs I learned from GFSS. It's not just a subbing team, it's a FAMILY. ^^ Shoutout to @BenStack ^^ Hey Sajangnim! Thank you for the trust and the learnings I gained from you! You made me a better person! You're the best! I'm looking forward on your future as a musician! I'll be supporting you! I'll still visit here when there's an opportunity so let's continue on making memories here Buddies! Thank you for the support you guys giving here at GFS Site! I may not be an active staff anymore but still I'm rooting for GFRIEND and BUDDIES!! To the lurkers out there please don't be shy ^^ Let's have some talks here ^^ Let's go and keep on supporting GFRIEND forever !! ^^
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    Sorry I can't be active here often. Time constraints is really a big problem. :(((( And yeah, I think there's a twt of Gfs that says their programming staffs(????) wasn't active anymore nowadays...... :((((( They said it one time when the site has like a, notice before you can enter.
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    I don't even think the staffs come here anymore, the site banner is still from Fever era..
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    Hi friends I pop back every once in a while too, although it's been a looooong time since I last did...! Pretty sad that this site has become so inactive, but life happens and people move on I wonder what future plans there are for this site, or if it'll just get left as it is right now...
  17. Username: Soshibree Location: California, USA Message to buddies: Hello I’m glad to have just joined this community and I can’t wait to make friends with other buddy’s as well as supporting Gfriend together [emoji3590] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. aloha buddy, im Stay safe, stay strong!!!!
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    Sorry I can't be active here often. Time constraints is really a big problem. :(((
  20. Aloha Buddies, I haven't been at this site in over a year. I just wanted to say aloha to everyBuddy old and new. Stay safe, stay strong.
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    sad this site is not active anymore
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    Yeah, I miss those babble days, just talking about anything HAHAHAH and also, sadly I I don't know about the discord one. Dangg that is a big thing I missed here.....
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    hahaha those days when babble is still up im missing those days and we have a discord server that time . we talk with co buddies. memories
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    Hello @XperiA (원 은하) <3! I guess no one's really active here anymore, not even me. Been only active these past few days.
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    its sad, for almost 2 years im gone haha, @ASquirtle are you still alive? hahaha
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