GFSquad Project - GFRIEND 2nd Anniversary Coal Wreath!

Thanks to your kindness and generosity, we've surpassed our goal! Congratulations, Buddies!

We'll continue to accept donations until Jan. 5, 2017. More donations equal more people helped. Lots of Love Buddies!

2016 GFRIEND 2nd Anniversary

GFRIEND 2nd Anniversary Coal Wreath by GFSquad

GFS is excited to announce the details of our first official project as a fansite. 

As winter is quickly approaching, we will be raising money for a coal wreath that we will deliver to GFRIEND. 

For those of you who don't know, coal briquettes are used in Korea to keep houses warm and for cooking. Many elderly or rural people rely on these for a source of warmth during the cold months. By contributing to our project, you will be making sure people who cannot always afford coal will stay warm this winter! 

Since this is our first project and we are unsure of how much we can raise as a group, we will start modest. We're planning to purchase a coal wreath from, a site that sends support rice wreaths, coal wreaths, and many other things in the name of idols, actors/actresses, and other celebrity icons in Korea. 


Our initial donation goal will be $250.00USD.

For more details on how to donate, please see the announcement! Thank you Buddies!


$1,136.00 of $250.00 goal reached.
Donate Now

See the announcement for details. Must be signed in to donate. Thank you Buddies!

See the announcement for details. Donations have ended. Thank you to all the Buddies who have donated!

DCINSIDE GFRIEND GALLERY - 2nd Anniversary Support Project

"You haven’t seen half of half of half of an amazing world, GFRIEND will show you"

We'll accept donations until Jan. 7, 2017.

GFRIEND DC GALLERY 2nd Anniversary Support Project


GFRIEND DC INSIDE GALLERY 2nd Anniversary Support Project
"You haven’t seen half of half of half of an amazing world, GFRIEND will show you"
(T/N: Translations of hangul phrase at the poster based from LOL lyrics)


Hello Buddies~! GFRIEND DC GALLERY is here to announce their wonderful project for GFRIEND's 2nd year debut anniversary.

For those who are not aware about DC GALLERY it's a Korean open community somewhat like reddit or OneHallyu. That community has a section for GFRIEND. They also lend some tutorials in English to support GFRIEND during their comeback and during MAMA 2016. 

Here is the link of their projects for GFRIEND since debut:

They are here to share their project to Buddies all over the world and I hope that we, I-Buddies can show lots of love and support for their project.



Their project will focus on:

1. A luxurious lunch pack for GFRIEND on January 16, 2017 for Idol Star Athletics Championship recording. 1 for each member. (Estimated price: $80 each)






2.  GFRIEND Clay figures with MAMA 2016 style.  They will use this style for the clay figures. 


Their 1st debut anniversary clay figure project below.  These are the same clay figures that GFRIEND hold during their 1st Anniversary Message broadcast on V App 

They will use an upgrade quality and version of that clay figure.





3. Message book for each member. They will provide message book to each member and all the names of the donors for these projects  will be included on the message book. Our @Buddies_art will also be a part of this project by providing fan arts for these message books


GFRIEND DC Inside Gallery's message book during Sowon and Umji's Birthdays.




Hoping for your love and support Buddies.. Thank you! ^^ A staff for this project which is @Elliote is here to respond on your questions and inquiries. Feel free to ask anything by posting a reply to this thread. K-Buddies and I-Buddies Fighting~!!! ^^


빛나는 저 별과 하늘에 약속해    I promise you with the twinkling stars and the sky
I’ll be your BUDDY                     I’ll be your BUDDY

$510.00 of $200.00 goal reached.
Donate Now

See the announcement for details. Must be signed in to donate. Thank you Buddies!

See the announcement for details. Donations have ended. Thank you to all the Buddies who have donated!

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    Eunha 0 (-) SinB 100 (+) Congrats SinB for winning Episode 2!! NO MORE COMMENTING I'LL ASK A STAFF TO CLOSE THIS.
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    23peaches - 521 Hana - 571 JOULES! #엄지 - 550 sowonnie - 555 Acey - 546 gellyyy_bean - 575
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    Is that yuju ? Sent from my GT-I9300 using mobile app
  6. If gfriend was gonna do a different style.....

    RnB like say my name!!!!!!!!! PLZ
  7. GFriend Survivor EPISODE 2

    Eunha 1 (-) SinB 99 (+) Omg
  8. Buddy Race

    23peaches - 521 Hana - 571 JOULES! #엄지 - 550 sowonnie - 555 Acey - 547 gellyyy_bean - 575
  9. [official] 5th Comeback Discussion Thread

    Definitely. They're growing up but it seems like people want them to grow up real fast. The cute has been done over and over, So has the sexy, sexy too. A lot of times less means more, yeah.
  10. In less than 5 hrs it will be 1 year since this bop was released! Happy 1 Year Anniversary with Rough! Lets keep running through time with GFriend
  11. Today
  12. Gfriend light stick

    I really hope they get they own lightstick . And hope they have they own concert . Sent from my Lenovo A858 using mobile app
  13. Ever since S.E.S. released their 20th Anniversary album I've been eating up their jazz/Christmas-ish song "Candy Lane". I've been a fan of them and I love this song. Here's their performance on Sketchbook.
  14. [official] 5th Comeback Discussion Thread

    With this long wait I would hope they'll be back with their 2nd Full Album so we have more songs to spazz over in return of our painful and torturous long wait for their comeback!
  15. I feel this upcoming comeback will be something special. "LOL" was the album where they got their feet wet in different genres, while keeping the GFRIEND sound. I said before the "LOL" release that it was an important time for them. The girls and album were received well. I think this comeback we'll see great things. It's not about comparing their past achievements. It's about growth, them as a group and them individually. Just a feeling.
  16. Oh my gosh . Heart attack for a while [emoji23] Sent from my GT-I9300 using mobile app
  17. [official] 5th Comeback Discussion Thread

    No [emoji23] Sent from my SM-G935F using mobile app
  18. Really ? Are you sure ? Sent from my GT-I9300 using mobile app
  19. And so...I'm hearing something about Running Man not being cancelled? I sure hope so! Not only because I'm a fan of Running Man...BUT...Would love to see all of GFRIEND on it. It's been 2 years. Yerin on Running Man was one of the reasons I got into GFRIEND. How awesome it would be if all of the girls were on (as participants), and their dorky interactions with the cast. Just GFRIEND, no other guests. What do you say Source and Running Man PD's?
  20. THat is awesome . Woah But i think now not. HAHAHHAH
  21. Yerin at the front page of Naver Entertain
  22. [official] 5th Comeback Discussion Thread

    Yes. That electro pop feel with Eunha's "sexy, sexy" wish yet still Kpop, Gfriend's way, powerful and innocent. That's what I'd like to see too. E.ONE who composed "Gone with the Wind" also composed "Cupid" for Kara. They did an awesome job with "Mr." from Kara. Even a song with that "Galaxy Supernova" feel to it too. The composers for Galaxy Supernova are a Japanese-Korean producer-song writer and some Danish composers as well. That Euro house/electro style and feel that this song has. Great, ,I'm describing a Kara/SNSD combo...but it could work. They pull of the European look very well. Especially Sowon. With this album and their European trip they've matured a bit. It's time that their music does too, yeah. Just my thoughts.
  23. Yes i agree with this. Actually i think that Sowon is the best "models" for photoshoots. After Sowon should be Eunha and SinB .
  24. Kakao Talk?

    I saw this thread and downloaded it as well XD. My ID is GyerinTea <- I got this name from someone else
  25. I don't know how everyone else feels but I thought the girls looked stunning in all black at the SMA. I would love to see a concept like that. It was classy and trendy. As for the type of songs I'd like to see them do a track that's funky and/or R&B. Songs that you can really get down to. I also love dance tracks so I welcome anything with a fast tempo bumping sound. I can just imagine the choreography will be killer. The great thing with these genres is that they don't need to fall under the cute or sexy (or other) concept. I can dig this concept.
  26. [official] 5th Comeback Discussion Thread

    You're saying the sound will be something like KARA's Step? That's something I wanna see. Haha Sent from my iPhone using mobile app
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