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  3. Hella everyone! How you doin? Everything's ok? [emoji5] Have you watch ISAC 2018? What do u think about their performance on that event? Any comment? [emoji5]
  4. haha yerin having her food taken and teased about it by her oh so lovely dongsaengs
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  7. hmm not sure who wrote the book, but the lyrics are by Mafly who also wrote "Falling Asleep Again" and Taeyeon's "Rain" and "I"
  8. I found Gfriend music is somehow Jpop-ish or Anime-ish because i grew up watching and hearing those kind of music/anime (i still like it but only from anime not from j-idol, i rarely hear their music) before i found kpop. That is why i REALLY like their music. After i found this video, now i know where they found their inspiration. But why i can't find any review for Love Whisper/Summer Rain, i only found someone explain their similarity with BTS DNA?[emoji848] Addendum: have you ever heard that the rumor that fFingertip at one time planned to be Gfriend debut song? If you see the video THE AWAKENING take their inspiration from Anime Please Save My Earth which were have 7 primary character (Gfriend planned to be 7 member girl group but something happen so they end up 6). They already planned it in the first place but got ruined, maybe that's why we get Glass Bead instead Sent from my ASUS_Z012DB using GFSquad.com mobile app
  9. Oh It's interesting to know these. Mostly most people including me are not into anime. I believe too that Source Music really get those titles from Anime, Japanese movies.. And getting those inspirations might simple but not too deep.. and yes! I like how the song titles are like based from the book titles too. Not typical song titles, it was unique!
  10. Yes! the song was upbeat and really fit to their style retro kids haha. I dunno Eunha mentioned before on the commentary that buddies said she was a ghost something and maybe they found out it in youtube about MV theories. But I think it was deleted already.. It was cute haha I love Team Roller!!!!
  11. Yup you're right I also came up to a question like..was it really coincidence that the director make it that way?more focused about the love of both women which Eunha and Yerin but because the MV was made a bit abstract, normal viewers expected to see it like that haha it was obviously seen and as a result, LGBT community in Korea chose it as no. 1 song. With or without these love.. I guess how the message brings to viewers definitely made it so simple.. Friendship is all about Love! haha You're right I want GFriend would have this kind of film again. Hope they worked with GWD film or other except Zanybros haha *GWD film is a film production firm. Their production are like focused on stories with a twist. One of good examples are BTS MVs
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    BoA, my first korean singer i ever knew. I knew her because her japanase song 'Every Heart'' for Inuyasha ending (I didn't knew she was korean then) hahahahaha
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    I loved it, but i hope it received well by korean viewer because it is the first time they don't change the employee
  14. wut?? is this mean they will debut in japan these months?
  15. <Vibrant> JUNGDUO's Support Slogan Set Profits will be used for Birthday Support Projects this year for Eunha and Yerin! International fans: - pay through paypal: jungduo530819@naver.com - once complete, fill in the form at: goo.gl/forms/wUARDVCFm8KsCWC22 - Please remember to add paypal fee (Total amount needed to pay x 0.043) Australians who wish to purchase these sets please contact me through DM here on GFSquad or on twitter @_eunbii Help support JUNGDUO nim as well as Eunha and Yerin!
  16. Hello, this is GFRIEND MAIL MAGAZINE! There is a message from GFRIEND [Eunha]! Eunha’s message Hello Japanese buddies~! This is GFRIEND’s Eunha! I’m really happy that I can communicate with everyone like this! We are working hard too, so please look forward to it! EUNHA We will now introduce Eunha! Eunha’s Introduction Eunha was born on March 30th, bursting with cuteness. Her big eyes and cute voice is very charming and you naturally feel warm just from looking at her. She was a child actor and has been in the industry for a while, and has very nice manners. Please pay attention to her lead vocal voice and personality! This was Eunha’s introduction! Please look forward to the next broadcast! Thanks to @_seulrene for the translation
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