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  2. Buddies, remember when SinB, during Encore SOG, invited Buddies (International and Korean) to create melody and instrumental melody? She said that you can send the melody file to Source Music email (sourcemusic@hanmail.com). So if you and your friends who are an expert of making interesting melody whether it is piano, guitar, drum, violin, trumpet, sax, etc, you can ask them to do so. Let's help GFRIEND to make great again! This is what I called a peer-to-peer support between fans and Source Music. You can post the file here once finish so that there will be feedback by other Buddies. LET'S BE CREATIVE AND HELP SOURCE MUSIC!
  3. music

    Beautiful. Is it possible that you make a melody created by yourself for Source Music? Who knows maybe your melody structure will be picked by Source Music and will be included in the title track hehe...
  4. music

    Soon! I hope. I'm working on getting a setup ready for recording
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  6. Interesting. I would not say "anarchism" per se. Streetwise/Urban concept would be more suitable. It would be interesting to see Yuju and Umji on Show Me The Money.
  7. Please turn on the lyrics first. I think this viral song and concept of anarchism are really interesting to explore to create more cultural impact. This has a mix of HIP-HOP + KAMEN RIDER (JAPANESE) vibe to it. Because I have a feeling the girls are heading towards that direction based on this scattered evidence that I collect: 1. As we know that GFRIEND (Sowon and Umji) always mention about trying the hip hop concept. 2. The outfits and hair style that they are wearing in the University Festivals are more intimidating than in the past. 3. SinB mentioned in their latest VLIVE in the car that Umji and YUJU want to appear on Show Me The Money (Korean rap competition TV).
  8. info

    Thank you so much! [emoji8]
  9. info

    I purchased during the original recruitment period, but the overall process was similar to this tutorial: The difference was that they had an English site up now that could be easier to navigate. You should be able to register for an account using the site that Galaxy1004 posted (English version of yes24 ticket). After that, you just need to wait for the purchasing period. The details of the actual purchasing process are similar to the tutorial I linked.
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  11. I like classic music so much But usually when I'm not listening to GFriend ,I'm listening to a very good song from a random artist or I'm listening to non-vocal/instrumental famous (mostly piano) compositions. My favorites of these days contain of: Clair de lune-Debussy Menuet-Debussy Moonlight sonata-Beethoven Moonlight-Anoshirvan Rohani Raindrop prelude-Chopin Golden dreams-Anoshirvan Rohani Simply Satie-Michael Dulin I also listen to GFriend songs' Piano/Harp/Violin covers so much.
  12. I feel very curious about all Gfriend members personalities. Specifically, their Myers–Briggs Type Indicator. This indicator tells you psychological preferences in how people perceive the world around them and make decisions. One instance of such an indicator is ESFP which stands for Extraversion, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving. So, is there available the personality indicator for each member?. Or at worst, give your speculation. For example, I think Sowon has an introvert personality; it could be INFJ or INFP.
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    So we need to wait until September 28?[emoji108] Thanks, but before we buy it, are there some requirements?
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    ok..thanks a lot..you are a great help..nice to know you..i am from brunei..how about you?
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    You won't find it cause the original buying period is over. The original link was this http://ticket.yes24.com/Pages/English/Perf/FnPerfDeail.aspx?IdPerf=30276 but I think you should be able to use the same one when they reopen it for purchase on September 28.
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    do you have the link to the buying in yes24? i try to search it but couldn't find it
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    The original period for purchasing a 2nd Buddy subscription was actually already finished, but they recently announced that they'll be adding an additional recruitment period from September 28 ~ October 12 (2 weeks). After that, they won't be taking anymore purchases.
  18. info

    i open it but i didn't see any post selling 2nd buddy recruitment. It haven't start selling yet?
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    open yes24 global. they sell it right there
  20. May i know how do we purchase 2nd buddy recruitment in overseas? Appreciate your prompt feedback soonest
  21. MOMOLAND's music is nice. Gives you an energy boost. Other than that, I listen to CLC, Jonghyun, Taemin, Red Velvet and Park Jimin (15&)
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