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  2. I was saying that the last photo concepts, it seems to show GFRIEND in a different light. It almost seems coming of age. I wonder if this is a transition, a new side of GFRIEND, for what's to come. All (successful) groups go through phases. Maybe it's me, but I have this kind of feeling.
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    Is it just me, or is Eunha losing her round face? One Hallyu said it was her complex, but I always thought it was cute
  5. That's what I was missing, I checked GFsquad and vLive and our fourums, but forgot to look at the GFriend official channel. Thanks again Slade!
  6. OMG, yes!!!! Thanks Slade! The image I wanted is around 18s in. Thank you thank you thank you!
  7. This one?
  8. If it helps I think it was part of the same video that these are from:
  9. well, that's wrap up. all concept photos are great and lovely although I have a bit disappointment, I wished we can have long-haired Eunha on one of the photo book... but I guess we can only see her in MV and most likely, in all music shows performances. ah, different look of Eunha, it's indeed a new era on all concept photos, they wearing unique outfit so far. I wonder if they will actually wear it on stage?
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  11. Now it fix, i will buy all the version. First, i think only buy one or two version but after see all of the concept photo, i change my mind. NB: Damn you Jung Yerin, you such a biaswrecker Sent from my ASUS_Z012DB using mobile app
  12. Soumu really thoughtful when choosing these color. They really represent Gfriend well. For myself, i prepare to receives anykind of colors (not a fan of pink, or any type of pink, but this is gg so there are possibilities for the official color is some other kind of pink) but for my surprise they choose these tri-colors out of the blue (pun intended), and i really happy. These tri-colors will represent both male and fenale buddy. Sent from my ASUS_Z012DB using mobile app
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    Forget pic-of-the-day, this is picture of the year.
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    Yeah I was also wondering that. Are these the fandom/group colors or are they just for the comeback ? Sent from my [device_name] using mobile app
  17. BUDDIES FIGHTING [emoji110][emoji110][emoji110][emoji110] Sent from my LGMP260 using mobile app
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    oh i love the explaination for violet cos i was wondering why they chose it cos they never really used purple before but navy blue
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  20. Hi everybuddy, I've spent the last few hours trying to find an Eunha clip and had no luck, so I was hoping somebuddy could help me out. The image is Eunha from a few years ago, sitting against a wall eating some food and staring crazily at the camera as she gulps down some food. Is there anyone who can post a link to the gif/image/youtube I'm thinking of? Thanks!
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