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    Queen Sowon If all Ostrich looked this Good.They would be more popular than Eagles.Hope You have a high flying and wonderful Birthday.
  3. My ultimate bias from boy group is Wanna One and for the girl group are f(x) and GFriend, but because f(x) unnies is not having a comeback for 2 years so I change my path to soloists. I adore Jeong Sewoon and Roy Kim because of their sweet tone <3 But other than Kpop I also listen to old songs like Westlife, western soloist like Adele, and oh, I love Prambors Part. 2!
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    watch the healing concert vid whats with yerin eyes ? did she have the same conjunctivtis like eunha had month ago ? anyone know ?
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  6. Thanks @Galaxy1004!!!
  7. Hello Buddies Are you enjoying your Saturday I missed you so I came here. I’m posting a picture here for Buddies who want to change their wallpaper💓 Anyway you see it, it’s a pretty photo...❤️it’s a photo I like quite a lot! Have I posted this before....I don’t remember ㅠ Maybe this was the first time when cutie GFRIEND went to Busan for a schedule! Well, even though Buddies may know who is who instantly Yuna Unnie and I were holding hands..🙈 👏You can probably tell who’s on my left by looking at the sillouhette..🙌Yerin Unnie is the one who says she likes wearing dresses right🤔 Who knows why Hwang Eunbi’s V loos awkward like that😮 Eung at that time ㅠ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ We said we wanted to go look at the sea from Busan and we got our feet wet and took photos. We went back to Busan yesterday as well😛 Ahhkk I’m just saying hohoho Ah right, I held Meonji for the first time this morningㅠㅜㅜㅠ It was early in the morning so I only hugged him for a little over 20 minutes but I was amazed with how he was so calm and cute when I hugged him…. That’s all from Umji’s rambling FROM Have a delicious dinner Buddies❣
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    just a cute little moment between sowon and yerin 2 minutes in if it doesn't open to the exact time.
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