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  3. Anyone know where is the link to the Line group chat ? Sent from my SM-A510F using mobile app
  4. I just receive my albums a few days ago along with my friend's albums
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  9. This is more mainstream URBAN SONGS. This is more modern, not relic. Some of them are cheesy (just like MOMOLAND BBoom BBoom/Gangnam Style) but cheesy song is considered art relatively speaking:
  10. If GFRIEND decide to do some type of girl crush again, the following songs from Taiwan, Japan and China could be implemented by SOURCE MUSIC. I don't have DAUM fancafe account because I don't understand Korean so I cannot post there. I will use GFSQUAD as a platform to send my message to SOURCE MUSIC/GFRIEND directly. I believe Source Music staffs may lurk here. I hope SOURCE MUSIC can at least play these songs because they're very interesting and aesthetic in terms of musicality, at least for my taste. Note that the melody or chord is not perfect yet so Source Music will be tested to upgrade these into the next level. 1. URBAN/DISCO-CRUSH 2. POP-ORCHESTRA-CRUSH 3. CHINESE INSTRUMENTAL AESTHETIC 4. SUMMER/TRAVEL AESTHETIC 6. HEALING BALLAD
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    Wow😭 the 6 members running below.. and the 6 stars beside the big moon👍👍👍 i love the style on how you paint it
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    Time for the Moon Night MV Poster
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