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  2. How nice, I needed to read your words !!!
  3. Buddy.. Our Buddy I think of you especially on hot and cold days, I worry a lot but our Buddies are really proud and more reliable than anyone else. As expected, it’s cold today so I miss Buddies even more. It seems like it was just yesterday that the red leaves came before winter, so I’m sure but when the days come how can it be colder and colder. Our Buddy are being careful not to catch a cold right? Not just avoiding a cold, I hope Buddy are being careful and avoid things that’ll make you sick and tired. Yeochinnies will make you happy this winter too, So avoid all those things and always be healthy and smile together with the 6 of us, alright~? Have a nice dinner and finish off the day well. Let’s have a good night
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  7. Woahh, i'm really like it. Perfect for Sowon. Outsatnding job guys
  8.'s Happy Sowon Day Highlight! In preparation for Sowon Day birthday project, GFSquad held another special event for every Buddy fan artists. Our main goal is to feature Buddy's artistic skills wherein every fan artist will be on spotlight! It is important for us to share every Buddy's precious talent for them to get a recognition from everyone especially to GFriend. Now, GFSquad will be looking for Buddy fan artist who has potential and can able to make an artistic banner for GFriend! GFSquad members or Buddies who have participated and for those who sent their fan arts in the previous birthday projects or within this year will be an entry and will have a chance to get on spotlight too! We will also look for Buddies who are actively supporting GFriend as well. Buddies are always welcome to join this project! This time, get to know one of the best fan artist in Buddy community! Under Sowon's Birthday Project highlight is one of great fan artist, @giraffesojung who designed the charity wreath banner for Sowon! Q. GFSquad community are very glad to know you. We are thankful you accepted our offer to feature your masterpiece that is dedicated for GFriend Sowon. You really impressed us as well with Buddies. How do you feel about it? I feel super happy! Honestly I never thought I'd get an opportunity to do something like this Q. You’re a very professional artist! What do you do in personal or other interests besides GFriend? Tell us more about yourself! Can't really call myself professional yet lol but i am aiming to be one and is still in the process of learning. Besides drawing i like playing the guitar and learning new songs~ Q. By doing artworks of GFriend and as a professional artist, first of all how did you became fan of GFriend? When it was all started? This is going to be a bit long haha but it's all thanks to my older sister. She showed me pictures of them during their predebut and I was an idiot and was really judgemental bc i didnt really like them at first just because. 2016 came and she showed me a video of them again and i started getting curious because they were hella funny and when i watched their glass bead dance practice i was left in awe they were just so sooo amazing. that moment, i fell in love with gfriend Q. As a Buddy, are there other things like hobbies or interests that you passionately do (or wanted to do in the future) in supporting GFriend? I'd really very much like to compile my fanarts and make a comic book for them Q. Being a Buddy has an unconditional love to all members but if you will choose one/pair favourite member that you loved the most, who and why? Although i bias sowon and yuju's my bias wrecker i really genuinely love them all equally. Their different personalities made me love them that way. Q. Doing fanarts are worked in a lot of time. Giving all the efforts and preparations to be done. Where do you get inspirations in doing GFriend fan arts? What are the things that keeps you motivated to do it? Gfriend in general. They have shared so many stories about themselves and as a group and there's still a lot to tell. And for someone who likes making comics i find it really fun to make them because their moments are always so genuine. It makes me want to let the world know how great they are. Q. Is there a Buddy fan artist or other graphic Illustrators outside the fandom that you impressed with? Can you name some of them! JellyWing is a Taeyeon fanartist. Ever since I got into kpop ive always looked up to his works. I also like Sketchshark because she makes the craziest drawings of thighs/legs and they're all amazing. Q. If you will choose an era (From all the comeback album concept) that you like the most from GFriend, certainly what era and songs from that album that is your favourite? Love Whisper era. I really love Falling Asleep Again. Although Hear the Wind Sing and Love in the Air are my top faves, Falling Asleep Again makes me feel light and in love for some reason especially during Yujuna's chorus parts. Damn cheesy lol Q. Is there any memorable moment you experienced or unforgettable happenings from GFriend that make you happy as a Buddy? My first few months as a fan and my illustration was used as a message book cover by a Korean fanbase for Sowon's birthday. that was so unexpected and it was my first big gig as a fan and a fanartist Q. Lastly, do you have message to aspiring Buddies, to all beginners or wanted to pursue being a Buddy fanartist in the future Just keep drawing! Don't stop. You may not be able to do things the way you want them for now but you will be able to as long as you keep going. Most importantly, always remember to rest or take a break when you have to. Breathe~ Give a shout out to every Buddy!!! To all the buddies out there let's support gfriend until forever <3 We are happy to know you LJ Buddy! Indeed, your talent is really amazing and proud as Buddy! Thank you for having here in GFSquad community and in this fandom. Buddy Jjang! To all aspiring Buddy fan artist! You can join and share your arts to us! Feel free to posts and make a lot of fan arts about GFriend! Keep supporting GFriend and anticipate more of our upcoming birthday projects!😄
  9. Thank you to all the Buddies involved!
  10. Very classy and well thought out gifts. She'll love those. Thank you to everyone involved for your hard work.
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