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  2. Seriously I'd enjoy whatever GFriend themselves would enjoy.But to be honest,I'm burning to Ashes to see them doing something like Kara's Step... And it would definitely suit them because they are known for their hard choreos like Kara. Sent from my [device_name] using mobile app
  3. I'm dead[emoji22]Why is she so pretty~ Our QueenJi is slaying with her visuals[emoji173][emoji173][emoji173] Sent from my [device_name] using mobile app
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  7. i would love to see them be more mature like with fingertip especially cos theyre trying to have a new look or something and do a fairytale fantasy kind of mv but instead of being princesses like youd expect in a fairytale, theyre knights of the royal guard or something. idk its just something i automatically thought when i saw their teaser pictures for season of gfriend and their outfits for the golden disk awards. id also love to see them do some kind of supernatural elemental thingy where they can focus on fire or lightning like in a storm cos in their last mvs/ promoted bsides they did the other seasons/ elements. like they did a spacey astral thing for fingertip that although confusing af was still cool, a sunny summer outside 3 years in a row with me gustas tu, navillera, and love whisper, they danced in 'the snow' in winter with rough, they literally danced on water for love whisper and rain was prominently shown for summer rain and two of their promoted bsides had wind in it with hear the wind sing and gone with the wind, with gone with the wind having the girls dance with big fans for their stages to create wind. fire out of the four elements water, earth, air and fire is the one element thing they havent really explored and for those asking what about earth? they have had a majority of their mvs outside and fingertip was the only one done completely indoors with special effects
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    they are so pretty and I love SinB's hair with more than 1M subscribers of their official IG, it's no surprise if their IG will be filled with endorsement photos although they won't get money as much as they doing CFs, but still it's a good source of income for the company or for themselves
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