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    Buddies sinong pupunta at bibili plng ng tix? Sabay tyo may discount me Sent from my R7kf using mobile app
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    Which is a good thing.
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    Yes! Well, given the postponement, I guess they'll have more time to rest? Even a little? I really hope they are getting a lot of rest and eating a lot.... they have lots of time to rest now..since there's a little gap for SOGManila and they can have rest before going to ISAC which is a whole day thing
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    Yes! Well, given the postponement, I guess they'll have more time to rest? Even a little? I really hope they are getting a lot of rest and eating a lot....
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    I'm dying of anticipation tho hehehe.. their schedules are so packed
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    Well, atleast we still have time for our hearts to be prepared.... They're worth the wait [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7][emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]
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    Actually, there's already an announcement from Kia Theater... Just waiting for MyMusicTaste... So sad~ yeah I just saw it now...when I refreshed my twt page
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    Actually, there's already an announcement from Kia Theater... Just waiting for MyMusicTaste... So sad~
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    Gosh, narescheduled! Is it true? Yeah, sad to say...its postponed till next week...Aug26.. v_v I hope those who have booked flights/hotels in advance are doing okay atm. But there's no official announcement yet from promoters here in PH??? edit: there's an announcement na pala..they just posted now
  11. You are so lucky! I would die to have Yuju polaroid.
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    Gosh, narescheduled! Is it true?
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    Around 10-12 sa mcdo near kia theater, i-claim ko ung yugubong ko. Hahahaha, kayo ba? mga 2pm..not yet sure what time I'll get some merch eh tom ko pa malalaman ung time hehe
  14. On Yogobra, GFRIEND’s Umji will reveal her story of when she got casted. [SBS funE Kang Sunae Reporter] Source: The episode of SBS MTV ‘Yogobara’ which will be aired on the 19th, will be talking about ‘career paths’, the biggest concern of teens. MC Umji and Sanha talk about their dreams and the moment when they wanted to become a singer. Originally, Umji didn’t have a big dream to become a singer, but she was casted in front of her school by chance on Orientation Day, and so went through the days as a trainee to make her debut as a singer. Sanha admits that he auditioned at a music academy in elementary school, passed the audition, and has now made his debut as a member of Astro. Next, they’ll talk about celebrities, which always seem to be the most favoured job by teenagers. As experienced people, GFRIEND’s Umji and Astro’s Sanha will introduce tips on auditioning for agencies. They’ll show a variety of ways to audition for an agency and how to attract the judges. As they will be giving great tips, it is likely to attract the attention of many teenagers who dream of become singers.
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  19. Hey guys, it's BlueRicky. Before I start explaining my theory I need to say that I will probably be miss in action on GFS for a period of time in the recent future. As some of you know, I'm currently in my last year for high school and the pressure and the amount of work has been really piled up on me in the recent days. So I decided to send this out as quick as possible in case I become too busy that I can't even visit the site. Furthermore, my theory this time is based on the "Eunha is dead" theory in TFTMN. (0:03) The first scene of the MV, one thing to notice is Eunha's position, she is far away from the table and seems to be out of the group, while the other five girls are gathering around the table. (0:10) A sock is on the spinning fan above the table where Gfriend gathers. From(0:03) to (0:08), if you keep an eye on the environment behind Gfriend, it's not that tidy. Things are everywhere and don't seem organized. For example, the plates and books are just piling up, towels are just lying on the screen. I believe this resembles the Gfriend had a hard time after they lose Eunha, their life has turned chaotic and they don't have the mood to tidy up and just muddling away their days. From (0:03) to (0:23), notice the direction SinB stir her drink. Every time when the camera changes an angle, the direction will change, she started with anti-clockwise, then clockwise, then anti-clockwise again and so on. Also, Umji was playing a hula hoop, which also includes the movement "spin". So the fan, SinB's drink, and Umji's hula hoop all have been spinning. I think the spinning action here means the utter disorder happened to Gfriend's life after the tragedy happened, the combination of the sad, depressed and disgruntled emotions. Until (0:26), the MV was continuing the story of TFTMN, talking about the Gfriend members are suffering from the past. (0:27) Here the turning point of the MV, we could see that the fish that Eunha stared at in TFTMN has been moved into a big fish tank rather than a small bottle. The fishes are identical compare to TFTMN's fishes and there are also some more fishes added. I think this resembles the fishes are Eunha's pets, Gfriend wants to use fishes as a way to commemorate Eunha. Which they have moved the fishes to a larger and better place. (0:34) Some photos flashed by which is the content from Yerin reading on a magazine named "Sunny Summer". She soon closed the book which I think she is not in the mood of having a holiday. (0:45) The camera focused on Sowon's earring which was already shown in (0:20), some buddy said it's blue topaz which I agree with them. Blue Topaz is a stone of peacefulness, calming to the emotions, and ideal for meditation and connecting with spiritual beings. Which perfectly shows why Sowon is wearing blue topaz, a way to keep calm and connect to Eunha as a spirit. (0:53) Umji is being dragged away by someone, the first time I watched this scene I felt it's cute but confusing. I personally think that Umji is suffering from mental disorders. In TFTMN, she had suicide or self-injury attempts. I believe this scene means that someone else is trying to put her somewhere safe in case of she doing anything stupid. (1:02) Eunha coughed out a diamond, I think this is a reference to "Love Bug" which one of Eunha's lyrics was "Sparkling diamond in my head". Also, she soon looks through the diamond and saw images with many reflections. And starts from (1:09) to(1:29), Gfriend is together having fun which includes Eunha. I think this is another recall of the past when Eunha was alive and they were having fun together. The camera looks blurry which is even more like a flashback of the past. The recall ends at (1:29) when Yuju wakes. So I think the recall was performed by Yuju which is the content of her dream. (1:36) Umji is using a sock to "fish" Eunha. Remember in TFTMN, Eunha could only appear at night. I think here it resembles that Umji is trying to let Eunha appear during the day. Notice that she also closed the curtains to increase the chance of making Eunha appear. Which also, shows the unstable of Umji's mental disorder. (1:40) to (1:45) Sowon is watering the plants and probably cleaning the room. In TFTMN she seems to be one of the most strong-willed characters. I think here it shows that she is trying to tidy up the mess and creates a better environment for the rest of the members. (1:48) Yerin is alone, she looks scared and the theme of the scene turns grey. Which I think she is in a similar condition with Umji(mental disorder), but just slightly better than Umji, she just has the fear of being left alone or lose another friend. (2:05) The second turning point of the MV. First thing, the sock on the fan is gone. Meanwhile, the background has a lot of plants and things look organized. (The shelves are now cleared if you look closely). I think this is mostly the effort of Sowon, which is trying to turn everything back to normal for her friends. (2:10) Eunha is dressing herself up as a character on a painting. I think this happens in another dimension, which Eunha is trying to "act" like a painting so that the other member could recall her from viewing the painting. Notice the background is DARK so that Eunha might be has a method to appear during the day if it's dark enough. (2:31) The environment looks like a KTV, or Karaoke room which it's dark and Eunha is back with the rest of the members. But it's more likely it's night time that Eunha appears. However, notice there are only 4 drinks on the table rather than 5 or 6. Does this mean they have lost someone else? (2:49) Umji, Yerin, Eunha opened the boxes of cookies. I think the weird thing about this scene is the two characters who have mental issues are together with Eunha. If the follow up the theory above, Umji or Yerin might do something stupid which they ended up joining Eunha. Both Yerin and Umji have some weird scenes during the MV, but I think Umji is the most likely to be the ghost. Later at (2:58), she is sitting together with Eunha eating a cookie and at (3:10) the members are trying to "capture" or "trap" Umji just like what did they do to Eunha. Overall, I think the main story of "Sunny Summer" is the recovery of the members from the sadness. The members tried to recall the good memories from the past with Eunha and trying to make her appear longer than just night time. The (2:42) really worries me which the focus on 4 glasses of drinks look intentionally rather than just a normal scene. Gfriend might have lost Umji or Yerin in this series. If the story continues in the next comeback, I expect something huge is going to happen in the next MV. Hopefully, this series would end up as a happy ending. Thank you for looking my theory for "Sunny Summer", this is all my opinion and there could be a lot of flaws in my analyze. What's your theory for Sunny Summer? #Every day makes me a little bit closer to work for Gfriend Regards, BlueRicky
  20. 여친과 = yeochingwa 여름밤 = yeoreumbam
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    Sa isang araw na concert pero wala pa kong lightstick huhuhuhu baka meron kayong binebenta diyan, kahit medyo mataas handling fee para sa concert lang talaga :
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