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  2. Hyolin (feat. GRAY) "Dally"
  3. Lovelyz "That Day"
  4. The intro has a musical score kind of sound, very dream-like. If I were to rate it I'd give it a perfect score! Love it, love it, love it! Keep it coming, Soumu!
  5. Will Eunha get a short hair or long hair in the concept photo tonight? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z.
  6. Do we have to clear history every time even if we don't have any account logged in? Sent from my [device_name] using mobile app
  7. Group GFRIEND’s teaser for their new song ‘Time for the Moon Night’ was released. [Sports Chosun Jung Yuna Reporter] Source: GFRIEND released the teaser for their 6th mini album ‘Time for the Moon Night’ music video teaser at midnight on their official SNS accounts and raised expectations for the comeback. In the released video, there was a change of times leading from the day into the deep night with GFRIEND appearing along the way. The scenes of GFRIEND’s natural surroundings were drawn against the background of a fresh Spring day, capturing the attention of the public. From SinB waiting for someone in the sunset, lovely Umji playing with a paper plane against the blue sky, Yuju climbing a mountain while holding a vase, Eunha who is lost in thought and staring at a fish tank, Yerin who is also lost in thought in a room by herself, to Sowon staring back behind the gleaming night view, the curiosity is raised even more for the music video. In particular, the intro song ‘DAYTIME’ that accompanied the video felt like time was passing by, leading into the title song ‘Night’ (Korean name), further heightening expectations of the song. GFRIEND is getting hot responses as they’re releasing content in sequence day by day, getting fans to have high expectations when their 6th mini album ‘Time for the Moon Night’ releases on the 30th. The title song ‘Night’ is about a girl’s’ emotional night shown through beautiful lyrics that tell a story from dawn. As described by the album name ‘Time for the Moon Night’ means it’s time for the moon night, time to look at the moon, and time to look at loved ones. GFRIEND’s sense of emotion implies that it’s a time to become sincere. Meanwhile, GFRIEND will release their 6th mini album and title song ‘Time for the Moon Night’ on the 30th.
  8. this is something I considered confusing. Eunha's hair style is not consistent. on 2 concept photos she has short hair, but on recent event like karaoke last saturday, she has long hair. and yeah, on Vlive and MV teaser last night, she kept the long hair... which makes me wonder, is it okay for having different hair style than in album packaging? or maybe there's will be another concept photo that include Eunha in long hair? well, it's not that I hate Eunha's particular hair style, I love both. she looks so cute when having short hair and looks so mature and elegant when having long hair for sentimental or dreamy concept, I think long hair is perfect for her. but it's the inconsistency that makes me confused...
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  12. The content I Love Eunha and "write description about your image" will put together in a chapter and same for messages, it is for another chapter too. Image and message will be put in different page
  13. Go Streaming Buddies[emoji177] GFriend Official[emoji7] [emoji1314] 1theK[emoji7] [emoji1314] Sent from my Redmi 4X using mobile app
  14. Comeback Teaser on vLive:
  15. New vLive here:
  16. So you're saying you're as jealous as Umji when she notices how cute Eunha is with a bob cut? (also just kidding) But I'm not sure we know what kind of hair cut Eunha's going to have for this comeback, it keeps changing! Japanese Debut 180412 Concert Comeback Image vLive 5 hours ago MoonNight Teaser
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