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    happy birthday SinB
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    Or if you want to discuss anything about the individual members, please post in their respective forums. Melbourne private escorts
  5. I used to have many clips but my flash drive was corrupted, I still have the videos but they won't play. I'm slowly recovering the videos downloading them on the net one by one. Does anyone still have that video clip of Gfriend trying to guess Baby Vox - Yayaya can you share a copy please?
  6. Hi everyone. It's really been a while! I missed this community, thanks for being around and making my Buddy life so fun. Thanks GFRIEND for all the memories so far <3
  7. Thanks to all the members of Gfsquad, administrators, I felt here at home, really a distant family from all over the world, thanks for letting me be an international buddy. I'll be here always, just let me know and I'm here. Thank you Gfriend for letting me love you. See you soon everyone. From Argentina.
  8. So unexpected. 😢
  9. Hello PH buddies! Kumusta na kayo? Long time no see. For sure, if makakabalik kayo dito, nalaman niyo na yung balita. Ingat kayo palagi and see you soon!
  10. Hi Buddies. I know everyone is shocked to hear about the sudden news. It still feels weird. Let's be thankful for all the songs, variety content, the real life interactions, and all the other moments the girls gave to us! While I haven't been as active as of lately, I still cherish all the moments we had early on during their early days. I was more active on OH, but I know a lot of you from there. The times we would be streaming and sharing memes, and pictures, and videos, and experiences were all moments I'll always cherish. So thank you GFRIEND and buddies for being there for more than 6 years.
  11. Hi Buddies! Going back here after a long time feels so refreshing. I miss everyone. GFRIEND was the one who bounded all of us, Buddies, together in this one big community. I love how this still stays strong given the times. Let's always be there for GFRIEND whatever happens, alright?
  12. Hi, Buddies Thank you for being here with GFRIEND this past 6 years. It's hard, but it's real. but, I still hope for something, some good news from the girls maybe. Let's support them. Rei.
  13. This is a cover for Wheel of the Year Thank you for watching!
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    gfriend fans lets talk something
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    Hii guys lets talk about our favorite kpop band.
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    Hey baby I am with you so you don't have to be alone
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    I am here for you
  18. It is a cover for GFRIEND's latest song 'MAGO'! Enjoy and thank you for your listening always!
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