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    Sorry I can't be active here often. Time constraints is really a big problem. :(((( And yeah, I think there's a twt of Gfs that says their programming staffs(????) wasn't active anymore nowadays...... :((((( They said it one time when the site has like a, notice before you can enter.
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    I don't even think the staffs come here anymore, the site banner is still from Fever era..
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    Hi friends I pop back every once in a while too, although it's been a looooong time since I last did...! Pretty sad that this site has become so inactive, but life happens and people move on I wonder what future plans there are for this site, or if it'll just get left as it is right now...
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  6. Username: Soshibree Location: California, USA Message to buddies: Hello I’m glad to have just joined this community and I can’t wait to make friends with other buddy’s as well as supporting Gfriend together [emoji3590] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. aloha buddy, im Stay safe, stay strong!!!!
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    Sorry I can't be active here often. Time constraints is really a big problem. :(((
  9. Aloha Buddies, I haven't been at this site in over a year. I just wanted to say aloha to everyBuddy old and new. Stay safe, stay strong.
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    sad this site is not active anymore
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    Yeah, I miss those babble days, just talking about anything HAHAHAH and also, sadly I I don't know about the discord one. Dangg that is a big thing I missed here.....
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    hahaha those days when babble is still up im missing those days and we have a discord server that time . we talk with co buddies. memories
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    Hello @XperiA (원 은하) <3! I guess no one's really active here anymore, not even me. Been only active these past few days.
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    its sad, for almost 2 years im gone haha, @ASquirtle are you still alive? hahaha
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    are guys still active ? hahaha it's been 2 years since i use this account
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    Oh yes you're right there. The purpose of the foruns is to unite people with same interests and have them interact with each other. Forums is also a good source of updates on the interests! And to add to that, the fandom isn't that big before, so finding buddies would be kinda hard, but now that the fandom has gotten large, finding buddies also wouldn't be that hard. The forum was a really big help to interacting with other buddies before which was kinda hard I would say back then. So the things here like the playground, living room, etc. wouldn't also be of help because of that, me thinks. And yes, who would update this site if no one visits it anymore? The staffs have their reasons to abandon this site, and also those trainees here that didn't become staffs, sad for them:((( On the bright side, the forums is a good archives of Gfriend events in the past! So those who are just new to the fandom might visit this site and find some things here! It's just sad that the bright side I think ends there tho. :((( I still wonder why babble was removed tho, I saw some buddies talking there, although in interval of days.
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    Hi Anon Buddy long time no see, I agree that the site didn't survive because it wasn't passed on to the newer members, I also think other factors like babble being removed and many of the staff becoming busy irl and not updating much anymore caused people to become bored and not come here to visit as often. Maintaining the forums for a long time is hard because it needs 2 hands to clap (staff + members need to have interest in the first place), maybe some people find it a hassle to visit forums since they can get info easily elsewhere (look at gfsquad twitter it's still very alive).
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    Hello! I think you can change where this post is if you contact the admins, but I guess it would take long to relocate it?
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    Wow your account is pretty new! Welcome to GFSquad! Hmmm maybe, let's try, there's nothing wrong in trying, right??? LET'S START NOW BUDDY!
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    Just realized this is the wrong subforum, oops 😅
  21. Wish them a happy birthday!
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    Hi, frequent lurker on the site for a few years now, but only made an account a while back! Maybe if more people like me start posting, we can revive the forum
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    OMG PEACHESSSS YOU'RE HERE! And that's the sad thing, the site didn't survive and wasn't passed on the new members. It's already a given fact that some members will move on and will be busy irl so they won't have time to be here as often as before, it saddens me but what can I do? People come and people go. But the thing that really saddens me is the fact that the energy of the site back then wasn't passed on to the new members to keep the site alive. I wanna see the games, the babble, everything here but with the new members playing and enjoying them. I wanna see this site glow up and be active as before but with new names and faces. It's better if some of the og's could be still be here. I really waited for that day where I'll chitchat and play with the new ones, but yeah that day never came :((( I hope you're also doing well irl as well as the others who have been here on the glory days of this site. Sorry if this post is a little too confusing hehe.
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    I've noticed the site becoming dead as well, i don't really see anyone coming here anymore, I myself only visit once in awhile now and it's quite sad because the site banner is still Fever era (~1 year ago), idk if it's just because everyone has moved on or just busy with irl, but i wish everyone good luck with whatever they're doing.
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    Hello buddies! I hope y'all stil there :(((( Btw, CONGRATULATIONS! WE FINALLY REACHED 3M ON YUJU AD IN FANPLUS! YAY!
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    Hello buddies!!! I hope y'all still there :((( please srream this buddies!! It's for Gfriend's international exposure!! Lets go uddiez!!!
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