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The Awakening (4th Mini Album)

Released Date:
March 7, 2017
  • Here the Wind Sing
  • Contrail
  • Please Save My Earth
  • Rain In The Spring
  • Crush
Tracklist Information:
  • Track: Here the Wind Sing

    Time: 3:35

    Lyrics: Megatone and Ferdy

    Composed & Arranged by: Megatone and Ferdy

  • Track: *FINGERTIP

    Time: 3:30

    Lyrics: Iggy & Seo Yong Bae

    Composed & Arranged by: Iggy & Seo Yong Bae

  • Track: Contrail

    Time: 3:36

    Lyrics: Keyfly

    Composed by: Brian Choi, 220, Erik Lidbom

    Arranged by: Brian Choi, 220

  • Track: Please Save My Earth

    Time: 3:11

    Lyrics: MIO

    Composed & Arranged by: MIO

  • Track: Rain In The Spring

    Time: 3:28

    Lyrics: Keyfly

    Composed by: Erik Lidbom, Sophia Pae, 220

    Arranged by: Erik Lidbom

  • Track: Crush

    Time: 3:22

    Lyrics: E.ONE

    Composed & Arranged by: E.ONE

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