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  3. Hello, Buddies! For some time now I've been seriously thinking about attending a GFriend fansign. Trouble is, I live in Europe and my Korean knowledge is slim to say the least. Could anyone please tell me some necessary steps, hints and advice to help me? I heard about fancafe and Twitter notifications about fansigns, but like I said, I can't really speak Korean. Do these get translated and posted somewhere else? Here, for example? I've been a Buddy since 2015 and even though I live thousands of kilometers away, I really would like to achieve my dream. Thanks!
  4. Hello Buddies! I've been AWOL as you all know, but I'm in university now and there is a small kpop shop just a ten minute walk away from me, so I've taken to catching up on my GFriend collection...I don't think I've collected since 2017! So I thought I'd update! This is my Gfriend album collection ATM. I'm only missing 'Time For The Moon Night' (out of the Korean albums, I don't have any of the Japanese.......yet!) Here is my photocard collection: with these two special photocard things as well: I wish I had more sowon cards TT~TT and idk why i have so many sinB LOL That's all for now. Maybe I'll update again when I get Time For The Moon Night~ NGL, I wanna get the other versions of the albums too, so maybe I'll do that...if I don't run out of money first..... Love, Sowonnie <3
  5. We love United, we do! We love United, we do! We love United, we do! Ooh United we love you!!!! #MUFC
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    Umji Pretty Baby You are a song bird that is just as sweet in any language.Have a scenic highway hair in the wind favorite song Awesome Birthday. "Ventura Highway" america.
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    Yerin Stairwalker May the Force be with You. You are a Amazon. Pretty and Strong. Let go with a Perfect Bullseye Birthday."Ring My Bell' a.ward.
  8. Download 'weverse' at the store and communicate with global buddies and gfriend
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  10. I don't know anyone as well. I'm too shy to ask around tho
  11. I know this is very late but I am very very curious about it. I had to sign up this account and ask you guys.
  12. After re-watching MV, I just noticed that around in 2:45, there are letters on the wall where SinB is running, that says "Why Ghost 'sth' ". I found it really creepy. Anyone who noticed it too??
  13. I'm late to making a post for this, but the first time I actually took a real liking to Gfriend was Yerin making a guest appearance on Running Man. The episode where she was dancing too hard and hit her face with her knee. That moment alone made me interested in Yerin then slowly into Gfriend themselves. Since then, Yerin is my bias and really falling for the quirks of Gfriend. With other Kpop groups being out there, none has hit me harder than Gfriend. Gfriend is also the first Kpop group that really got me listening to everything they have to offer. I actually seen them pretty close in person when they joined the Kcon 2016 concert that was held in LA and I can't wait to see them again for their Go Go Gfriend concert in the Philippines on Aug. 25.
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